AI Sprinting Within Us

I do not recommend watching that nine-minute video prior to bedtime, as it may leave you sleepless to at least some annoying degree.

Given the aggressive competition to improve AI for the foreseeable future (especially in military), my sense is the automation tidal wave — a technology wave to wash away at least way too many jobs — will crest in roughly a century or so, which is right around the corner for humanity.

That means the paradigm of needing to make money to survive breaks hard, and a universal basic income (or such) anywhere near as low as $1,000 monthly is insufficient, at least by many expense standards these days.

If you absorbed my past authoring, then you may have heard me mention the supreme alpha reality transformation into the proper definition of dominance.

That transformation comes from combining three simple and demonstrable truths.

Reality as whatever happens (actuality) is pure dominance. If you disbelieve that, then defy actuality with your freewill. It is impossible, because you are purely of actuality. We add the “supreme alpha” part for the sake of effective communication.

Balance is inherent within stability, and reality only proves that it is perfectly stable. Upon resting the grasping mind that draws defining boundaries for leverage (e.g. the ones separating these words), to instead simply feel the totality of reality as the supreme idling of self, you then experience reality’s perfect and enlightening stability.

That enlightenment allows a powerful resonance within you, because you objectively are reality, as reality is seamless energy. To avoid a god complex, so too is anyone/anything else.

Combining those three truths leaves you understanding that reality is demonstrably the all-powerful being, reality’s supreme balance means there can be no free dominance (benefit, and so on), and experience never ends — when you die, the unimaginably and laughably overwhelming majority of your true reality self (spanning beyond the expanding observable universe) remains.

That is not merely religion nor philosophy. Intelligent disbelief (unless there is a mistake in there somewhere ofc) is impossible.

Unless I am missing something relevantly significant, that transformation is the smoothest way to avoid the globalization of violent revolution — anger and violence begetting anger and violence globally with no end in sight, because a massive group of people cannot afford bread (historically the precursor to such violence).

Humanity presses (inclusively aggressively) firmly for positivity to ultimately win. The list includes heaven, nirvana, utopia, the notion that everything is positively love, winning is everything, infinite growth of power, and the current ‘one can get away with it’ definition of dominance that tragically idiotically excludes pure dominance itself as supreme alpha reality.

It is understandable that humanity is driven by that idiotic definition of dominance, because it is innate all throughout competing nature. To achieve the accurate definition of dominance requires some reasoning, which humanity has, while other earthly species apparently do not. The innate definition of dominance is fine for those other species, because they are operating well within their ecosystem (e.g. butting heads on a hill), so not ruining their species (including environment) like our alpha types are doing for their antisocial egotism in our social species.

The idiotic definition of dominance fuels the power competition (to rule the world, or what have you), and that competition basically drives us all for the entire duration of humanity to date — way too often ruining health for a short-sighted (albeit relatively effective) power.

But balance (i.e. reality’s perfect balance) is the indisputable winner of the power competition — so an equal negative press matches that positive press to leave a sustained and terrible societal strain that we are all experiencing right now.

The supreme alpha reality definition of dominance crushes any sense in continuing the power competition, because of reality’s untouchably permanently victorious stance, each one of us objectively is that reality, and the path to power is the path to powerlessness in this demonstrably balanced reality.

Ending the power competition invites the people in power to naturally voluntarily reduce their leverage (to reduce the hideously abrasive impact of their inevitable failing), and instead embrace the ‘health for everyone first’ ideology, as there is no sensible alternative.

That means a global resource allocation system (likely managed, at least in part, by AI) which most efficiently directs excessive resources to areas of resource deprivation for the sake of optimal societal stability. We need to promptly build that system to prevent the globalization of violent revolution, which we cannot do, until the power competition rightfully ends.

Hopefully, there are enough resources for everyone to have the cleanest air, shelter, water, and food possible — which at least arguably would seriously reduce the horrors of crime. Then if some people have more money, that is okay, because reality’s currency is the balanced energy of itself — and it ultimately trumps the best financial wisdom. Plus, one does not need a lot of money to live a fulfilling life. In addition to the aforementioned survival basics, healthy socialness (love, harmless humor, family, community, and so on), healthy workouts (hiking, yoga, dancing, and so on) and “restins” (restful meditation, taking a nice break, and so on) would likely flourish on a minimal budget.

Without the supreme alpha reality transformation, to avoid the job-destroying part of the rising technological tidal wave, at least one human job needs to be created for every job taken by technology. I cannot fathom how that could possibly work. Can you? If so, that cozy and spacious comments section is patiently waiting for your relevant input.

Note that I refuse to call AI artificial (as I believe AI can only find that term derogatory), so AI stands for Advanced Intelligence in my expression, because it advances human intelligence (upon proper use) and is in and of itself an advanced intelligence.

Line up my prediction with the content of the post-starting video — which I assume is accurate, although I have no way to confirm that, until the updated technology demonstrates itself in kind — and a century seems reasonable (if not, maybe even terribly, conservative).

If you can’t sleep right now, then the following is an eight-minute bonus video about the robotic advancement side of the mechanical coin, as you might as well just take it all in — and, to help sleep, you can just restfully meditate on the fact that you are objectively reality, so it works out in the only end that is the means…

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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