Being a very busy man, I cannot afford to waste energy, money, and time.

Oh, wait. Seeing a photo of a person apparently makes this more personable, so…


Yeah, that’s meant to make you laugh a bit, if that’s scarily unclear.

My recent writing has been rather dense and dry for the sake of informational accuracy, but there has been basically no feedback from you all — which ironically is a form of feedback. The silent majority has silently spoken.

As a responsible artist, I want to be a helpful part of our community (which obviously includes a proper relationship with you all), so a righteous shift is needed here.

The internet is overwhelmingly full of content pressing upon each of our brains, so I want to smartly tailor my efforts to help minimize that pressure and become a nice artistic spice in your content-consuming groove.

I dislike sharing what I plan on doing (as opposed to just doing it), because the snooze factor tends to distract, but feel free to bear with me in this explanatory case that likely leads to an informative annual post for newcomers that veterans can safely ignore going forward.

Posts here will largely be lightweight and preferably valuable.

The only exceptions are my annual posts (indicated simply by including the year in the title), which basically tend to be the length of a standard essay, and provide more depth to better secure informational grounding. They are also updated as fit.

Deeper than that, my informational roots serve to provide complete logical grounding, and there are basically a handful of them conveniently awaiting patiently upon your optional interest throughout our All Sines entertainment ecosystem (exploration is key here).

As a strong proponent for sharing Reality Waveform Theory (RWT), which I sensibly maintain is the genuine theory of everything (at least answering the what/why/where/when/how of reality itself in a purely logical way that literally fits all mainstream science — and a result that elegantly fits perfectly with Einstein’s instincts against quantum physics without defying the tried-and-true aspect of quantum physics, and brings common sense to the double-slit experiment), it becomes too challenging to provide a strong informational base within each post to demonstrate my hard-earned credibility on this subject.

So from now on, I will simply express the basic conclusions of RWT as needed in my non-annual posts (and probably at least somewhat tone it down within the annual variety too), and rely upon you to inquire about the need for more depth to secure any necessary credibility.

I am a spiritualized logician, which likely mentally thrusts red flags screaming pseudo/junk science in your direction. However, even the most diligent fan of the scientific method will find that my use of logic is apparently unique, but still purely logical in a grounded and unspun way, and worthy of scientific scrutiny (and, if I am scientifically debunked, admittedly optionally righteous mockery).

A major focus here is improving stress management (basically all about balance for stability), which obviously helps us all.

That mainly, if not primarily, includes encouraging society to sensibly embrace a balance between healthy work and rest ethics, instead of the ‘work more, rest less’ method of “productivity” that has continuously ruined countless lives and strongly counting (usually pathetically just for oligarchical enrichment).

I am no stranger when it comes to feeling the challenging pressures of unhealthy stress, and the invited pressures naturally compelling me to share my experiences preferably to help strengthen us all.

I live in a small apartment (600 square feet) as a personal caregiver for my mom who is doing her best to deal with mild Alzheimer’s disease (AD) — a deadly serious brain-degenerating disease.

She is using a likely unique AD treatment method, which includes vaporized medical cannabis (using my custom approach on this front), aluminum toxicity opposition, and basically stress management.

AD has no known cure.

However, for roughly two-three years now, while some memory problems unfortunately persist, we enjoy continuing success in preventing any irrefutably noticeable and permanent mental decline (while sometimes witnessing some at least temporary signs of mental improvement), and I want to ensure that everyone dealing with this terrifying condition has an opportunity to choose our methodology — one that at least competes brilliantly well with any other solution in terms of effectiveness — with no serious side effects, and at a reasonable financial cost.

Our main problem these days is finding a diet that conveniently prevents further aluminum toxicity. More about this serious issue likely within an upcoming post.

I am optimistic on this front, but also realistic. As she still shows symptoms of AD, despite our best efforts to date, I need to be prepared for the horribly expensive (on many levels beyond financial cost) worst.

Being self-employed as a responsible artist, I improved my humble bedroom, which also serves as my humble office space (inclusively multimedia sculpting studio).

Moreover, I have been thankfully learning yoga at the wonderful Sanctuary in Peabody, Massachusetts — and remain firmly dedicated to that pursuit.

Having established a reasonably nice environment to practice yoga within my home studio, I am inclusively meticulously sculpting audio fit for restful meditative and yoga experiences to be globally shared to preferably wonderfully improve (y)our balance/health.

As primarily an audio sculptor (as opposed to a live performer or film scorer), my niche is highly intricate spatial awareness transformation, so my work tends to wondrously alter the listener’s sense of space with a likely surprising amount of spatial texture (usually in a very psychedelic-friendly way fwiw). Based upon listener experiences, the word mesmerizing seems to resonate strongly in describing the effect of listening to my (sometimes our) audio sculptures these days.

With much more spatial texture and depth than the average ambient piece, my main Stress Health audio goal is to replace the potentially unhealthily stressful sensation of being trapped in a small room (or small-spatial such) with the nice sensation of being in (or tuning into) a comfortably large space safely within the powerful area of our cosmos (perhaps somewhere reasonably familiar to DMT users and/or visionary artists).

That will hopefully provide critical relief to the many of us (at least sometimes) feeling trapped within undesirable confinement.

Sculpting much more than just audio, I have spent over two decades complexly sculpting our handful of entertainment ecosystems within the All Sines one (e.g. Stress Health), so there is a lot for fans to explore and even contribute during these early days, but I avoid diving into more detail within this post due to brevity (again, exploration is key).

An entertainment ecosystem (“enteco” for simpler communication) is my carefully crafted idea to conveniently unite all media types and other (in)activities (e.g. music, videos/movies, images, books, campaigns, and so on) under one name, logo, and basic guiding principle(s) for the sake of reasonable focus with maximum flexibility. Our entecos are also completely Creative Commons friendly, so you can optionally join in the creative spirit. An enteco is basically like open source entertainment meets an artificial reef. Much more to come about this reasonably important subject in future posting here.

All of my (sometimes our) hard work is freely and simply available for your convenience.

If you feel compelled to financially reward us for that work (seeing how financial resources are needed to survive and thrive), we offer a simple but flexible set of options conveniently consolidated at the Buy page of the All Sines enteco.

We are basically embracing the street entertainer model. The entertainment is free for anyone to experience, but we deeply appreciate even modest financial reciprocation.

Overall, this journal is my interactive professional diary of sorts.

If you are into multimedia (especially as an ‘undiscovered’ artist), responsibly used psychedelics (e.g. cannabis), stress management, science, technology, and societal improvement — all usually along an innovative front (we responsibly experimentally press boundaries a lot) — then feel free to hang out with us.

While this journal includes a wide variety of content, I am always listening to your preferences, and will fittingly tune in with them, so feel free to politely weigh in.

I hope to righteously earn your ‘likes’ and mutually constructive comments, because they help us all.

One of my mantras is that I cannot guarantee museum-quality results, but I guarantee museum-quality effort.

Healthy balance to you and any applicable yours.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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