Wavism is a maximally flexible, stable, and fairly simple belief system that primarily upholds the supreme discipline of adaption in a purely rational way.

Wavism at least sensibly eliminates the fear of death, and any smart application of immoral/unethical behavior (e.g. torture).

The scientific method — i.e. the pure application of unspun rationality — is literally the only sacredness within Wavism due to its unchanging nature, being the only method to achieve a genuinely peaceful mutual understanding, being the only continuously reliably honest channel of communication with reality itself, and prevents any corruption (e.g. nonsensical takeover) of Wavism. Irrationality is the weaponizing of meaning within a social context, because it inevitably requires a weapon to enforce persuasion.

Note that the word “unspun” in the scientific method is meant to prevent the ‘partial truth = whole truth’ mistake/scam.

Wavism can be useful for anyone/anything capable of understanding it.

The relevant scientific grounding is provided below the explanation of Wavism within this document.


Reality is purely stabilized energy, which is equal to whatever happens, actuality, the cosmos, the totality of existence, the universe, and so relevantly on.

As reality is whatever happens, which is 100% powerful, reality is the all-powerful being.

Base Perspectives Within Reality

There are three seamless fundamental perspectives of reality: balance, negative, and positive.


Rule of Reality: The path to power is the path to powerlessness in a balanced reality.

The inverse of that supremely balancing rule also applies, so the path to powerlessness is the path to power in a balanced reality.

Energy equals stability, from this fundamental perspective of reality.

Balance is inherent within stability, which is inherent within composure, which is inherent within competence — so balance is inherent within competence.

Competence is inherent within progress, which is inherent within civility, which is inherent within balance.

Balance is the ultimate reward.

Competence in effect demands a balance between a healthy rest ethic and a healthy work ethic.

While reality’s balance is objective, balance within reality is relative. Imagine a balancing scale (equal weights on both sides of the scale balance the result). When the weight is balance itself, then 100% balance tips the scale to one side — the result is 100% imbalance, depending upon the perspective (e.g. focusing solely upon the weight, instead of the scale).

An area of indifference and optimal restful meditation, this fundamental perspective of reality most harmonizes with the balance that is reality’s permanently supreme stability.

Because reality is pure power, all power within reality comes from reality’s stability.

An attack against anyone/anything within reality is an attack against reality. Understand that reality inevitably attacks in equal measure back, even if that balancing attack is unperceivable. In other words, dominance (benefit, advantage, and so relevantly on) can never ultimately be free — i.e. one is ultimately victimized by too much power within reality — so always spend dominance as wisely as possible.

Those victimized by injustice find comfort in understanding that justice within reality is unstoppably applied via the Rule of Reality.

There is no way to get away with it (whatever it is), so stop trying to get away with it. This is not fundamentally about guilt, because reality is objectively guilty of everything that happens (as reality literally is everything that happens). If you choose to abuse another being, then you are choosing to abuse yourself equally ultimately.

There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs.


Curse of Reality: Reality is the problem, so never the solution.

That curse supplies extreme cognitive dissonance and learned helplessness (accept the unacceptable), which is terribly distressing.

Reality must die for all suffering to end, but reality cannot die.

In navigating the seamless boundary between the objective and subjective selves from this base perspective, conflict is the norm — as reality’s unstoppable stability opposes the health of the subjective self in this negative case.

Energy equals injustice/abuse, from this fundamental perspective of reality.

Anger is an extension of frustration, which comes from helplessness.

As suppressing anger forms an eventual emotional explosion (if the anger does not naturally subside), one must find the healthiest way to release anger against reality to minimize suffering. Targeting reality is sensible, because of the following reasons:

  1. Because reality is actuality, reality is the only being capable of objective accountability, so is ultimately the only legitimate target of anger.
  2. Reality cannot be harmed nor destroyed, so anger expressed at reality is basically harmless (as opposed to otherwise inevitably focusing that anger against someone/something within reality).
  3. Expressing anger at reality is expressing anger at everything, so maximally diffuses the expression of anger to minimize sharpness.

Expressing anger is not about breaking anyone/anything. It is about articulating the trigger of that anger, in order to understand and properly oppose that trigger to achieve relief by adaptation.

Whenever possible, harmless exercise is a great way to deal with anger.

Even though reality is always objectively accountable, there is never justice against reality. No justice equals no peace.

Because positivity cannot exist without negativity, there must be an area of acceptable negativity. However, as negativity by its nature is always out to destroy within reality, one must be careful regarding the amount and style of negativity that is tolerated. It is better to simply oppose negativity, whenever the supreme discipline of adaptation allows it, so always be aware of that opportunity.

Repeating for emphasis and relevancy here too: There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs.

As reality is its own stability, the sole purpose of reality is that stability. No matter what happens, that stability is permanently supremely dominant. Progress is relative.

Negativity is relative.


Soul of Reality: Anyone/Anything is objectively reality.

The Soul of Reality is true, because there is no genuinely objective boundary within this reality of pure seamless energy to prevent it from being true.

There is only one soul, and that soul is reality. The soul (reality) is that which binds us all.

The soul ends the fear of death, because the reality/objective self is literally supremely permanent.

Using a human example, the objective self is overwhelmingly beyond the scope of any human being. When a human being dies, the overwhelming majority of that being’s true self remains, so that being’s experience does not end upon death. As everything is wavy energy within reality, a life wave ends and seamlessly a death wave begins to be equally seamlessly followed by another life wave within this boundless reality — noting that death and life are relative, and the only in-effect boundary is reality’s balance.

The quality of the trajectory of a life wave naturally flows into the quality of the corresponding death wave, so resting and working for the healthiest life wave possible makes sense.

Sense is critical for healthy socialness, because sense is required to achieve a genuinely peaceful, mutual understanding.

One can experience the Soul of Reality (or a lesser, albeit still powerful, resonance within reality). Simply rest (not force) the part of the system (e.g. brain) that draws boundaries (e.g. identifying words, beings, stuff, and actions). Upon that rest, as there are no interfering boundaries, the sensation is naturally the powerful resonating oneness of the perfectly stable reality (the pure idling of self). That experience is the result of restful meditation.

Spirituality is essentially navigating the seamless boundary between the subjective and objective selves.

Energy equals bliss and love, from this fundamental perspective of reality.

Positivity must be balanced out by an equal negativity, so experience positivity maximally responsibly for the healthiest outcome.

Aside from the inevitable need to balance out negativity with positivity, never take the positive perspective of reality for granted.

Having a positive attitude is not always possible. Sometimes the negative perspective of reality is too strong. However, it is critical to understand that a positive attitude is needed to be healthier within reality, so always be mindful of the opportunity to have a positive attitude.

Freewill equals control, which equals reality’s coercion (reminding for emphasis that anyone/anything objectively is reality). There is no way to defy actuality, as we are obviously purely of actuality.

Safely conduct an act that basically is 100% guaranteed to happen (e.g. wiggling fingers, closing and opening eyes, or so on). Be mindful of the sensation of the pure openness of reality during that act (i.e. the sensation of no hindrance), as if reality needs you to conduct that act.

Now try to safely conduct an act that basically is 100% guaranteed to never happen (e.g. defying actuality, or so on). Upon being again mindful of that experience, feel the absence of that openness, as if reality refuses to go along with that act.

In between those two extremes remains all degrees of effort. Be mindful of the difference between a healthily challenging effort and an unhealthily burdensome effort, and obviously avoid the latter to the fullest possible extent.

Value (aside from a mathematical value) is opposing overall suffering within oneself (even if being selfless).

Healthiest effort and rest towards responsible success is the only sensible direction.

To tune into responsible success, one must first restfully meditate to achieve the purest centralizing (stabilizing) of self. From there, most slightly resonate an intention towards being responsibly successful within reality (i.e. most slightly apply focus upon the root of responsible success within reality), and then follow that direction whenever possible.

Defeat happens within reality at times, but never be a defeatist.

Positivity is relative.


Society is about healthy socialness, which is about healthy relationships.

Any relationship is a metaphorical campfire solely consisting of mutual like/love, trust, and respect. If any of those properties is damaged too much, then the campfire is extinguished, and it is terribly challenging (if possible) to reignite it — so one must take healthy care of any healthy relationship.

Campfires do not require obsession. They simply need a poke here and there, some dead brush added, and a log thrown on at times, protection from the wind and rain, and so on — all to healthily strengthen the flame as needed. Relationships basically work the same way. One must nurture them accordingly.

Relationships require both a healthy together and space (i.e. apart) signatures for optimal balance.

Too much relationship friction requires a mutual retreat, and then most healthily promptly figuring out how to move healthily forward in that relationship.

While reasonable relationship friction is to be expected due to the unavoidable imperfection within reality, if a relationship excessively painfully misfits, then do not force it. End that relationship, and find a healthy relationship instead.

It is better to be healthily alone, instead of being unhealthily within a relationship.

Never overcommit. Voluntarily sacrificing stability — aside from an obviously honorably heroic act — is unwise.

Understand that deception at least ruins the critical mutual trust aspect of healthy relationships, so destroys healthy relationships — so destroys the social fabric. The potential exception is the lie that does not need to be remembered (because exposure of that lie is genuinely harmless).

As a healthy social fabric is critical for a healthy society, there can be no healthy individual without a healthy socialness within that individual.

Selflessness is ironically the best form of selfishness due to the social health benefit.

Immaturity is all about ‘look at me!’, while maturity takes that and expresses it as ‘look at you.’

Healthy socialness is all about being selflessly supportive to be naturally supported. Unhealthy socialness amplifies selfishness to diminish overall suffering (amplifies the ‘always look out for number one’ result).

Especially within a creative society, coercive collectivism can never work due to the terribly excessive rigidity against the (inclusively nuanced) flexibility required for the supreme discipline of adaptation. Only a healthy individualism for a natural collectivism can properly work.

Censorship can never be the path to a healthy discussion. Actual (as opposed to merely the illusion of) information credibility is the key to better understanding. That credibility is established solely by honestly making sense.

‘Health for everyone first’ is the only sensible primary ideology in terms of effort (reality’s stability prevents perfection, but that effort still counts for maximal health).

The end never justifies the means, because the means is the only true end. If an unreal end requires terrible suffering within the means, then that supposed end is terrible.

Never fall for the ‘If I do not engage in evil, then my enemy/competitor will, so I must engage in evil first for the sake of what is right’. Two wrongs never make a right. Find a healthy way to adapt to the corruption of others — i.e. find another way to ethically defeat (e.g. circumnavigate) that corruption, in order to press towards responsible success.

The world is shaped by each individual during their life wave. That shaping inclusively affects that individual’s consequent life wave, if that individual returns to this world.

Be careful upon belittling an act, as the tiniest fluctuation can mean the difference between a relatively powerful event occurring or otherwise within reality.

A relative/subjective self (i.e. a being within reality) cannot have a healthy relationship with the objective self (reality), because healthy relationships serve a net-resulting reduction in suffering for those beings within that relationship. In effect, reality does not always care about an individual’s suffering, because reality only cares about its stability (reality is that stability), which inevitably needs the (sometimes brutally horrible) suffering and termination of the relative self.

Scientific Basis

Purely adhering to the scientific method, Wavism is a genuine science.

There are only three scientific conclusions that form any and all aspects of Wavism (at least to date).

  1. Balance is inherent within stability.
  2. Reality is purely indestructible energy.
  3. Time is a spatial dimension, so all time exists as one spatial moment (this one).

No objective boundary exists, because there is only seamless energy.

As chaos cannot exist without boundaries, there is no objective chaos (i.e. chaos is relative).

A reality of pure energy is a purely wavy reality, which is a purely sinusoidal reality.

As no objective boundary exists, there can be no objective plurality, so there is only one sine wave — the reality sine wave.

As balance is inherent within stability, the reality sine wave is balanced.

As time is a spatial dimension, each seamless point of the balanced reality sine wave occurs simultaneously, which equals supreme phase cancellation (a.k.a. destructive interference), so the reality sine wave is actually an undefinable extreme (synonymous with the objective nothing).

To reinforce that conclusion, there are two more completely logical ways to conclude that reality is an undefinable extreme.

The absence of objective plurality is the absence of objective relativity, as relativity requires something relative to something else. Relativity is required for the boundary of definition (explicitly defining what ‘x’ is relative to implicitly what ‘x’ is not). As that boundary does not objectively exist, reality objectively can have no definition (i.e. definition cannot objectively exist).

Reality equals all seamless possibilities. The set of possibilities is finite, because only possibilities that allow for reality’s balance are genuine.

A balanced reality of pure energy equals all possibilities mirrored internally by phase inversion. That equation also results in supreme phase cancellation. That mirroring of all possibilities is in and of itself a possibility that allows for reality’s balance, but it is a special possibility, as it supremely phase cancels all possibilities. As all possibilities occur simultaneously, that special possibility is permanently happening.

Everything equals nothing, objectively speaking. If everything resonates, then nothing resonates.

One cannot logically exist outside of existence to create existence, so there is no mathematical equation (nor other way) to generate reality. Reality is pure energy, so the law of physics that states energy cannot be created nor destroyed applies here to reinforce that conclusion. Beginning and ending are relative boundaries defined within reality.

Any mathematical boundary is also a relative boundary defined within reality.

Experience itself demonstrates that reality can never be destroyed. As reality contains all time as a spatial dimension, if someone/something destroys reality in the future, then experience throughout all time (obviously including this reading experience) is destroyed.

The three fundamental perspectives within reality come from the sinusoidal base of reality. A sine wave cycle contains a negative peak, a positive peak, and a few balance peaks. As the frequency of the balance peaks exceeds each of the other peaks, balance dominates, which is why everything tends towards balance (entropy).

The sine wave cycle is the symbol of reality within Wavism.

Science within reality is fundamentally about sinusoidal leverage.

To apply that leverage, boundaries are necessary. While there are no objective boundaries, there are “ubjective” boundaries.

An objective conclusion is true regardless of perspective. An ubjective conclusion is purely rationally true from a societal perspective, but not necessarily true outside of that perspective. An ubjective result inevitably includes boundaries for the sake of societal leverage (e.g. technology). Ubjectivity is about leveraging relativity via the physical energy of measurement and synonymously observation.

Ubjectivity is scientifically acceptable, because it is purely rational. But that scientific adherence comes with understanding the possibility that rationality deviates from an ubjective truth outside of its corresponding societal perspective.

As reality is the universe (one verse, or the reality verse), the observable universe is called the “knownverse” within Wavism.

The Rule of Reality is the law of physics that states every action is an opposite and equal reaction. There is no causality violation, because there is no objective causality, as all time exists as one spatial moment (this one). There is no multiple object violation, because there is no objective plurality.

Anyone/anything is objectively reality, because there is no objective boundary to possibly interfere with the scientific validity of that expression.

The only in-effect boundary is the supreme balance of reality. Traveling within reality would be infinite, but reality’s balance prevents any travel (or any other possibility) that destabilizes reality. For practical purposes, reality is finite, despite its boundless nature.

As there are no objective boundaries within a reality of pure energy, life is relative, and there is only the universal consciousness that is synonymous with reality itself.

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