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Points Echoing

Prompted by “Five Drug Scares In 2014”: The whole piece is worth reading, but I echo resonating statements here… “The lack of reliable information, a perennial hazard of the black market, is especially worrisome when dealing with novel compounds

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Great Pleasing Yawn

Prompted by “Colo. cannabis experiment puts state in global spotlight”: “Marijuana is more available in Colorado than ever before, but it’s unclear whether marijuana consumption has risen as a result. Teens are less likely to think that marijuana is

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The Great Non-Associated Depression

Prompted by “Study: No Longitudinal Association Between Cannabis Use and Depression”: Depression obviously results from unhealthy stress. Cannabis does not always cause unhealthy stress, as anyone sufficiently familiar with the plant can attest. We know that balance is required

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Who Cares About Law Abuse?

Prompted by “Largely without merit”: “Colorado has undermined the United States Constitution, and I hope the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold our constitutional principles.” – Nebraska and Oklahoma Two states are suing Colorado for legalizing cannabis, and that statement

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Informatively Trippy Imagery

Prompted by “‘Remember’: A Mind-Blowing Series of Beautiful Illustrations”: First, you should feel free to check out the informatively trippy images there, because they are beautifully nice. Second, you should feel free to read Wes’ comment regarding Buddhism there.

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Relaxing State of Medical Cannabis

Prompted by “Congress Votes to End Federal-State Conflict on Medical Marijuana”: A wonderful threshold has been crossed, and the caregiver side of me breathes an equally wonderful sigh of relief as I move forward to register for medical cannabis

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Warning: Law Risk (Obey the Rule-of-Oblaw)

Prompted by “Evidence Fails to Support Proposed DUI Impairment Levels for Cannabis”: “Per se traffic safety laws criminalize those who operate a vehicle with trace or specific levels of a controlled substance in their bodily fluids, even in the

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