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“For many vintners in Europe and the U.S., however, the difficulty of finding workers — a problem they say had grown steadily for years but became acute during the pandemic — has pushed them to take the robot plunge. It is a change that will outlast the pandemic and could shift longstanding migration patterns that bring tens of thousands of foreign workers to Italy, France and Spain for agricultural harvests each year.”

Whenever possible during these perpetually busy times, I try to satisfy my fairly nascent urge to emphasize and reverberate a terribly serious problem that imminently plagues humanity.

In my last post, I explained the foundation of that epic global problem, but let us quickly summarize it here for your convenience, and then provide a plausible solution (further government empowerment is not needed fwiw) this time around.

There are two human-scale tidal waves crashing into each other. One is the currently unending population explosion that has led our species to about eight billion people and rapidly rising. The other has already been swelling over the past century, but further alarmingly expands at least throughout the coming century, and it can be sensibly called the automation tidal wave.

As we all understand, a person basically needs to earn money to buy the means of survival.

If there are an insufficient amount of jobs, then people under the current system simply and horribly starve (or otherwise fail) to death.

Of course, we continue to add that some people lose the ability to work due to special needs, so this ‘need to make money to live’ problem already persists for a relatively small percentage of the population.

Any job with a relatively simple set of tasks is vulnerable to automated takeover, because artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are fairly quickly advancing in a way that defies the traditional brush-off response to this longstanding warning (i.e. more jobs are created with innovative technology). The scale of automation takeover is increasing to a level where common sense defies that dismissal, because the quantity of jobs is poised to be severely reduced.

AI stunningly beautifully designed a $1,000,000 sports car (the Czinger).

Obviously design jobs are increasingly on deck for elimination (just as accounting jobs disappeared upon creation of the calculator, followed by the spreadsheet and other software applications), while critics against this problem cheaply recklessly express that we should all adapt by becoming software programmers.

Putting aside the fact that not everyone is capable of programming code (just as not everyone is capable of ‘insert activity x here’), how long will it be until AI can program software better than human beings?

AI can learn all programming language syntax in an instant. Software code is purely logical, and AI is majorly an expression of software, so AI can easily understand that code better than us (e.g. without any emotional interference, far better at identifying bugs, and so forth).

The people who are cut out of the financially based societal system do not starve in peace. They do not watch their families starve in peace. They backlash likely insanely hard and en masse in this ‘ample jobs disappearing’ case, like a desperate animal trapped viciously in a corner.

If we achieve the globalization of violent revolution, then humanity is almost certain to become extinct. I never make careful decisions upon being angry, and neither does anyone else. If essentially everyone is angry and violent, that violence and anger will perpetuate globally, which will make the Middle East crisis look like child’s play.

This tidal wave problem graciously has a simple solution, but one that is brutally challenging (but thankfully plausible) to realize, and you can easily become a valued part of that solution (and no, purchasing something from yours truly is not needed).

All of humanity’s problems can literally be sourced in one wrongful idea — dominance (benefit, and so on) can ultimately be free.

That wrongful idea is the seed of greed.

That wrongful idea prompts the people in power to aggressively pursue more power without enough (if any) care towards the cost of having too much power.

People with too much power can realistically be called power addicts (a term that I hope becomes popularized for amplified public awareness), because they abuse power in a way similar to alcoholics abusing liquor.

When society is suffering heavily, because the power addicts are not genuine leaders, then society responds via a war on drugs, guns, prostitution (and so on) — which is to say, unhelpfully more power to the power addicts. That creates the vicious fundamental circle brutally abusing humanity over our species’ entire duration to date (ironically euphemized as the advancement of civilization).

The power addicts manipulate the masses via fear and cheap marketing psychology to enable power addiction. Repeat forever in the name of supposed progress.

One reason for power addiction is the fear of losing power. That loss is apparently likely within the halls of power, where power is aggressively leveraged to eliminate powerful competition. In other words, while most of us fear not having enough money/power, the powerful/wealthy equally fear losing their power.

We are a global society largely driven by fear, which is obviously dangerous. We instead need composure and other forms of healthy living in the metaphorical driver seat.

Enter the Rule of Reality (RoR) — i.e. the path to power is the path to powerlessness in a balanced reality.

The RoR is hard science (including being physical), so not philosophy nor religion. Therefore, the RoR cannot be smartly rejected by anyone upon grounds of disbelief (the way people simply disbelieve in karma, wrath of god, and so on).

Power addicts believe that they can dominate freely within a reality where ‘every action is an opposite and equal reaction’ is a fundamental law of physics. In other words, power addicts irrationally believe that objective law applies only to particles and not human pressures.

When time is considered to be a dimension of space (which it must be, as time has been experimentally proven to be one, mainstream scientifically speaking), so all time exists within one spatial moment (this one), the RoR is that law of physics.

Place your hand (or other body part, as needed) against a wall, and gently press it. The resistance is that law in physics in practice. The harder you press, the harder the resistance (assuming your wall stands firm). Your press is the action. The resistance of the wall is the opposite and equal reaction.

As that law requires simultaneity (no causation), the RoR may seem scientifically invalid, because an exercise of dominance at one moment seems to cause reality’s balancing counter-dominance in another moment. However, as all time exists within one spatial moment (again, this one), all events are happening simultaneously, regardless of humanity’s sadly limited perception to the contrary, so there can be no causality violation, because there can be no objective causality.

The RoR can also be scientifically described another way, starting with the fact that the RoR is only made up of two parts — balance is inherent within stability, and reality’s stability is permanently supreme.

The first part is not only scientifically valid literally all throughout science, but is demonstrably true (e.g. one cannot stand upon one foot in a stable fashion without balance).

Mainstream physics (e.g. mass-energy equivalence, quantum field theory, and string theory) only points to a reality of pure energy. As energy cannot be destroyed, according to another fundamental law of physics, reality cannot be destroyed. Therefore reality’s stability is permanently supreme.

Moreover, as all time exists simultaneously as a spatial dimension within reality, if someone defeats reality in the future, then reality is defeated now (the only moment spanning all time), and experience becomes impossible. In other words, experience itself demonstrates that reality can never end.

The RoR is the real deal that unavoidably forces humanity to scientifically (psychologically, socially, and so on) redefine dominance in a manner that unstoppably crushes greed and power addiction in general.

We understand that reality is all-powerful, because reality is whatever happens. We also understand that reality is not all good to put it mildly. Visceral examples include child abuse, poverty, illness, and war. Reality can be extremely horrible, so intentionally being on reality’s wrong side (e.g. via power addiction) is extremely pitifully foolish.

The RoR is a wonderfully simplistic rule (kids can readily thankfully understand it), so the human ocean can easily embrace it. The primary selling slogan is “If you hate greed, then you love the Rule of Reality.” Given that slogan, the RoR should have no problem going and sustaining viral.

It hardcore scientifically remains possible (and a pitiful idea) to have too much power, so there is a practical reason to avoid excessive power — the fear of a terrible and scientifically unavoidable reckoning via a sometimes horribly brutal and tremendously creative reality.

That sensibly prompts people with too much power to voluntarily release that excess into the global resource reserve (details regarding this reserve are reserved for later posting), which in turn resolves the population explosion vs automation tidal wave collision, because humanity easily has enough resources for us all to live within the balance required for our species’ obviously critical stability.

If they instead embrace denial (as many addicts do), then the human ocean at large can simply apply a public intervention in the form of genuinely displaying continuous pity towards the power addicts (think Occupy Wall Street, but redesigned into the Globally Sustained Pity Movement Against Power Addiction — perhaps called MAPA for short).

MAPA is a peace activist’s dream come true.

Power addicts get their power fix from people being angry at them (so they do not care about being victimized by anger). Anger is an extension of frustration, which comes from helplessness. That helplessness gives them their power fix.

But if society instead pities the power addicts, then they are screwed out of their power fix, and they suffer accordingly (like a heroin junkie unable to secure a heroin fix).

Note that despite humanity having ample resources to properly serve a relatively large population, if you are considering building a family, please limit your number of children to one or two. There does not need to be a restrictive law here. Our species took roughly 50 million years to reach 3.5 billion people, and then took merely a few decades to double that number. That point alone forms a sensible reason for serious concern and a proper public discussion over our explosive population growth.

That population explosion correlates with (and sensibly causes) the rise in the unbalancing environmental tidal wave — another overwhelmingly brutal clash to never be ignored.

We live in powerfully splashy times to put it mildly.

Because one cannot build anything upon bullshit (except more bullshit), it is critically time for humanity to cut the bullshit ideology (which is largely the spend-money ideology) that clearly drives global society, and properly embrace the health-for-everyone-first ideology that makes perfect sense for our genuine advancement.

Might demonstrably makes right.

Humanity’s might is simply globally expressed in the form of ‘having a lot of money makes it easy to make more money, while having little money makes it hard to make more money’. Society is not a meritocracy. The societal system is rigged by the people who have a lot of money (leverage/power).

Reality’s might is the RoR — the path to power is the path to powerlessness (and the path to powerlessness is the path to power) in a balanced reality.

That literally most brilliant rule means that reality’s balance (so stability) is permanently set, and the method to ensure that supreme dominance is simply the need for anyone within reality to pay for their power by way of reality’s unstoppable stability.

The powerful people better understand that objective conclusion, before reality agonizingly convinces them that reality is pure and complete power (that reality is supremely top dog), sensibly speaking.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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