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Future Filter

Information filtering is a big deal, but common sense dictates that it’s going to become a much bigger issue and industry — and thankfully create a lot of jobs for our species. Algorithms (e.g. search engines) are largely responsible for

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Healthier Information Flow

If you’re like me, you’re probably flooded with information streams (news feeds, email, etc.) As a responsible entertainer, my publication discipline respects that inundation for community benefit. As some of my posts can be lengthy (although 2,000 words is always

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Ad(d) Hypocrisy

Prompted by “Online Ad Czar Berates Adblockers As Freedom-Hating ‘Mafia’”: Randall Rothenburg, the president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has made a speech branding the creators of Adblock Plus (who were banned from the conference where

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Broadcast Intervention

Prompted by a comment in “More junk science from Patricia Cavazos-Rehg”: “…he said long ago that a major reason for the continuance of prohibition could be summed up in two words: ‘Bad journalism’” A terribly serious and undisclosed conflict

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Energy (Hallucinating or Otherwise)

Prompted by “‘Dreaming While Awake’ — An Examination of Hallucinations by Mike Jay”: Sharing my comment posted there… On the one hand, if hallucinations involve a boost in survival (e.g. a voice delivering a saving message), then positive value

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Medical Cannabis Could & Should

Prompted by “10 Surprising Uses for Medical Cannabis”: “Cannabis could prevent Alzheimer’s disease by working against the buildup of plaque and tangled fibers of protein in the nervous system that are thought to cause it.” That does put cannabis

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Hidden Tags

My WordPress experience has been excellent overall so far, but I feel compelled to express limitations potentially negatively affecting all of us within the WP community (with hopes that such issues will be promptly wonderfully resolved, though that probably goes

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