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Vote to Demand

Prompted by “Congress Adds ‘CISA’ To ‘Omnibus’ Budget Bill, Up To President Obama To Veto”:,30755.html The Fight for the Future civil liberties organization announced that CISA, the “surveillance bill by another name,” was added to the “must-pass” budget bill

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No Control Camera

Prompted by “Green Light Or No, Nest Cam Never Stops Watching”: The truth is: the Nest Cam is never “off” despite an effort by Nest and its parent Google to make it appear otherwise. That, according to an analysis

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Beyond Your Privacy

Prompted by “Emerging Cyber Threats For 2016, According To Georgia Tech Institute Of Technology”:,30457.html Every now and then, the computer geek in me emerges here to ripple out important (if not critical) expressions of public relevance. I’m unsure why

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For the Love of “Sheeple”

Prompted by “U.S. Treasury Hacking Vulnerability Shows Need For Overhaul Of U.S. Government’s Security Model”:,29670.html Here are a couple of interesting resonances (then flowing into a grand crescendo as the ultimate big picture of humanity expressed within this post

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Did You Urgently Update Your Flash Player?

Prompted by “The Latest Flash 0-day is no Joke”: I’m guessing there’s a better than decent chance that you’ve already heard about this, but this is such a bad one I thought I would just make sure: The appropriately-named

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