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All positivity has a corresponding cost in a balancing reality (e.g. this one, scientifically speaking) — including that from pure sobriety.

Critically note that by reality, I mean actuality, and not some other definition of reality.

Anything that can be used can be abused.

As a balancing negativity always exists within a demonstrably balancing reality, positive psychedelic experiences focused upon love, peace, healing (and so on) are balanced out by negative psychedelic experiences born from ignorance or intentional harshness in the name of a foolish “toughness” (and so on).

Intention is extremely important.

The proper psychedelic experience facilitates understanding the purely energetic nature of reality where death (and any other boundary) does not objectively exist — again, scientifically speaking — so allows the user to avoid taking any definition too seriously (such avoidance being logically the path to genuine bliss and ultimate stability).

Reality is the absence of definition (read Reality Waveform Theory for details), which is why restful meditation demonstrates its critical power.

Some people call that “ignorance is bliss”, but that demonization tactic is solely leveraged to empower their definition of reality to ensure their control over society.

When definition is leveraged in the effort to trump reality, inevitably a horrible (and eventually even deadly) tension emerges. Reality obviously wins any conflict, so backing any definition against reality is stupid.

Responsible psychedelic use facilitates understanding that the user is objectively reality itself — the truest base of being, and one necessarily returned to when lost.

That use facilitates the critical understanding that information is ultimately energy, so information can modulate tremendously (even extremely) beyond common human knowledge, which is great for inspiration and creativity (necessary for solving common problems to improve healthy living). That also helps loosen up the mind similar to loosening other muscles for optimal health, because it healthily flows against the aforementioned tension.

That is scientifically backed by the fact that no objective distinction has ever been discovered (i.e. quantum physics concludes that particles are blurry).

You are objectively reality, and so too is anyone else, and no scientist can solely leverage the scientific method to refute that claim, at least as of this authoring.

If pure sobriety is the path that enables your healthiest stress and contribution to community, then wonderful.

But pure sobriety is similar to pure nakedness. Some environments allow for naked people to survive and even thrive, but many require clothing.

Psychedelics are like clothing for the mind.

If you wear winter gear in the tropics, you will suffer.

If you exercise the psychedelic (or any other) experience when misfitting, you will suffer.

Psychedelic use is a skill, and potential users need solid education to avoid the potentially literally horrific psychological effects of disrespecting the possibly immeasurable power of the psychedelic journey.

Critically note that psychedelics can be consumed at extremely mild doses, which are literally one tiniest step from sobriety, so intake amount strongly influences experience.

The utterly ineffective war on drugs dangerously prevents convenient sharing of that education, and causes people to be exposed to dangerous alternative drugs.

Regardless of your position on psychedelic use, there can be no intelligent doubt that thuggery via that war must end now to ensure optimal public benefit.

Abuse is a health issue, and never a criminal issue by any exercise of intelligence and civility, when rights infringement is obviously avoided (e.g. merely holding a drug in your hand).

Abuse is all about unhealthy stress, so minimizing unhealthy stress for all individuals minimizes abuse.

Law cannot be the remedy there, because law can be (if too often is) ironically abused.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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