Cannabis Hindrance

As someone who has limited cannabis growing experience, I understand that upon harvest, and after trimming, the curing process begins — and runs basically 2-6 weeks (i.e. whatever duration determined rightly by the grower). After curing, the plant should be

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Cannaflow Music Deleted

Even though I did a test upload to see if there are copyright problems, and YouTube claimed there were none, the Cannaflow video became blocked due to three songs in it. So I have deleted that video, and will return

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Drive Home

Life is often hard, but health demands faith in embracing the opportunity to be positive. If you are unfamiliar with Steven Wilson, then you are likely in for a real treat, as his musicianship along with the people he works

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Cannaflow Music

Unable to attend the recent Cannaflow this past Friday, people there reportedly wanted to again hear the spacemixed collection of the music for that event. And so I published that mix to the Spirit Wave YouTube channel, and obviously embedded

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Do Not Ignore AI Advancement

That video (~25 minutes) is important. Ignoring the tremendously rapid advancement of AI is foolhardy. The ramifications are explosive and overwhelmingly complex, but we all need to stay reasonably tuned into this key subject. The impact AI will have on

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AI Sprinting Within Us

I do not recommend watching that nine-minute video prior to bedtime, as it may leave you sleepless to at least some annoying degree. Given the aggressive competition to improve AI for the foreseeable future (especially in military), my sense is

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All is Love?

Reality is energy. Reality never ends, because that energy is invincible. Invincible energy is perfectly stabilized, so balanced. Energy is experience, so experiencing reality never ends. Life is energy, but so too is death. Love is energy, but energy is

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