Nice but Terribly Incomplete

There is some good information in that video (noting that you do not need to see that video to connect with this post), but more is needed in terms of improving public safety.

When people generally hear LSD, they think an ultra-powerful drug that either makes the user insane or have a positive (albeit inexplicable) experience.

LSD is often lumped in with the likes of heroin in terms of its dangerous implications, even within articles about that much more popular psychedelic drug called cannabis.

However, LSD is dose dependent.

There are reportedly workers in Silicon Valley who are micro-dosing LSD (around 10 micrograms per dose) in order to achieve a better workday — inclusively relying upon LSD to replace caffeine.

In other words, LSD (a non-toxic drug, scientifically speaking) can be taken in such small doses that the user experiences literally one tiniest step from sobriety, which obviously dramatically changes the risk profile of the drug.

Still in other words, even cannabis can basically be as powerful as LSD, including cannabis concentrates (not to mention moon rocks) that typically heavily alter perception.

Regardless of the psychedelic drug (including cannabis, if unclear), any smart user must respect its potential power, which is why I started our Respect Cannabis campaign (Twitter: @respectcannabis) — ultimately focused upon respecting perception alteration in general.

As LSD is taken in micrograms (not the more common milligrams), it is terribly easy to overdo it, especially if the user lacks the education to understand that the effects are not immediate (which may prompt the user to tragically consume more).

The other problem with the embedded video above is risk #1 (i.e. questionable LSD).

Since many (if not most) people are not even using high-quality LSD (if they are even using LSD at all), then all of the rest of the risks in that video become suspect.

There are potentially deadly alternatives (e.g. 25i), as well as the lack of purity control over a drug requiring advanced chemistry to properly synthesize. This is worsened by its illegality, because LSD is unique in that law enforcement can typically readily identify someone trying to make LSD due to the chemicals needed.

That one prohibition “success” does not end LSD, but prompts people to embrace dangerous (or even just merely harsh) alternatives, while groups passionately dedicated to sharing genuine high-quality LSD for a better world smartly disappear (as long as needed) and reappear to avoid getting caught.

What is perfectly clear, for anyone who prefers that intelligence and civility (and not selfishly thuggish and flatly rights-infringing hypocrisy) dominates our rule-of-law, is the demonstrably utterly failed war on drugs (i.e. the pure empowerment of thugs) must end immediately for public safety.

All that flagrantly mass-rights-infringing war does is cause non-rights-infringing drug users (i.e. actually innocent people in the “land of the free”) to turn to a likely dangerous black market where health safety is likely not a concern — as opposed to a legitimate business that faces the righteous application of law upon selling a harmful product (although that law is outrageously hypocritically not being applied against the many providers of usually terribly dangerous drugs such as alcohol, sugar, and tobacco).

“We the people” can no longer allow the “land of the free” to actually remain the land of the free to be whoever our excessively abusive oligarchy dictates that you can be.

While I leave my understanding of the following point to speculation (perhaps for liability reasons), a proper LSD experience facilitates the obviousness of that righteous conclusion, and that positive perspective shift is logically a major reason why LSD remains unethically demonized.

As cannabis goes mainstream, however, expect the psychedelic class of drugs in general to thankfully replace alcohol — the drug that usually enhances stupidity.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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