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Drive Home

Life is often hard, but health demands faith in embracing the opportunity to be positive. If you are unfamiliar with Steven Wilson, then you are likely in for a real treat, as his musicianship along with the people he works

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All is Love?

Reality is energy. Reality never ends, because that energy is invincible. Invincible energy is perfectly stabilized, so balanced. Energy is experience, so experiencing reality never ends. Life is energy, but so too is death. Love is energy, but energy is

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Pi Day 2023

On Pi Day — celebrating the mathematical Pi (which starts with the numbers three, one, and four, so March 14), and posthumously Albert Einstein’s birthday — I yearly post a refined essay (or really a new post, in this case)

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Feeling all over the place? Feeling ungrounded? Then perhaps you need a certain kind of sound bath. The embedded video contains all of the chakral spacemixes of Alex Theory & Shiva Rea’s album titled “Rising”, with seamless transitions between them

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Crowning Achievement

After individually releasing all of the other chakral spacemixes from the album titled “Rising” by Alex Theory & Shiva Rea, we have finally risen to reach the crown chakra. Note that I did release this spacemix in the past, but

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Cosmic Center

The cosmos is energy, and energy is indestructible, so the cosmos cannot be destabilized. Balance is needed for stability, so the expanding universe cannot be the full universe, as it defies that balance. There must be more outside of that

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Sounds of Consciousness

Another spacemix from our first Cannaflow (cannabis, spacemixing, yoga) event, this one may please your meditatively yogic senses, preferably by way of a gentle uplift towards the supreme balance of reality. Even if you are just feeling a bit stressed

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