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My mom has moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

Back in 2012, I chose to move in with her to ride along her challenging decline, in order to help understand and communicate her adaptations to other caregivers.

I worked solidly and lived modestly (and to the best of my ability, intelligently) throughout my life, but have only managed to live paycheck to paycheck without any opportunity to save any significant money.

With no other family nor friends within our vicinity, and a strongly limited budget (without retirement savings, nor family monetary support) comprised of her alimony and social security that I carefully manage (with the major part of that income that could stop at any moment), I precariously am left to help her on my own.

As her personal caregiver, and due to the seriously heavy expense of nursing home care that defies even my fairly solid income ability via technological expertise (although I am 50 years old, have been out of work since 2012, and ageism reportedly exists in tech circles), it remains unfeasible for me to pursue a full-time job to fund our otherwise modest living expenses just above the threshold of dropping into unquestionable poverty.

The metaphorical raft that we are slowly but surely moving along is taking on a bit of water (including my 20-year old car perhaps soon requiring replacement), and I need to give my best to most promptly remedy that problem.

As I never fell in romantic love, I could never introduce her grandchildren, so I feel a need to introduce her to the best home care in a world where quality memory care is sadly excessively rare — as I learned via the tremendously helpful Dementia Caregivers channel at YouTube.

Never to be boastful about it, but my mom loves me to a powerfully strong reach that borders upon obsessive, so I understand that my healthy presence brings a wealth of positivity for her. Dumping her in a nursing home (even if we could afford it) would largely take that away from her, and I would at least struggle mightily to live with that.

Still staying true to myself, from worst through best, I am an artist. Making a dying from being an artist is at least circumstantially unacceptable, so while brutally risky, my only sensible option is to responsibly press firmly towards making a healthy living as an artist here at home. Even modest supplemental income helps, but I aspire to reach a solid global following, in order to maximize my attempted contribution to society.

What seriously thankfully reduces that risk is my introduction of an innovative audio technique that I simply call “spacemixing”; a unique technique that has begun some popular traction. As a typically intricately deep process of sound sculpting, if spacemixing reaches a sufficient span of public desirability, then our financial problems are over, as I am the only person currently capable of spacemixing (I have a healthy head start).

Moreover, I learned a lot about proper business flow (including decades of planning to be prepared for success), already have an operating small business called Real Wave, understand the need to properly financially invest in a diversified investment portfolio, and immediately wipe out debt to have interest serve us for a pleasant change.

While that ‘only one person can spacemix right’ bottleneck is initially a salvation upon reaching that sufficient public desirability, to allow spacemixing to properly flourish, I prefer to have the sound opportunity to educationally share spacemixing with other artists who voice their interest in blooming their likely advancing flavor of that novel technique.

Our Spirit Wave community is still small, but definitely appreciatively growing steadily.

This is the right time to start nicely firmly mentioning our need for any support that you may provide, even if it just helps improve our algorithmic standing in the world of content searching (e.g. liking, commenting, and sharing content).

I carefully built our Patreon realm, and it calmly awaits that seriously special first patron.

The first 10 Spirit Wave patrons shall be enshrined within our VIB (Very Important Beings) page — ordered by the first patron, followed by the highest paying patron(s), and then alphabetically (alias or first name, followed by last name when applicable).

My mom needs to remain optimally comfortably tuned into a healthy balance for the smoothest path towards her end of life — a result that we have thankfully been able to achieve to enough of a degree throughout her decline so far, even despite our serious limitations.

That includes feeding only high-quality food ingredients and proper portion sizes (although we can voluntarily tap into really tasty treats when we desire it, and we do so reasonably responsibly on average), walking upon fair weather, providing a high-quality and full-spectrum CBD oil, diffusing beautifully helpful essential oils, and simply minimizing her overall burden as best as we can.

Due to our limited resources, she watches a lot of over-the-air television, which includes a lot of misfitting content (including constant news broadcasts about brutally mind-polluting nastiness). Our goal is to begin applying my artistry to infuse that content with healthy expressions, although technological limitations make that challenging.

I want to extend the availability of that healthily expressed result towards the too-many millions of people who are navigating dementia, and the sadly terribly grosser number of excessively mentally burdened people who are therefore predisposed to cross the event horizon into dementia and other relevant illness — including caregivers struggling with the seriously heavy burden of caring for people with dementia.

Since my healthy musical contributions serve to stabilize the mind, they also work gently but firmly at least in the area of meditation and yoga. My mom has no experience (nor expressed desire) to formally embrace any practice of meditation, but I am trying to find ways to naturally guide her towards that brilliant health solution, by cultivating an environment that naturally encourages settling into a meditative balance.

I am still pressing solidly towards establishing regular live streams mainly for a healthy rest ethic, which allows for much more expressiveness to preferably better connect with our growing community.

Our life waves come and go. In a boundless reality of pure energy, our death waves seamlessly blend with more life waves like winter transitioning into summer, as we finally come to understand that each one of us is objectively reality due to the absence of any genuinely objective boundary to prevent that extremely powerful truism.

If our genuine best leads to falling into (and horribly dying of) poverty within this case for reality’s demonstrably flawless stability, then so inevitably be it.

I press that best prior to whatever fate inevitably breaks our subjective selves, and hope that you do too — apparently as our next life waves may return us to this world that we shape for posterity.

All of the convenient ways to contribute with my sincerest appreciation for our community financially are listed at our Financial Waves page here at this journal.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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