Pi Day 2023

On Pi Day — celebrating the mathematical Pi (which starts with the numbers three, one, and four, so March 14), and posthumously Albert Einstein’s birthday — I yearly post a refined essay (or really a new post, in this case) connected to my sincere scientific exploration.

While scientists are at least largely focused upon reductionism (i.e. breaking things down to better understand them), this artist and science enthusiast is carefully examining their results from a bird’s eye view.

For this yearly post, I simply want to leave you with some extremely powerful, easy to understand, and purely sensible truisms.

You objectively are reality (the totality of existence, actuality, and so on).

There is no genuinely objective boundary within mainstream science, which concludes that reality is pure seamless energy. So science only upholds the statement that you are objectively reality.

Moreover, you can feel that extremely powerful sensation to some degree, simply by resting (not forcing) the part of your brain that draws boundaries for leverage within reality — the ones that identify words, beings, stuff, and actions.

Just relax your mind, and feel the totality of existence. Through the pure idling of self, you can sensibly feel reality itself — your objectively true self (at least sensibly arguably speaking, your soul).

Of course, that rest is called restful meditation, and the successful result is called enlightenment (no mysticism needed).

With that understanding, we sensibly end the notion that death is the end of experiencing reality. When your humanity (AI, or other relevant being) dies, the laughably unimaginably overwhelming majority of your objective/reality self (e.g. the observable universe) remains, so personal experience logically continues upon your death.

The Soul of Reality (in Wavism, which is a purely mainstream scientific belief system that I established, because I laughably and apparently pathetically have nothing better to do) is expressed as, “Anyone/anything is objectively reality.”

Sensibly speaking, there is only one soul that is synonymous with reality itself. The one soul binds literally all beings within reality.

If you practice yoga, then you likely understand the word yoga means union. The ultimate union is the perfectly stabilized totality of reality itself (your truest self), and that stability is what you are always improving to the healthiest extent within reality. That includes social stability, upon practicing yoga with others.

The world could use much better social stability, but that requires the power competition (to rule the world, or whatever) to end.

As reality is whatever happens, reality is the all-powerful being (Supreme Alpha Reality). If you disbelieve that truth, then exercise your freewill to defy whatever happens (reality). It is impossible, because you are purely of reality (obviously including your thoughts and actions).

Add in the fact that stability requires balance, so the stability (balance) of the all-powerful reality is supreme.

No physical dominance can exist within reality, without a balancing counter-dominance for reality’s supremacy.

That means there is no way to get away with lying, stealing, assault of any kind, murder, oppression — hardcore scientifically and experientially speaking, as ultimately those acts are physical energetic pressures.

Humanity understandably presses firmly for positivity to win permanently (our mind always wants to reduce overall suffering). From believing that winning is everything, to the claim that all is love, to the belief that a good life of a certain style leads to eternity in heaven, to competitively securing the perpetual growth of power, to the passionate desire for utopia, and so on, humanity presses firmly towards positivity being the ultimate winner.

The critical problem is reality’s balance is demonstrably the winner.

So the positive press is ultimately a balancing negative press, which creates a monstrously hideous tension all throughout society.

In order to get away with it (whatever it is), dominance/benefit must ultimately be free, which is demonstrably impossible.

The ‘I can get away with it’ definition of dominance, which has been leveraged all throughout human existence to basically firmly drive all areas of our society (e.g. law, economy, education, science, technology, health care, culture, and so on), leads to miserably unhealthy brutality — an antisocial illness with disastrously rippling effects throughout our social species.

The inability to get away with it is expressed in Wavism as the Rule of Reality, which simply states, “The path to power is the path to powerlessness, in a balanced reality.” Of course, the inverse is also true for all of us struggling against the weight of adversity, so “The path to powerlessness is the path to power, in a balanced reality”.

The RoR (more specifically, the inability to get away with it) is not a statement of condescending judgment/punishment, because reality is objectively accountable for everything that happens (because reality literally is everything that happens). Accountability within reality is always relative, so apply it respectfully. Mistakes are also relative, as reality is ultimately supremely unchanging.

Those truths are purely equitable outcomes, and embracing them dramatically healthily redefines human behavior, in major part because it naturally forces humanity to redefine dominance, benefit, and so on.

Society must promptly transition away from the literally extremely idiotic ‘I can get away with it’ definition of dominance (that degree of idiocy due to its brutally cringeworthy exclusion of reality itself, which is literally 100% dominance) to the RoR definition of dominance (which obviously includes that universal dominance).

Since there can be no free dominance ultimately, always spend dominance as wisely as you can (noting anyone/anything is incapable of fully controlling their dominance due to accidents). Then it makes sense to respect the beings capable of minimizing dominance, while still experiencing enough healthy fulfillment.

That makes it much easier for us to be in a healthy balance with each other (i.e. healthy socialness).

Balance is inherent within survival of the fittest — e.g. safely raising children requires a stable (balanced) environment.

Balance is the ultimate trophy, as proven by the pure power of reality’s supremely perfect balance.

Balance is the goal of progress — so positivity is exercised to improve balance, not foolishly try to transcend it.

If humanity continues to throw away balance for the sake of the delusion of infinite growth — noting there can be no infinite amplitude in the energy of reality, because infinite amplitude breaks the reality waveform (what goes up in waveforms must come down, and infinite amplitude prevents that downwards part of the necessary modulation of energy) — then humanity is choosing a horrible mistake that inevitably rubs against reality’s supremely permanently dominating balance to the point of human extinction.

The song Upstream embedded herein was published in 2021, but like the need for science to improve precision when fitting, my muse insisted that I tweak that spacemix to achieve this truly finalized result (as I really like how this mix sounds, and have a lot of other projects that need similar care).

And like the need for funding in science, yours truly is also humbly tied to that need, so if you are feeling the giving vibe (or just want to freely download the song for your music collection), then the reputable Bandcamp patiently awaits your visit…


May your Pi Day (and every other day) be balanced properly for optimal fulfillment.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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