Driving Against Drugs

Prompted by “Radical Rant: The Truth About Marijuana and Driving”: http://www.hightimes.com/read/radical-rant-truth-about-marijuana-and-driving

Proponents for the war on some drugs rely upon proclaiming disaster will strike upon “weakening” drug laws. That reliance obviously comes from prohibition being firmly proven as utterly expensively useless without that disaster.

Drug laws have been “weakened” often during the past few decades, so if Certain Drug Prohibition is the great benefit to society that the mainstream media effectively and journalistically unethically believes it to be, then where’s the logically executed “See?! We told you so!” campaign publicly exposing that disaster?

No where, because no such disaster exists, because the war on some drugs is nothing shy of a complete scam, and the mainstream media is obviously compliantly involved.

Instead of that campaign, we’ve seen a ‘Drugged Driving’ campaign pathetically as the leading prohibitionist stance these days (though even that wave pitifully and fairly quickly collapsed apparently under the weight of its own nonsense). Putting aside the arbitrary (i.e. rights-infringing) selection of risky drugs lawfully allowed during driving (not to mention equally dangerous emotional states during sobriety), let’s join the prompting rant.

Half of the problem for us is that most of the public has not a single clue about the effects of marijuana. Less than half of us have tried it, only one in seven use annually and about one in 12 use monthly. For those people whose experience with weed, if any, was a joint in a dorm room 30 years ago, they don’t have much understanding of how we who consume marijuana on a regular basis handle our high.

For those people, alcohol and marijuana are things that impair you, and you shouldn’t drive when using them.

But most of that is driven by the perception of the belligerent drunk, slurring his words and stumbling through the parking lot, angrily proclaiming, “Itsh OK, I can drive, you guysh!” Add to that a consistent refrain from our side to “treat marijuana like alcohol,” and you can understand the public’s trepidation about stoned drivers…

Refrain? At least in my state, there’s a tax and regulate cannabis like alcohol voter initiative for the upcoming presidential election. Instead of a refrain, “treat marijuana like alcohol” is basically the mantra for proponents of recreational cannabis legality.

The other half of the problem is that marijuana ain’t alcohol. In fact, it’s almost anti-alcohol. Think about it. Booze makes you mean; pot makes you mellow. Booze is water-soluble; pot is fat-soluble. Booze is man-made; pot is natural. Booze is a poison; pot is a medicine. Booze makes you puke; pot cures nausea. And so on.

Alcohol destabilizes, but cannabis offers strains that strengthen emotional stability (importantly noting cannabis also offers disorienting and non-mellow strains basically matching alcoholic disorientation). Alcohol is destructive with little room for health (stress relieving) benefit. Cannabis is constructive upon proper use, but destructive upon abuse. The key word forming the distinction between use and abuse in this case is control.

Cannabis stability increases focus ability, so naturally increases control. Cannabis does not affect the wisdom part of the brain like alcohol does, so if the user is wise upon sobriety, that wisdom remains even upon heavy cannabis intake volume.

The equivalent of the teenage drunk is a teen wildly blasting off with multiple strong cannabis hits with reckless strain selection. Combine that strength with a young brain still working towards maturity and the risk factor is indeed alarming, but nowhere near as alarming as the alcohol equivalent, because alcohol tends more towards the get out and party without inhibition — which usually means desiring to drive somewhere without a designated driver — what teen wants to party while sober with drunk friends?

In an ironic twist, cannabis technology now allows for serious control over the cannabis experience. Drinking one alcoholic beverage is basically the alcohol maximum in terms of retaining control, but with increasing average alcohol content, that one drink is increasingly risky. Meanwhile, with electronic vaporizers offering temperature control, there’s a vast universe of mild cannabis intake possibilities that will utterly logically crush alcohol as a (usually merely attempted) stress reliever.

The stoner who gets too high won’t be terribly impaired, but his brain will tell him he is. Numerous researchers trying to get test subjects high for driving tests often report that the subjects will refuse to get out on the driving course when they feel too high and have to be goaded by the researchers to do so.

Even if we do get behind the wheel while feeling the effects of marijuana impairment, we overcompensate for it by driving slower, leaving more room between cars and making fewer lane changes. The old joke that the drunk driver runs the stop sign while the pothead waits for it to turn green has a kernel of truth to it.

Since mild cannabis intake is feasible and desirable, the vast majority of cannabis using (not abusing) drivers apparently face an impairment degree basically matching that of senior citizens driving sober (obviously an acceptable risk), but since cannabis effects can be emotionally stabilizing, cannabis can improve driver performance.

Stupidity is the ultimate internal destruction within humanity, but stupidity is fair in its reach (stupidity doesn’t discriminate). Stupidity can result from any of us with no regards to technological (e.g. drug) psychological alteration or any other distinction. The sadly popular idea that complex regulatory systems minimize stupidity is ironically stupid, because there’s no anti-stupidity barrier protecting those folks starting and driving that judicial complex. Stupidity and tragedy (both forms of imperfection within reality) are demonstrably inherent within reality (e.g. each one us dies at some point), regardless of the rule-of-law. More law equaling more safety is baseless, and in a nation actually judicially upholding an unalienable right to liberty (which should be happening via amendment nine in the Bill of Rights) — in the case of leveraging law for risk management — ironically illegal (to define risk is to unavoidably define liberty).

On the one hand, treating recreational cannabis like alcohol makes sense, because the legal system and public expectations are already conveniently in place, so facilitates the “reasonable” implementation of recreational cannabis legality.

On the other hand, due to the serious difference between alcohol and cannabis, the ample public confusion born from aligning those two recreational substances is in and of itself dangerous (as confusion usually is during its inevitable risk-increasing support towards stupidity).

The metaphorical driving of our nation forward is powerfully impaired by Certain Drug Prohibition, which is factually unconstitutional (based upon the blatantly illegal redefining of the Commerce Clause), ineffective (not even a “drug free” prison system), destructive (corrupt black market influence, law preventing people from seeking needed help, environmental disasters, innocent victims of botched drug raids, lost law enforcement lives, and more refrained for brevity here), expensive (tens of billions of taxpayer dollars spent annually), and at least in the case of cannabis — unwarranted (the fact is there’s no experimental science concluding any harm in moderate cannabis use — moderate being any use without objectively proven harm).

People don’t know about cannabis, because education — the only acceptable risk management tool in a nation actually upholding an unalienable right to liberty — is severely impaired by illegal law in this case.

While effective alcohol education is typically missing due to alcohol proponents not giving a crap enough to formalize a powerful public campaign to continuously entertainingly minimize alcohol related risk (aside from the tiny “please drink responsibly” fine print in alcohol ads), education involving any other recreational drug is grossly limited due to necessarily massaging and even withholding key health education to avoid legal liability.

Driving safe is wise and always recommended by yours truly.

“We the people” are not metaphorically driving safe (but swerving all over the place due to turbulent reason abuse forming law abuse), and the mainstream media (masterfully excessively engaging in reason abuse for professional survival and thrival) unethically refuses to ask the tough questions needed to ensure most of the public understands the true risks and tragedies against public safety in this severely destructive case (even if they’re irony impaired).

For public safety, “We the people” must metaphorically pull over our public servants, and arrest them for driving under the influence of Certain Drug Prohibition.

I’m not trying to be cute. That solution is clearly what justice demands.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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