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Driving Against Drugs

Prompted by “Radical Rant: The Truth About Marijuana and Driving”: Proponents for the war on some drugs rely upon proclaiming disaster will strike upon “weakening” drug laws. That reliance obviously comes from prohibition being firmly proven as utterly expensively

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First Walk the Walk

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) roughly a year ago, but thanks to medical cannabis (with meticulous strain selection and mild electronic vaporization), her cognitive abilities have astonishingly improved — so far matching the science suggesting cannabis actually

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No Stone(d) Unturn?

Prompted by “Dementia researchers are leaving no stone unturned in the hunt for new treatments”: No stone unturned? I added our Heads Up program description of our Mind Always Matters campaign to this post, so you can be the

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Drive Responsibly for Privacy?

Prompted by “A fun app to test your own impairment”: There’s a new app available for iOS and Android called Canary that lets you test whether or not you are in shape to drive. It’s being connected with testing

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Cannabis Works Against Dementia Now?

Prompted by “Solanezumab: Is the first disease-modifying treatment for Alzheimer’s on the horizon?”: We’re hearing in the news that a new treatment designed to slow Alzheimer’s has shown benefit in one of the final stages of testing in people.

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Will You Get Dementia?

Prompted by “Why do some people get dementia and not others?”: Well, you could read the prompting piece, but here’s the quick summary in one following sentence: Getting dementia could be based upon mental exercise (brain strength), genetics, sleeping,

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Cannabis/Patient Neglect?

Prompted by: Alzheimer’s Association International Conference I wonder throughout all of the conference events (apparently designed to tune worldwide efforts against AD — Alzheimer’s disease), is anyone there talking about cannabis being the only drug scientifically mentioned (and easily safely

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