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Lawful Thugs Steal Too

Prompted by “The public needs to be educated about civil asset forfeiture”: To anyone educated in the law who has a general sense of reality and the principles of our United States government, it’s clear that there’s a real

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Regulating Harm

Prompted by “Medical marijuana must be cost effective”: Starting with this key point from our Respect Cannabis informational roots: Upon scrutiny of aforementioned prohibitionist claims against cannabis use (including following their citations to the actually unsupportive and supposed science

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Vote Against

Prompted by “How To Speed Up Marijuana Legalization Through Voting”: When it comes to influencing the public sector, if you’re not working in the public sector, you have the power to — drum roll — vote. The prompting piece

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Missing Legality

Prompted by “Drug Use Is Not Illegal: How Police Justify Arrests”: That article unintentionally epitomizes why I began our Respect Cannabis campaign, despite the existence of many well-established drug policy reform organizations. High Times magazine is dominated by traditional

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Black Market Law

Prompted by “How Taxes and Restrictions on Legal Weed Keep the Black Market Thriving”: While marijuana legalization continues to become more widespread across the United States, it seems that government officials have found a way to perpetuate the perils

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For the Love of “Sheeple”

Prompted by “U.S. Treasury Hacking Vulnerability Shows Need For Overhaul Of U.S. Government’s Security Model”:,29670.html Here are a couple of interesting resonances (then flowing into a grand crescendo as the ultimate big picture of humanity expressed within this post

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Not High Times for President Obama

Prompted by “Obama and the Real Reefer Madness”: You might think that the editor in chief of High Times—the New York-based monthly magazine whose mission is legalizing marijuana—would eagerly applaud President Obama for commuting the prison sentences this week

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