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Prompted by “The PC Revolution is Eating Its Own…”:

One of the greatest challenges is complexity of reality (this post operating against the smoothly reading brain like agitated waves crashing against the rocky shores). Within such overwhelming complexity reaching off into the cosmos without objective boundary (as the best scientists can only attest), we as a species clearly struggle to draw proper lines with respect to civility.

One advantage that people such as yours truly experiences is the firm scientific conclusion that reality is an ocean of energy from humanity’s perspective. Oceans have no hard-lines within them (just seamless currents). Literally all that is (including realized information itself) is an infinitely complex set of energy currents, when perception is applied (and inevitably hits the limits of perception against that infinity). Removing perception (closest achieved by relaxing your brain to fullest possible extent — e.g. by meditation) reveals the literally undefinable extreme that is objective reality (definition always requires relativity, but it’s impossible to exist outside of existence itself to form that relativity).

Within that complexity exists our species containing roughly 7 billion people. Each one of us is completely unique, technically speaking (such precision necessary when working with reality). The fact is no two people can ever be in the exact same space (including at the exact same time) as the exact same person, so your experience right now is 100% unique (insert likely crashing disagreement here).

Sure there are patterns at our scale of existence. Happiness and sadness (among many other examples) can be identified as similar in experience among multiple folks, and those similarities define our relationships (including legal lines).

There is one pattern that literally forms all we perceive as reality (yet is oddly alien to our species) — a single cycle of a sine wave (e.g. as can be seen spanning across the digital face of my avatar, or this journal’s icon, for quick viewing access for those of you whom are unfamiliar with that pattern). That one pattern shows three extreme possibilities — negative dominance (“negdom” for simpler communication), balance dominance (“baldom”), and positive dominance (“posdom”).

When leveraging those extremes with pure logic (including the inevitably curved nature between those extremes due to purest energetic form), I find all of life’s similar experiences (happiness, sadness, and the obviousness of our species’ struggles). Each one of us is an energy signature with subjectively defined boundaries (i.e. an unbelievably complex set of energy currents forming an estimated trillions of cells made of countless smaller resonances), and when our species makes the necessary transition towards understanding that fully energetic conclusion (instead of drawing hard-lines for distinctions ironically against better understanding reality — when we believe those distinctions are objectively where we perceive them to be), advancements in science (including technology, medicine, and — if scientific constitutionalism gains traction — law) will truly amaze posterity.

Posdom/Baldom/Negdom does not solely exist within a single cycle of a sine wave. Combining such sine waves forms waveform complexity, but that new waveform structure can still net result in one of those extremes. That includes your net resulting sensation right now. Your brain draws lines to distinguish you from all else. Without headache (no coercion needed), you can learn to relax that line drawing process and feel yourself seamlessly expand into oneness. Return to drawing mental lines, and you arrive at your current mood.

Dealing with drug abuse (for prime example) is all about dealing with negdom. The brain defensively draws boundaries extracting its human body from the ocean of energy for inward protection due to the powerful sensation of unhealthy stress (negdom). Euphoric drugs bring very high amplitudes of posdom, but as literally everything is energy, so everything must modulate (posdom cannot exist without negdom to form the equally essential baldom), the balancing negdom results from that posdom (confusion here intended against simplicity). The modulating currents of experience itself for a drug abuser stirs in momentum towards an unhealthy pattern of living. The drug in that case is the solution and the problem, so a destructive feedback loop occurs — one eventually deadly upon overdose (etc.) Shifting currents of experience for survival (adaptation) is needed for salvation prompting a natural cry for flexible responsibility (like an athlete needing to stay loose for optimal performance and injury risk reduction).

Political correctness is largely about sensitivity. So too is the recent issue about a law against the smell of cannabis smoke spreading across private property lines. Sensitivity laws blossomed (or exploded, if preferred) onto the societal scene for worst through best, but the intended extreme rigidity of law remains problematic against overwhelmingly complex oceanic currents of society, and the resulting friction forms more negdom experiences throughout society (naturally encouraging more drug — and all other forms of — abuse), so prompts the call for balancing posdom too often by force of law (similar to the problematic drug also being the only solution for the drug abuser).

All of the above serves one ultimate purpose here — the absence of an objective and complete definition of harm (no possible objective hard-line between harm and otherwise). Hard-line law fundamentally conflicts with that unavoidable conclusion.

We can continue the cycle of allowing dominant personalities to subjectively define harm for worst through best, or we can stir up momentum towards a necessary maximally objective definition of harm prior to liberty-infringing law (there is no other option — just mixes of those two extremes). We still believe that ‘unsafe until proven safe’ is the best legal path to civility (despite the obviously conflicting unalienable right to liberty), but that belief negates the abuse of law (negdom clearly defies humanity’s boundaries), which largely comes from abusively defining safe. For smashing example, alcohol is safe in terms of legal acceptance, but cannabis (vastly safer, by all scientific measures) still prompts abusive insistence for more evidence of its safety prior to similar acceptance (albeit thankfully not enough to halt momentum towards stronger cannabis legality for worst through best).

As we slowly zoom out from the specified informational waves above crashing at the metaphorical shore, this post merely scratches the surface of sensitivity and harm (including the seamless nature between them), but if enough people embrace the Liberty Shield project (i.e. become scientific constitutionalists), then a scientific exploration into the supreme depths of stress signatures (including harm and sensitivity) becomes the logical path towards civility (and anything else honestly concluded as righteously achieved). Reality has already demonstrated its technological response to our objective endeavors (objectivity does exist), so effectively renders the scientific method as communication with reality itself. May we better meet the challenge of complexity by naturally better communicating with that undefinable extreme.

Fitting listening experience (I composed, produced, and engineered the following song — with ample further compositional and production elements wonderfully provided by a few of my very talented friends)…

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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