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$1 Yearly Ultra Easy Light PayPal Subscription Tip:

Yes. $1… yearly.

As the subscribe button refuses to show up (for some tech reason), here’s the reliable link instead…

It is simply a PayPal subscription, and it may seem monetarily weak, but it is not.

If you subscribe for just $1 yearly, then what are the odds that you will ever take the few minutes necessary to unsubscribe? Those odds are firmly in the favor of yours truly. Time is precious, you are likely busy, and it is only $1 yearly. Likely better for you to just let the subscription continue, so you can deal with the other likely more pressing life issues.

So you only pay $1 yearly (basically nothing), and I get reliable income that likely spans the rest of my life, if enough wonderful fans subscribe to this delicately powerful option.

Claimed experts say that the sweet spot for financial happiness is roughly $75,000 yearly (plus inflation, if applicable).

So if roughly 75,000 fans subscribe for only $1 yearly (okay, more like roughly 100,000 with fees/inflation/taxes), then I am likely financially set for life, just from this revenue stream alone.



If you are more in the one-time tipping mood, then simply one-time tip yours truly…

Doing so during my live stream, should produce a shiny notification for us all within that streaming vicinity.

Live Streaming:

Speaking of live streaming, whenever I do live stream, whatever methods of financial contribution exist there obviously count in this list here…



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