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They Blinded US with Science

Prompted by “Why We Still Don’t Know Marijuana’s Full Potential”: Cannabis is about 73% of Certain Drug Prohibition (according consistently to the primary set of government statistics), so recognizing that plant’s legality would largely end the highly profitable war

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Cannabis Entwined

Prompted by “Calls for ‘Social Justice’ Won’t Work Without Free Markets”: I sense readers want more on fixing the illicit drug front, which is forthcoming (and herein), but I cannot emphasize enough that the illicit drug issue cannot be

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HUSH for Rush (Part 3: Worse than a Deal with the Devil)

A respectable senior citizen friend of mine (a listener of the Rush Limbaugh show and whose son seriously abused heroin) once glared at me with utmost seriousness and religiously stated, “Heroin is the devil’s drug, and we need to do

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Foreshadowing Supremacy

Prompted by “Opinion: Why fair-weather federalists Nebraska, Oklahoma are dangerous”: “The conservative Republican attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma recently filed a lawsuit urging the Supreme Court to invalidate marijuana legalization in neighboring Colorado.” “The two states rely heavily

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Who Cares About Law Abuse?

Prompted by “Largely without merit”: “Colorado has undermined the United States Constitution, and I hope the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold our constitutional principles.” – Nebraska and Oklahoma Two states are suing Colorado for legalizing cannabis, and that statement

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HUSH for Rush (Part 2: “Public Morality”)

Mr. Limbaugh proclaimed in his broadcasted response that cannabis use does not solely apply to the individual exercising such use, but has a negative impact on “employment” and “family” (his words). Overall, the central theme of his response is upholding

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HUSH for Rush

While driving my 2002 Passat, a good connection for my external audio device remains unreachable (the cassette-to-1/8″ device is noisy and adds too much minor burden to my already responsibly stress-filled life). As such, when I visit one of my

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