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“I believe I synchronistically discovered your website. What you write about the nature of reality highly resonates with me. I just wanted to say reading it has made a substantial impact on my mind. It feels like I found a missing piece of information for reality and existence.” – eatgoomba

Appreciation for that wonderful YouTube comment extends here.

My muse wants me to write the following summary here, for reasons that frankly leave me feeling unsure.

I am an offbeat artist, who arguably lives outside the box that people are sometimes encouraged to creatively step outside. My cosmic-reaching experience needs to be balanced by stepping inside the box enough.

My life, which spans over half a century now, has not been easy. There is no “Why me?!” here, and no playing the victim card. Life is hard for all of us with varying degrees of intensity, and some of that hardship is required as a healthy and continuous challenge to cultivate proper character to maximize fulfillment in life.

Reality insisted that I could not fall in love (never met the right woman), so I could not make love, and build a healthy family. My life partner, child/children, grandchild/grandchildren in effect died, and I never even got a chance to meet them.

I have yet to achieve a healthy career following my natural calling in life as an artist, despite an enormous effort that includes learning necessary business and technology skills. Computer technological expertise was my professional backup plan, but the overly complicated nature of rapid tech advancement finally pressed threateningly too hard against my brain (a story for another day perhaps).

Around that time, roughly a decade ago, I learned that my mom has Alzheimer’s disease, so I decided to move in with her to communicate her adaptations to professional caregivers. However, on a fixed budget that is excessively tight, despite my best budgeting efforts, we cannot afford professional caregiving. There are no family members, nor friends, nearby to help — although occasionally a friend will offer some helpful advice, which can greatly facilitate at least one key task.

I am alone with her, so am her sole personal caregiver, as she is close to the final stage of this brutally challenging disease. We can barely communicate, at this point.

While working during my adulthood, I chose to work slightly less hours, and take the corresponding pay cut — so I could advance my true calling as an artist, and live a healthier life overall (including balancing a healthy work ethic with a healthy rest ethic).

That inclusively enabled a solid opportunity for me to deeply explore artistically and intellectually.

I was astonished to learn in college that all sounds are made purely of sine waves (circles over time). There is an unimaginably enormous amount of complexity in sound, so I thought the sine wave could be a microcosm of a simple ‘god’ function that gives us the complexity of reality itself.

Years later, I was exposed to Dr. Brian Greene’s “The Elegant Universe”, where I learned that reality is energy, which is wavy (as sound is), so I thought the sine wave is the ‘god’ function — but the scientists are not saying that (not even today, to the best of my reasonably firm knowledge).

Decades later, I confirmed my suspicions that there are no genuinely objective boundaries in science — e.g. Dr. Edward Witten, a brilliantly prominent physicist, described a particle as a “blur”.

The absence of any genuinely objective boundary is impossible for scientists to admit at this time, because science is currently all about objective boundaries.

Reality indeed is purely seamless energy, hardcore scientifically speaking.

As balance is demonstrably inherent within stability, and reality only reveals evidence of its own balance (e.g. the law of physics that states every action is an opposite and equal reaction), reality is balanced energy.

Reality is purely sinusoidal, so the sine wave is the sole base pattern of reality, which is a key part of the theory of everything.

A purely energetic reality brings common sense to the scientifically infamous double-slit experiment. What we call measurement and observation physically resonates what we call particles.

Without objective boundaries, there can be no objective plurality, so there is only one sine wave — the reality sine wave — synonymous with the actual universe, as opposed to the expanding observable universe (i.e. as perfect stability is motionless).

As that sine wave must be balanced, we can illustrate the reality sine wave simply by looking at one cycle of a sine wave (one circle over time).

Time is a dimension of space (with posthumous thanks to Dr. Albert Einstein), as it clearly demonstrates spatial properties (e.g. warping due to mass), so all time exists as one spatial moment (this one).

That means the seamless amplitudes along the reality sine wave are occurring simultaneously during the only moment that truly exists (again, this one).

That results in supreme phase cancellation (a.k.a. destructive interference in physics) — i.e. simultaneously opposite and equal amplitudes purely cancel out — so reality is an undefinable extreme, which is literally ungraspable (which is why scientists are struggling mightily).

That undefinable extremeness soundly replaces the notion of an infinitely flat-plane, spherical, parabolic, or any other style of universe (or multiverse). What prevents reality from being truly infinite is its balance. One cannot travel forever in any given direction, because of the inevitable restriction of that perfect balance.

Humanity is addicted to boundaries, because we connect them with our ability to control. The loss of control is basically suffering, and the brain is always doing whatever it can to minimize its suffering (even if being selfless about it). Even if the brain is largely self-destructive, it is due to the best compensation capable of being applied in a terrible situation (e.g. give in to addiction, or suffer horribly due to withdrawal).

Too many people believe their boundaries are reality, and even tie their identity to them (i.e. lose your boundaries, and you lose yourself).

Reality as whatever happens is literally pure dominance (pure control) — but disastrously wrongfully left out of humanity’s definition of dominance for millions of years, because that pure dominance in isolation means humanity is not in control at all.

If you disbelieve that reality is pure dominance, then use your freewill right now to defy whatever happens. It is literally impossible, because we are purely of whatever happens (including our thoughts and actions). Do not be discomforted, because there is an extremely powerful caveat that you will likely appreciate.

Due to the absence of any genuinely objective boundary, anyone/anything is objectively reality (e.g. you are pure control).

To experience that truth, simply rest the part of your brain that draws boundaries (that identifies words, beings, and actions) for leverage, and restfully just feel the totality of reality as the supreme idling of self. Upon success, you naturally feel a powerful sensation, at least to some degree. Do not try to grasp it, as it will disappear then due to the boundary-drawing interference.

That sensation is enlightenment, as part of the practice called restful meditation.

Restful meditation is not mysticism. It is a practical need for any healthy being, as it allows us to recharge our sense of pure, unstoppable power.

That sensibly obliterates the fear of death. When you die, your boundary-drawing brain ends, and you are released into the oneness of the objective/reality self — which is obviously overwhelmingly the majority of your true self due at least to the unimaginable enormity of the observable universe. Everything is wavy in energy, so you modulate into another boundary-drawing life of some kind.

There are likely an unimaginable number of styles involving that process (e.g. a smooth death process, as opposed to a rough death process), and the style you experience sensibly lines up with your trajectory within your life, but the basic idea suffices here.

You are objectively reality itself. To avoid a god complex, so too is anyone/anything else.

Factor in reality’s balance, and we have a naturally perfect totalitarian governance as reality itself, because reality needs to reconcile all dominant pressures within it. That inclusively means there can be no intelligent reason to believe in the possibility of getting away with any negative behavior (e.g. torture), which should be extremely powerful incentive to best minimize the application of our inevitable imperfection.

Reality knows every thought that you are having in real-time, because your thoughts are a physical part of reality. Reality knows everything, because reality is everything.

Imagine a world where nobody can smartly believe in the ability to get away with dominance (a simple lesson that young kids can even understand). We can fairly easily live in that world, if we share this information properly, which is why I hope that you will support yours truly in that adventure.

There is no objective chaos, because there are no objective boundaries needed to form that chaos. Reality is a system of perfect order, and each one of us purely equitably (and again, objectively) is that order.

Paradoxes are just the limits of the boundary-drawing system. We draw a subjective boundary between chicken and pre-chicken, so the pre-chicken egg that led to the chicken that crosses that actually non-existent boundary came first.

There is no practical infinity. When determining size with a boundary-drawing system (including mathematics), we simply remove one side to allow the conception of infinity.

Boundaries are inevitably limited. Science is not about finding all of the objective boundaries. It is about leveraging ubjective boundaries (i.e. boundaries that are still purely rational from the societal perspective, but not necessarily beyond that) to understand how reality responds to their application.

Physics is poised to become all about sinusoidal leverage, starting with a logically ungraspable “canvas” called reality.

Reality (i.e. demonstrably pure dominance) obviously needs to be included within our definition of dominance, in order for humanity to properly advance. If that change is accepted by enough people, the consequent momentum would destroy greed (power addiction), and the continuous power competition that basically monstrously drives humanity — including all of the sophistication in culture, the economy, education, health, law, science, and technology.

To clarify, let us look at the common saying “winning is everything”. Right now, that means compete hard to gain more power, because that is what a successful life is all about. When we use the demonstrably correct definition of dominance, we understand that reality literally is everything, and as pure dominance, is obviously the winner of the power competition — and each one of us objectively is that winner.

As that winner, reality has one might-makes-right rule equivalent to its own balance — the path to power is the path to powerlessness in a balanced reality (i.e. the Rule of Reality). The more power you “win”, ultimately the more power you lose (so the overall result is not really a win).

In short, balance is the clear winner, so not positivity.

The more humanity presses upon positivity as the winner, the more humanity is simultaneously equally pressing upon negativity, so needlessly straining our species. That is why the world is brutally largely messed up the way it is.

Balance is the ultimate “trophy”.

Exercising (or passively resting towards) positivity for the sake of balance is wise. Anything beyond that is unwise, while reminding ourselves of the seamless nature of boundaries, so wisdom is in the eye of the beholder.

I ended up establishing my own purely mainstream scientifically compatible belief system called Wavism. It is a simple and short read, and you can freely conveniently read it within this journal.

Wavism is simple, short, purely sensible, and provides an extremely flexible fundamentalism that literally accommodates all styles of being.

I separate the science out of it, so people who do not care about the science can simply read the Wavism result. Then I add the science afterwards to fully substantiate the claims therein.

I hope that Wavism helps you and any applicable yours, at least as much as it helps me deal with my terribly serious life limitations.

May better times be ahead for us all, in order to secure the best stability.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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