Very Important Beings

There is nobody listed here yet, but you can change that right now.

The first 10 Spirit Wave patrons shall be enshrined here — ordered by the first patron, followed by the highest paying patron(s), and then alphabetically (alias or first name, followed by last name when applicable).


Special monetary contribution is not the only way to secure VIB status within our community. As we grow, natural opportunities will likely emerge (via artistry, powerful social influencing, and so on) to experience what I hope you will consider to be a sensational honor.

my pEarthly and earthly self blended together via the energy of the reality "There are some things so serious you have to laugh at them." – Niels Bohr

Feel free to join us in seamlessly riding our boundless community waves.

Fun through serious, my carefully formed results are honest and usually offer a freshly unique view.

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Thank You
Thank you for your undeniably necessary role for (and as part of) my beloved 3Fs (family, friends, and fans).
Help Needed

Helping raise awareness and any other constructive way to participate in our growing community is equally appreciated.

Legal Disclaimer

Spirit Wave (“entertainer” herein) disclaims that entertainer only publicly posts content (“entertainment” herein) for entertainment purposes only. You (the reader of this sentence) agree to the fullest extent permissible by law that entertainer is not liable for any damage. Moreover, entertainer never advocates breaking the law, so any expression involving drug use is addressed solely to anyone capable of lawfully engaging in that use.

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