Societal Money

Money is fundamentally a means of simplifying the transacting of goods and services.

Humanity demonstrates a primary form of might makes right. Basically, if you have a lot of money, then it is easy to make more money. If you do not have a lot of money, then it is hard to make more money.

The people who have a sufficient amount of money clearly have an advantage — e.g. they can afford healthy living, and optionally trap financially poor people into overly burdensome jobs with too-little pay (amidst the too-many other aspects of unhealthy living).

There is a perpetual competition to dominate, and economic leverage is the most effective means within human perception. That competition basically drives society to serve that competition — even if it means sacrificing health (which it overwhelmingly way too-often does).

Legislation against that competition never truly works, because the people in power across the private and public sectors primarily serve that competition, so they merely pretend to oppose that competition ironically in the name of it.

That leads to the obsession to be liberated by winning that competition (i.e. rule the world), as nobody in power can handle being dominated. That mindset motivates power addiction (greed).

So at least for all intents and purposes, the power addicts manipulate the masses to enable the power addicts. When things go horribly wrong as an inevitable result, the oligarchical answer is a war on drugs, war on guns, war on prostitution, war on free speech, war on some other demonized group, and so on — i.e. further enabling the power addicts to keep that sickly engine grossly running, while calling it human progress.

A violent revolution that removes any group of power addicts merely resets that competition in that context, so a new group of power addicts emerge, as has happened after all violent revolutions to date.

While we can never end the natural (and sometimes healthy) competition to dominate, we can righteously update our definition of dominance to disincentivize excessive power consolidation and its brutal exercise.

That update cannot be merely done philosophically nor religiously due to the possibility of instant rejection by disbelief, so we need the sanely undeniable leverage that can only be provided by purely irrefutable truth.

People sometimes eschew irrefutable truth for delusion, when they feel it is the best path to oppose their own suffering. As basically everyone reduces their own suffering by ending greed, such preference for delusion likely does not exist in this case — so the irrefutable truth that ends greed is likely popular.

We thankfully have that irrefutable truth — unless you find a genuine hole in the following logic, which I encourage you to then respectfully comment within this post, so we can all benefit by informational improvement. I remain healthily confident that no such hole exists, but it always makes sense to leave room for the possibility to the contrary.

That irrefutable truth is called Supreme Alpha Reality.

Simply put, reality by definition is whatever happens, which is literally 100% powerful, so reality is demonstrably the all-powerful being (Supreme Alpha Reality).

Balance is demonstrably inherent within stability.

One cannot stand stably upon one foot without balance, in addition to literally all other currently observed systems requiring balance for stability.

In short, there is no intelligent reason to believe that reality (as the system of all systems) deviates from that balancing demonstration, including the fundamental law of physics that states every action is an opposite and equal reaction.

So we can only at least assume that Supreme Alpha Reality requires balance for stability, based upon the currently best available evidence — and experience, as elaborated upon further within this post.

Obviously none of us can deviate from actuality (which is obviously synonymous with reality), so we all unstoppably serve that supreme stability (e.g. you are purely serving that stability right now).

Reality is pure energy, according to mainstream physics (e.g. mass-energy equivalence, and quantum field theory). If someone beats someone else up, that is a relatively dominating energetic pressure. Any benefit is similarly a dominant pressure of energy within reality, despite how we may define it otherwise.

The balancing purpose of Supreme Alpha Reality obliterates the absurdly popular idea that reality is detached from whatever happens within society — i.e. the idea that if you escape humanity’s punishment, then you get away with it.

Reality perfectly cares in effect, because reality needs to reconcile all internally dominant pressures for its supreme balance — so naturally unstoppable justice within reality.

So having too much power (e.g. money) is possible.

The power addict unavoidably is also ultimately pitifully a powerlessness addict.

Always avoiding being dominated within reality is impossible (i.e. the goal of the power addict is unachievable), because Supreme Alpha Reality is always supremely dominant, as actuality itself — i.e. as dominance itself.

Intelligent torture is impossible, because brutal dominance must be fully paid for by the torturer. Even if someone hires someone else to engage in that torture, reality reconciles that perfectly against both the torturer and the hiring individual, as there can be no free dominance.

Reality knows your thoughts in real time, because they are obviously a part of reality (reality effectively knows everything, because reality is everything). For example, it makes no sense for a robber to rob a bank, if that thief knows the cops understand the robbery plan perfectly, and are waiting to arrest that robber upon that theft. Same for liars, other thieves, assailants, murderers, and oppressors.

Supreme Alpha Reality is demonstrably a purely natural totalitarian governance — being horribly idiotically ignored by too many people spanning all generations to date, so heinously fueling a disastrous societal effect flooding globally continuously.

You can even experience the flawless stability of Supreme Alpha Reality. Simply rest (not force) the part of your brain that draws boundaries for leverage within reality — i.e. completely restfully turn off the mental-boundary-drawing system that identifies words, beings, stuff, and actions — and simply feel the totality of reality itself.

Upon successfully achieving that complete rest, you then experience a powerful and perfectly stable sensation, because without any boundary within a stable reality of pure energy, you are Supreme Alpha Reality, sensibly speaking. If you try to grasp that power, it disappears, because any boundary drawn terminates that sensation.

As mainstream physics only reveals a seamless reality of pure energy without any genuinely objective boundary, mainstream science perfectly logically concludes that you are indeed objectively Supreme Alpha Reality.

You are (i.e. anyone/anything is) the all-powerful being, demonstrably speaking.

So the aforementioned power competition to ‘rule the world’ is actually pathetically pointless.

Being Supreme Alpha Reality ends the fear of death. When you die, the overwhelming majority of your objective self (e.g. the rest of the unimaginably enormous observable universe) remains, so experience sensibly continues beyond death. More detail along this reasoning will likely exist elsewhere within this journal, but brevity in effect demands that we move on from this fearless point.

As torture and death are the only brutal tools of oligarchs, the masses who understand Supreme Alpha Reality sensibly instantly denounce that brutal leverage as pitiful (indicative of a mental illness within the attacker), so ends any shortsighted experience of advantage by being intentionally brutal.

The oligarchy is fueled by mass support, so the masses have the final say — although they are (often unknowingly) traditionally conditioned by oligarchical leverage to remain compliant on behalf of the oligarchy. The success from understanding Supreme Alpha Reality (including against that conditioning) removes any oligarchical power that is being abused.

If you mess with anyone/anything within Supreme Alpha Reality, then you are obviously messing with Supreme Alpha Reality, which is obviously extremely stupid — as you are naturally guaranteed to totally lose, and you are ultimately just messing with yourself.

Supreme Alpha Reality is not about guilt tripping. It is about everyone understanding that there can be no free benefit, so choose dominance as wisely as possible — which also means choose suffering as wisely as possible.

Imperfection is part of being within reality, so applying the understanding of Supreme Alpha Reality is not a panacea to achieve utopia.

Understanding Supreme Alpha Reality serves to apply enough pressure against abusers to sensibly minimize abuse.

Kids can understand that simple truth (dominance cannot be free), so it makes sense to teach them that truth, as soon as possible to avoid meanness and so abusively forth.

The first generation of global humans purely immersed within the understanding of Supreme Alpha Reality will sensibly have the most powerful advantage in terms of optimizing health, and therefore life fulfillment.

Greed (power addiction) can fairly easily be globally ended by peaceful force right now.

All the masses have to do is stop being angry at the greedy, certainly stop looking up at them, stop fearing them, and start pitying them instead, whenever the power addicts display their excessive wealth (i.e. their status symbols).

Pity is the critical “vulnerability” of the power addict, who obviously craves power fixes like an alcoholic craves alcohol. Of course, the true vulnerability is the addiction, and pity is the natural and proper public response to encourage the seeking of righteous help (like a friendly intervention against an alcoholic).

Pity prevents the power fix.

Anger is an extension of frustration, which comes from helplessness, so anger ironically gives the power addict their power fix due to that helplessness.

Repeating for emphasis, for the love of health, and while it is admittedly challenging at times (including for yours truly), stop being angry at the greedy.

Dominance is now simply and purely sensibly forever redefined to firmly end the aforementioned financial competition for control.

That only leads to smartly financially wealthy people voluntarily removing excess money, and as the ‘health for everyone first’ ideology makes perfect sense for our social species, that money needs to properly fund a healthy societal ground.

So everyone at worst still has access to survival basics, even despite their level of productivity — importantly noting that, like beauty, productivity is in the eye of the beholder.

Genius is not about a billionaire launching a metal phallus into space to perpetuate the sickly power competition — albeit a fair assumption is some degree of genius exists within accomplishing that goal (e.g. highly intelligent engineers). Genius inclusively is about leveraging financial excess to carefully design and implement a system to ensure that such excess is efficiently routed to the resource-deprived, so everyone at worst has reasonably clean air, shelter, water, and food. The better the quality, the better the civility, the better the societal health, so the better we all genuinely live fulfilling lives optimally in tune with our natural evolution.

Balance is inherent within stability, which is inherent within composure, which is inherent within competence. So balance is inherent within competence.

Economists often say that there needs to be economic stability to ensure investor confidence. As balance is demonstrably inherent within stability, we need a balanced economy — so not a perpetually growing one.

A balanced economy requires balanced businesses, so not perpetually growing ones. Just as there is a healthy size within any given humanly case, there is a healthy business size as well. A sickly business size — e.g. one artificially forced to grow beyond its natural economic inclusion, in order to primarily financially serve financial investors — is obviously destructive as a net result.

A balanced economy ebbs and flows like the tide within reality. When society ties too much to economic servitude, those shifts force excessively complexly painful friction against society. When the oligarchs rig the economy to merely provide the illusion of perpetual growth — e.g. through a ‘quiet taxation’ called quantitative easing — until that illusion can no longer be maintained (e.g. due to the resulting inflation from the devalued currency, as a result of too much financial leverage in the economic system), that heavy tension swings bluntly uncontrollably in the brutal destructively shrinking direction. All will be fine in the means that includes all perspective, but the relatively brutally hard path is miserably traveled by too many people in that case (and could have been avoided by primarily focusing upon optimally healthy stability for our economy and species, instead of excessive growth).

The naturally fluctuating availability of products and services for optimal healthy living should solely determine the overall economic size.

As needed, the only limit against a free market is applying law to stop products and services that are scientifically concluded (not merely suggested) to be overwhelmingly dominantly harmful (as harm is actually impossible to define without any possible objective boundary — i.e. harm is also in the eye of the beholder), and to ensure that competitors are not being unjustly prevented from competing properly.

Such scientific conclusions must be fully publicly transparent, so the public can always ensure that the oligarchical claim of harm is genuine.

Education (as part of a healthy naturally supportive socialness, so not euphemized coercion) fills the gap in addressing questionably harmful products and services, so people can make the most sensible choice in their case.

Understanding Supreme Alpha Reality disincentivizes intentionally applied corruption, so minimizes (if not eliminates) the need for legal remedy.

Even by keeping legal limits, despite popular efforts to the contrary, society cannot legislate tragedy out of existence. Because of Supreme Alpha Reality, tragedy of the subjective (e.g. humanly) self is inherent within reality. So laws can only merely shift the victims of tragedy, albeit preferably against those who serve themselves at the expense of humanity.

Regulations too-often secure anti-competitive behavior, as any government now-throughout-history primarily serves to entrench and sustain power for those who have it — oligarchical favoritism is an insidiously ravenously monstrous enemy against the people.

Regulations do not guarantee safety, because powerful influence too often leads to regulatory loopholes, regulators can be corrupted (e.g. bribed, and/or incompetent), and the regulations applied to overburden (if not prevent) the only real threat against abusively large businesses — unabusive small businesses (likely run by non-oligarchs, as part of the power of the people).

Importantly note that just running a small business is tremendously (if not extremely) challenging, so it does not take a lot of regulatory interference to break a small business owner.

Economic basics sensibly dictates that the market (i.e. how people choose to spend money) sets prices within an unrigged market. Any (inclusively governmental) price-fixing forms a bubble. A sustained bubble eventually pops, or must otherwise be diffused to avoid that sharp correction, as infinite growth is impossible within this balanced system called reality. As such, permanent price-fixing (including the promised temporary price-fixing that ends up being permanent) is a nonsensical effort towards any economic solution.

Unwieldy complex systems (e.g. the economy) need to naturally flow overall. Otherwise, imagine the absurdly attempted herding of countless cats, whenever the oligarchy rigs the economy.

Also imagine a pond in a desert that animals rely upon for water. Due to a shift in climate, that pond continuously shrinks. Automation (basically artificial intelligence and robotics) — which is advancing powerfully in tune with its undeniable application within the insatiably aggressive military drive, while sometimes cascading into the civilian sector — is poised to shrink the job “pond” by a lot, roughly over the coming century (or so). Billions of people will have no job opportunity, so the system of needing to make money to survive breaks intolerably hard in the not-too-distant future — logically into a violent uprising upon unbearable tension (e.g. when people cannot even afford bread).

That basically includes all entry-level jobs, so makes it impossible for someone to get their professionalism in gear early enough within their lifetime to properly earn success.

Globally understanding Supreme Alpha Reality allows humanity to minimize the relevantly serious damage, and prevent the globalization of violent revolution that likely extinguishes humanity due to the uproarious anger and violence tragically begetting more anger and violence globally (making the terrible Middle East crisis look like child’s play).

Having more money than someone else is not indicative of power addiction. Understanding Supreme Alpha Reality means that whatever benefit you receive inclusively from having more money (e.g. owning a luxury item) ultimately has a corresponding cost, possibly beyond just a financial one. That supremely net results in all of us being upon equal ground, within this “balance sheet” that is reality.

There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs. That is what this balanced reality concludes in effect.

I was raised in a materialistic, upper middle-class environment, so I had a lot of toys and traveled a lot during my young years. The trade-offs are undoubtedly harsh, and beyond the scope of this post. But the purchasing of expensive professional music equipment by my dad back then allowed yours truly during my tween-through-teen years to begin exploring and growing into what decades later has matured into my deepest artistic expression to date, and the honoring of my natural calling within this lifetime — obviously including the likely innovatively unique sonisculpting technique called spacemixing applied inclusively herein.

Around college, my financial situation negatively changed, and continues to gradually worsen to this very day (roughly a few decades later, during this authoring). I do not covet unreasonable luxury. In addition to making an honest living, I need to provide much-needed and well-earned financial resources to help my mom, who is poised to scarily-soon transition into the final stage of Alzheimer’s disease (perhaps even by the time you are reading this), while I am the only person able to care for her on a too tightly limited and fixed budget with increasing debt, especially during seriously inflationary times.

If my very hard work has earned your appreciated financial support, then here is a simple page that contains all of the reputable ways to thankfully express that support.

Nobody can righteously deny the impressively sound impact that Pink Floyd expresses upon our seriously challenged global society.

Their music is deeply influential with regards to my own sonic adventure, and reaches all the way back to filling our family car via an 8-track tape player, while riding towards an enjoyable vacation spot.

There can be no doubt that I would love to spacemix a lot more Pink Floyd songs, including the entirety of Dark Side of the Moon. That said, my muse has a purely natural tendency, and to maintain the supreme value of authenticity, I must do my imperfect best to stay that natural course. In other words, only Supreme Alpha Reality knows my (inclusively artistic) destination.

This spacemix incorporates a sense of financial hardship through prosperity.

For your comparing convenience, here is the non-spacemixed version of that outstanding song…

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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