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Cannabis Exception to the Rule of Law

Prompted by “Marijuana Legalization in Colorado: Can Oklahoma and Nebraska Get It Reversed?”: Here is the reported conflict in a nutshell, starting with state rights advocacy… “…the choice was clear. ‘This is not about marijuana at its core,’ he

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Cannabis for Foot Shooting

Prompted by “A Veteran’s Journey: Cannabis & A Return to Artistry”: “In 2008, he decided to seek his rightful VA medical benefits, but was told to cease his cannabis use or risk losing all his benefits. He stopped using

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Cannabis Saves Lives

Prompted by “Shocking Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws On Opioid Deaths”: “A study of internal medicine by UPenn researchers has found a startlingly clear correlation between states with medical marijuana laws and the lowering of opioid death rates. In simple terms,

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Failure is Success?

Prompted by “Unwilling to face reality, we just throw more money at it”: “The U.S. has to date provided $2.1 billion to Mexico to combat drug trafficking in the country under the Mérida Initiative – which is pejoratively known

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What About Some Children?

No medicinal value in cannabis? Claims of positivity involving cannabis and mentality are not limited to seizure sufferers, and neither are the claims of horrible side effects from lawfully prescribed pharmaceuticals. End the obvious outrage now.

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Reason Abuse Against “Cannabisanity”

Prompted by “Feds stick to court argument that marijuana is dangerous”: “While there may be ‘some dispute among doctors as to whether marijuana is medicine,’ there is ample evidence to support the government’s conclusion that ‘this psychoactive, addictive drug

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Medical Cannabis Could & Should

Prompted by “10 Surprising Uses for Medical Cannabis”: “Cannabis could prevent Alzheimer’s disease by working against the buildup of plaque and tangled fibers of protein in the nervous system that are thought to cause it.” That does put cannabis

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