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Laughing & Learning

I’m still in the very early stages of learning how to generate good AI images, but I am amused by this one, and hope that it strikes your attention in a positive way.

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Moon & Beyond

That is my first image generated using AI. My prompt was simply… Trippy, symmetric, intricate, moon I feel for the professional artists who have their careers in jeopardy due to this incredible technology. I feel for the majority of people

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Dust in the Wind

A longtime friend of mine covered “Dust in the Wind”, a classic popular song by Kansas released in 1978. I am blown away by his cover. It was a privilege to spacemix this musical head turner, and I hope that

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Gentle Means

Do you want an end to greed? How about sensibly ending the fear of death? Want a much easier way to raise children? Desire a purely equitable and extremely powerful outcome that makes perfect sense? Then have I got wonderful

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Trip In the Stream

I have been rerouted a little these days. My live stream is now up and running over at Twitch (most days usually between 6-9:00pm eastern time). While I spend more time here focusing upon releasing spacemixes with a strong tendency

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Drive Home

Life is often hard, but health demands faith in embracing the opportunity to be positive. If you are unfamiliar with Steven Wilson, then you are likely in for a real treat, as his musicianship along with the people he works

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Cannaflow Music

Unable to attend the recent Cannaflow this past Friday, people there reportedly wanted to again hear the spacemixed collection of the music for that event. And so I published that mix to the Spirit Wave YouTube channel, and obviously embedded

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