Yours truly is an artist named “Spirit Wave” (“spiritwave”, “spiritwave7”, or other not-yet-existent adaptation), although feel free to call me Scott.

At the risk of being too odd and deep about it, Spirit Wave points to the ultimate Spirit Wave, because there is only one true wave (according to mainstream physics), and we are all a seamless part of it (obviously including the pointing).

Logic dictates that each one of us is Spirit Wave, so for communication purposes only, some distinction is needed.

Therefore, I point to the Reality Waveform — i.e. the ocean of energy equal to reality from our societal perspective. The Reality Waveform is an ocean that, upon factoring in literally all possibilities (inclusively beyond that perspective) with reality’s sensible need for balance, supremely phase cancels into an undefinable extreme without any possible objective relativity. In other words, a balanced reality of pure energy equals all possibilities mirrored internally by phase inversion. Still in other words, everything equals nothing.

Then you can feel brilliantly free to call yourself something else against any confusion, while understanding that you are (and anyone/anything else is) objectively the Reality Waveform. You can experience that logical truth simply by resting (not forcing) the part of your mind that draws boundaries for leverage within reality — i.e. the boundaries the identify words, beings, stuff, and events — and feel the totality of existence as the supreme idling of self.

I never fell in romantic love from worst through best, and since I long ago learned to never force a round peg into a square hole, I never forced romance (including ‘date threes’), marriage, kids, and grandchildren.

Moreover, as an explorative artist struggling to make ends meet during my entire adulthood, I carefully chose health over materialism by avoiding the excessive forcing of a misfitting career.

Upon demonstrating my growth as a musician during my earliest relevant years, my dad worked hard to provide the equipment needed to nurture that talent. With each piece of equipment added, I learned how to use it on my own, and continued demonstrating healthy growth in that regard.

That culminated in my four-year experience at Berklee College of Music, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in music synthesis and production. That is where I stunningly learned that the sine wave (described as a circle over time) is the sole ingredient in literally every sound we hear. Such enormous complexity in the possibilities of sound led me to immediately believe that the sine wave might be a microcosm of some kind of ‘god’ function (if you will) that gives us all of the complexity of reality itself.

When the brilliant Dr. Brian Greene published “The Elegant Universe” in video documentary form, I indirectly found that the sine wave is that ‘god’ function. As no scientist confirmed that founding, I merely assumed that I was wrong in my discovery.

My backup career plan was initially basically focused upon information technology for a handful of years, but then rather quickly transitioned dominantly into web design and development — all at the small business level, which is where my tech expertise intentionally remains.

After a couple of decades of wrestling through my backup professionalism that pressed into an excessive misalignment, I ran into an agonizing wall of reality that effectively insisted upon hardcore transitioning into fully applying my artistic ability for societal benefit.

Despite the serious discomfort too often experienced on the personal and professional fronts, I remain grateful for the creative path from honest adaptation throughout my lifetime with proper thanks to all involved.

Instead of ‘drowning in the bottle’ (or such) as a result of the horrific loss of ample portions of positive human experience (never complaining to achieve pity, but justice), I work hard and rest soft (until death do I part) each day to improve myself by best ‘playing the hand that I have been dealt’. That often includes ‘setting aside my humanity’ (if you will) to better understand reality.

Majorly among my accomplishments, I…

  • …sculpt audio to a highly refined level of detail — by shifting resources needed for live performance and visual artistry compatibility to pure sonic sculpting, or “sonisculpting” — for a richer and more immersive listening experience. An innovative aspect of that methodology is a technique that I simply call “spacemixing”. My image, text, video, and web sculpting usually serves to decorate my sonisculpting focus.
  • …assembled the actual “theory of everything”, including finally understanding that the sine wave is the sole base pattern of reality (i.e. reality is energy, energy is wavy, and wavy is sinusoidal). I have responsible fun with it as an artist, but respectfully insist upon a purely scientific debunking in order to achieve retraction.
  • …promote the sensible basis for the Entertainment Age — i.e. the formal and informal Education Age obviously relying upon entertainment for interest in learning — as the logical consequence of the Information Age. That includes introducing the Entertainment Ecosystem (or enteco) format, which allows optimal publication and event flexibility.
  • …lawfully help educate the public about intentional perception alteration (e.g. drug) use and abuse to minimize (if impossible to eliminate) the latter.
  • …founded a purely logical base and growth of scientific constitutionalism that should finally judicially serve to end mass suffering from favoritism against public safety, so fulfills our original national intent in the United States of America with common sense relevant to the farthest reaches of civilized liberty.
  • …promote my proposal for a new computer technological paradigm needed to greatly reduce the unhealthy stress (and the nasty societal effects rippling sharply from it) that comes from excessive technological complexity.

That all accompanies my relatively minor skills in small business operation (including some accounting, sales, marketing, public relations, and intellectual property management).

As a personal caregiver for my supportive mom diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I witnessed the value of cannabis as a key part of the best palliative care that we can afford to provide her (i.e. optimizing our stress management). While cannabis is unproven to improve her Alzheimer’s disease (it may have slowed her decline), her daily use of a full-spectrum CBD oil has allowed us to avoid the reportedly tough side effects and steep financial cost from common pharmaceuticals in the area of symptom management.

I feel naturally compelled to state that I am never egotistical, because reality is pure energy without literally any genuinely objective boundary, so justifying any form of egotism — an antisocial mental illness too often undiscussed to societal detriment — is senseless.

The devastating cost of my accomplishments — my life partner and (grand)children effectively died and I never even got a chance to meet them, combined with the absence of enough professionally earned resources to match my demonstrably serious work input — is factored into my perfectly consistent and challenging pursuit of honest application to literally the extreme cosmic reach.

We all have our stressors — critically noting that I always use the physics definition of stress, which ultimately logically means that stress and change are synonymous.

Stress is purely subjective — e.g. a professional athlete in a contact sport can handle basically a strong physical impact better than yours truly.

We are all fundamentally equal when it comes to stress, which is logically reality’s currency ultimately forming reality’s economy — i.e. energy dominance is the truest nature of value, while noting that at least any human being values that which opposes their own suffering (even if selfless).

Sensibly speaking, dominance can only be spent and fully paid for in compliance with reality’s inevitably supreme need for balance towards stability (what I call the Rule of Reality), so I do my best to spend dominance wisely — i.e. I never try to dominate in some way, if I cannot handle being dominated in equal measure. Imagine what the world would be like, if everyone leveraged dominance similarly, and do your righteous best to achieve that societal goal.

Preferably experiencing enough value to form the sensation of a reasonably successful life wave within this reality of pure energy, I am just another unique flavor of human being from worst through best doing my positive best for societal contribution to earn the credibility necessary for maximum survival and “thrival” for me and mine.

Necessarily bypassing the too-often messy business structuring involving entertainment these days (largely from a radical transition by all facets of the entertainment industry towards the internet), and with my total focus upon your benefit for us all, I carefully decided to publish my entertaining/non-entertaining expressions completely free online for all of our convenience.

Due to a powerful publication flexibility that is enabled by the internet (including flexible release timing, duration, media types, and location), publication itself is part of my lifelong groove and overall performance.

Necessary resources are secured by a simple-but-thorough (including maximally secure) ‘tip jar’ reward system (think ‘street entertainer’ model), so you have the power to reciprocate as you deem fit always with my genuine appreciation.

You have maximal convenience (limited only by technology) in accessing, experiencing, sharing, and even contributing (think Creative Commons licensing) to my, and sometimes collaboratively our, expressions.

Real Wave is my always ‘lean and mean’ style of small (and perpetually private) artistic business naturally built and refined meticulously over many years to maximize my public reach and contribution in a purely moralistic way (e.g. no conflict of interest, such as serving investors over society, on the professional front as well).

Although I suffer from (while pressing against) my vices due to unavoidable imperfection, as we all inevitably do — well, except the working hard part, which requires best intention combined with best competence whenever possible — I exercise maximum morality. That is because…

  • I have a healthy conscience, which is needed for healthy socialness.
  • I remain bored by the idea of “smartly” corruptly subscribing to the pitifully common abusive practices wielded to “secure a better life”.
  • it strengthens my view of our world by the simple idea that if I can get through life with solid moral application, then other people obviously can (and likely do) too — so the world is a better place by default, subjectively speaking, and that helps at least my psychological health.

It has been a long and challenging journey, while sensing only continuing challenges in the future space of my life wave.

Feel wonderfully free to hang out and healthily constructively (including maturely and comfortably) socialize.

Any flavor of harmlessly respectful is always welcome around yours truly, although harmless is subjective, and a bit of dirty language should be expected.

The bottom line is my contribution to society is inclusively about you.

my pEarthly and earthly self blended together via the energy of the reality "There are some things so serious you have to laugh at them." – Niels Bohr

Feel free to join us in seamlessly riding our boundless community waves.

Fun through serious, my carefully formed results are honest and usually offer a freshly unique view.

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