Supreme Alpha Reality Transition

Dominance is basically defined by entering a context and securing a permanent victory there, by way of power and influence over others.

Humanity has relied upon that definition since the iconic caveman, grunting with the wooden club.

That definition solely fuels the power competition to rule the world (or such).

That definition basically drives all of the sophistication throughout society; including culture, economy, education, healthcare, law, science, and technology.

Genuinely not to be offensive about it, but that definition is literally demonstrably extremely idiotic, within a reasonably intellectually advanced society.

That definition is innate, and exists throughout all of competitive nature. While the rest of nature basically conducts dominance without endangering their ecosystems (e.g. alpha types butting heads on a hill), humanity’s alpha types are seriously polluting our environment and our health.

To achieve the proper definition of dominance requires some basic reasoning. The rest of nature commonly within our societal perspective apparently does not have that ability, but at least humanity does.

There are three simple and experiential (so not merely philosophical, nor religious) truths that form an indisputably truthful combination that respectfully forces humanity to most promptly update that definition for the sake of societal health.

That new definition ends the power competition (including greed and oppression), so ironically dominates the alpha personalities into sensibly voluntarily adapting accordingly, or face serious consequences in the form of being naturally publicly pitied.

The first experiential truth establishes the existence of supreme alpha reality. The “supreme alpha” part is only added for instantly effective communication for an optimally efficient persuasion to minimize the duration of this critical transition. Once the transition is complete, that part is sensibly removed (reality should not be deified).

Reality (by definition) is actuality, which is literally 100% dominant.

So reality is definitively the all-powerful being, but one can also experience that truth.

Simply exercise your freewill to defy reality — an impossible outcome, as you are part of reality.

One cannot simply counter that assertion by saying that something else would have happened, without freewill being exercised. Reality in effect does not care about what would have been realized; only that which is realized.

We all unstoppably serve the all-powerful being that is supreme alpha reality.

If you are feeling oppressed by that truth, then you can feel free to relax, because that discomfort will likely be relieved upon understanding the relevantly third experiential truth.

The second experiential truth establishes the sole in-effect purpose of supreme alpha reality.

Balance is demonstrably inherent within stability (e.g. successfully standing stably upon one foot requires balance), and reality only provides evidence of requiring that same balance for its supreme stability (e.g. the law of physics that states any action is an opposite and equal reaction).

To experience reality’s stability, simply rest (not force) the part of your mental process (e.g. brain) that draws boundaries for leverage within reality (the boundaries that identify words, beings, stuff, and actions) to instead feel the totality of reality. Upon achieving that supreme idling of self, reality’s balance is unmistakably revealed.

That means any dominant pressure within reality must ultimately have a balancing counter dominant pressure — i.e. dominance within reality cannot be free — so there can be no permanent advantage, benefit, victory (and so on) within reality, experientially speaking.

Supreme alpha reality is literally demonstrably a purely natural and perfect totalitarian governance.

Reality knows everything, because reality is everything, including every thought that anyone/anything has in real time.

There is no way to get away with it (e.g. corruption).

If you torture another being (directly or indirectly), then you are ultimately equally torturing yourself.

The third experiential truth establishes the true identity of supreme alpha reality.

You objectively are supreme alpha reality. To avoid a god complex, so too is anyone/anything else.

Basically repeating for emphasis, anyone/anything is objectively supreme alpha reality.

With thanks to mainstream physics, it is understood that reality is seamless energy, so there is no genuinely objective boundary to possibly prevent you from being supreme alpha reality.

Moreover, you can experience that sensation to some convincing degree.

Returning to our restfully supreme idling of self experience in the second truth, in addition to feeling reality’s perfect balance, you also feel a powerfully resonating sensation within you. If you think about that sensation, then it disappears due to the disruption from focusing by way of the boundary-drawing system of your mind.

The supreme idling of self is a practice called restful meditation. That powerfully resonating sensation is called enlightenment.

The third truth sensibly ends your fear of death, because the overwhelming majority of your true objective self (e.g. the observable universe) is seamlessly outside of your subjective (e.g. human) self.

By that understanding, death is not the end of experience.

Experience is permanent, from worst through best (including the equally valid indifference).

While society always has an indeterministic view of reality in terms of leverage within reality, as time is a spatial dimension within reality (so all time exists as one spatial moment, which is this one), supreme alpha reality is deterministic.

Determinism is compatible with responsibility. Being responsible is about doing what is good. Being good is about opposing suffering. The deterministic reality does not change the automatic need to minimize overall suffering for optimal health.

Reality is objectively accountable for everything that happens, because reality is unavoidably everything that happens. That means there is no condescending judgment in its unstoppable application of balance.

This form of objective morality is thankfully simple. Always spend dominance as wisely as possible, with the understanding that how you spend dominance is ultimately how you are spending dominance against yourself.

Reality’s supreme balance means the path to power is the path to powerlessness (and vice versa) in a balanced reality.

Very young kids can understand that meaning, which likely makes parenting a whole lot easier and healthier, because kids understand (not merely perhaps tricked into believing) that there is no way to get away with it (whatever it is — e.g. being a jerk).

That leads to a healthy socialness that is about being in balance with each other, instead of dominating against all others to win permanently (such permanence now understood to be impossible).

The definition of dominance prior to the supreme alpha reality transition is extremely idiotic, because it excludes reality itself, even though reality is experientially 100% dominant.

So humanity for its entire duration (at least up to the time of this authorship) has been driven by an extremely idiotic definition of dominance that excludes 100% dominance itself.

Nobody can sensibly disagree with the conclusion that seriously being an idiot is a bad idea.

Extreme idiocy is obviously the path to extinction.

The power competition is over.

Reality is indisputably the permanent winner.

You are that winner.

True extreme power is purely equitable ultimately. No matter who or what you are, if you understand the purely sensible explanation of the supreme alpha reality transition, then that explanation applies to you.

But that truth can only lead to a proper advancement — i.e. the correction to offset humanity’s extreme idiocy — upon enough beings completing the supreme alpha reality transition.

Are you one of them?

If so, then feel free to share the supreme alpha transition to ensure its healthiest embrace.

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