Cannabis Connoisseurship

Prompted by “What a Future Stoner Looks Like”:

Amusing video of the predicted future stoner, but my somewhat-different prediction of the future cannabis connoisseur (CC) deserves an honorable mention.

CCs will likely come in many flavors (maybe even comparable to the virtually infinite set of strain effects). Because premium grade cannabis can be meticulously grown anywhere (e.g. indoors in otherwise unfriendly outdoor climates), the cost of entry into the CC’s multiverse will be modest. However, topnotch growers can still provide an aged leaf (which affects the strain effects), so instead of focusing solely upon strains, there would likely include a ‘wine like’ focus on strain age (strainage?).

Speaking of growers, like the manufacturers of alcohol products, cannabis offers so much complexity in the growing process, the best cannabis growers will likely naturally generate their unique and desirable effects signature. The rarity of that signature will increase the price of the leafy (or concentrated) goodness.

Vaporization offers more for the CC. In addition to the civility of removing odor, carcinogens, and the anti-motivational increase that apparently comes with, vaporization has been matched with the computer age (the signature of modern living) to provide precise temperature setting. Anyone familiar with electronic vaporization understands that temperature affects the effects too, so this variable will present itself nicely to our beloved CC. Finally, low temperature electronic vaporization eliminates the ‘alcohol can produce mild effects, but cannabis always leads to its form of drunkenness’ argument, so the much-healthier cannabis “nightcap” becomes the civility-friendly option for those seeking a nice stress reliever after a hard day of work.

Unlike with alcohol, cannabis compositions (i.e. salads, cannabisalads, cansalads, etc.) allow for the meticulous layering of strain effects. OG Kush (recently ranked #1 overall strain in High Times magazine) can be layered with Blackberry (with its ‘multi-dimensional’ texture) using a 70/30 ratio to create an OG Kush dominant experience unlike the single-strain ride (actually, those two strains can be combined in probably any ratio fwiw). Importantly note that adding a second strain typically adds more dimensionality to the effects, so the single-to-multiple strain transition is amazingly dramatic (like going from stereo to surround sound). This is easily merely the tip of the salad iceberg. The possible variations of “salading” are virtually infinite, so offer CCs an unimaginable ocean of unique cannabis experience possibilities (and all of the social networking activity promoting the best experiences that come with).

Harmonious salads are almost never created unintentionally (noting universes of dissonant effect combinations have their CC fan base too). As salading can be a scientific art, masters of such combinations (e.g. cannabis jockeys, or CJs) will offer recommendations to their audience, and may even suggest activities that best fit the suggested salad. Effects duration may be factored in, so the CJ can then recommend the best timing to introduce a second strain (or salad, coffee, or beer) into the perception alteration mix.

As you can see, cannabis is set to powerfully impress the CC and those less inclined to care about strain selection and other intake factors. Too many people simply fail to appreciate the magnitude of the “cannabindustry” as it grows from the approaching end of Cannabis Prohibition brought by the increasing public understanding that sanctioned thuggery is not a proper solution to address “cannabuse” (or any other form of drug abuse). Surprisingly to an excessive number of folks is the unveiling of the fact that cannabis is not limited to being recklessly exercised solely by those preferring filthy stupidity. Applying care to the cannabis exercise opens up universes of responsible medical and recreational possibilities, most of which will stun the excessive number of people believing cannabis is limited to equaling the useless pothead stereotype. Hope matched by competent effort to realize the fruits of that hope will lead “cannamateurs” to respect cannabis, and understand that its sophistication and possibly overwhelmingly intense power facilitate abuse potential (e.g. misfitting intake by way of poor strain selection and/or amplitude can be seriously concernedly discomforting). In other words, cannamateurs should avoid just “jumping into the deep end”, and find a credible “cannapro” to suggest entry-level (friendly and very lightweight) experiences with a risk factor on par with that from engaging in other popular recreational activities (e.g. any sport).

Cannabis is not an automatic feel-good ride (it can be harmonious or dissonant contingent upon a lot of factors), so like a roller coaster (scuba diving, etc.), people will simply dislike cannabis. As with any cleaning product that suggests gently testing that product in an inconspicuous area first, cannabis use essentially offers the same recommendation (try a lawfully consumed low-temperature vaporization of a well-known basically ubiquitously friendly strain — e.g. Cheese).

So whether you lawfully enjoy a high-temperature vaporized Blue Dream, Grapefruit, and Purple Kush salad (50/40/10 ratio), prefer ‘cheap brick’ (or such), or fall anywhere in the middle of that inconceivably sized spectrum, there is likely a cannabis option fit for you.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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