Happy 420 in 21 Style

Nothing prepared, I just launch into improvisational writing to express my feelings upon this day.

A longtime advocate for the end of psychedelic prohibition (which includes cannabis, informally called marijuana, for the uninitiated), I share my worn-but-pressing stance here.

Massachusetts (the state of my residency) legalized cannabis whatever handful of years ago, and the result has sadly been a largely iron-fisted regulatory hindrance against the healthy growth of a healthy marketplace.

While reading the following prohibition-related information, understand the fact that no experimental grade science has ever confirmed any harm from moderate cannabis use.

When aligning that fact with the horribly and unavoidably illegally ignored unalienable right to liberty that every citizen nationally herein is automatically granted, we find no just basis for the illegality of this truly wonderful plant upon responsible use.

Ruining countless non-rights-infringing (i.e. innocent) lives by mass-infringing upon the peoples’ unalienable right to liberty absurdly by supremely judicial way of the Commerce Clause (i.e. “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes”), we as a society still struggle to fully recognize the genuine horrors “to protect the children” brought upon us by our public servant overlords several decades ago.

The irony and hypocrisy of their monstrous empowerment is truly repulsive by any civilized standard.

The “sheeple” merely go “baaaaaaaah”, and the war on drugs (which demonstrably is merely a war for thugs) continues horribly onwards, still at the ruinous expense of countless innocent lives without a shred of concrete evidence proving literally any public benefit.

There is only one dispensary within a half-hour drive from me, and two more within reasonable distance beyond.

They basically no longer sell grams, so if I want to simply try a new strain, I have to terribly spend black market prices plus taxes (so $60 per eighth). Moreover, as packaging requirements make it impossible to conveniently deeply smell a fresh nug of the strain, which is the best way imho to understand what the effects will be like without using the strain, it is largely a crap shoot limited slightly by an excessively vague strain description.

Contrast that with the dispensary experience (as I have been told) in Colorado and other locations, where you can buy cannabis by the weight of the nugs that you choose (like buying cheese and meats at the deli counter), which obviously beneficially allows for the aforementioned deep smell test.

Thankfully, however, our dispensaries are moving strains between them, and that wonderfully increases strain variety for all of us who are fans of experiencing new strains.

A long way to go, but it feels nice to be firmly heading in the right direction.

My cannabis usage style is basically unique, and one that I truly love.

I only vape small amounts (basically a pinch) of ground flower, and I highly recommend this method wherever I lawfully can.

By keeping intake amount low, my tolerance remains low, so a less amount of cannabis equals a satisfying amount of mind positivity.

If there is any negative impact upon my lungs, I do not feel it, even upon vaping unconcentrated flower during exercise (e.g. yoga) to a healthy degree.

If I only use one strain, the effects wear off and there is literally no negative residual effect (it feels like I had not even used cannabis). That contrasts the lethargic post-use experience I got from smoking back in the day.

In short, if you enjoy exercising during cannabis use, this intake method is likely best for you.

The likely main popular allure of this style of cannabis use is the serious financial savings.

Smoking cannabis, especially given the ridiculous and downright immoral application of black market pricing in a legal marketplace, is an expensive experience.

How long does a gram of cannabis last for a daily smoker? Basically a day?

That gram on a daily use basis lasts me at least two weeks.

One gram, which now sadly can only be bought in pre-roll form, costs about $15 (sigh, without the ridiculously high tax). So compare basically $15 daily to at most $1 daily. Long story short, smoking racks up the costs quickly and heavily, which is problematic for us people with humble financial means.

If you are new to lawful cannabis, I cannot recommend vaping flower enough. Your tolerance is already low, so adopting this method is quick and easy.

Experienced users likely need to abstain for roughly a couple of weeks (or such) to bring tolerance to that low level. Even then, this method is likely akin to drinking fat-free milk after consuming whole milk, although combining a handful of strains can perhaps offset that relative weakness. Another recommendation for experienced users wanting to adapt to vaporization is to buy the Pax 3. It can provide a vaping wallop in a portable form, so may be more fulfilling for previous smokers.

I can and do recommend that you avoid concentrates, unless you have a medical need for them. They just press nastily against your tolerance, health, and monetary availability. Moreover, they prevent the unbelievable (optionally including tearfully glorious) sensation that only comes from cleanly vaping the right strain combinations.

Vaping is cheaply demonized in popular culture these days, which is tragic, given that vaping ground flower is the healthiest cannabis intake method, at least in my experience — and is not part of the vape lung issue by any evidence that has met my exposure.

Vaping flower right requires the right vaporizer. While there are plenty of high-quality devices to recommend, and I use the Arizer Air 2 and Solo 2 for certain sessions, my dominant preference is for the humble classic wooden (in my case, oak) Vapor Genie (vaporgenie.com).

The classic wooden Vapor Genie costs about $60. Unlike the $200-ish Arizers, my VG requires a lighter, so is a manual vape device that requires a little practice to master. The flame does not touch the cannabis. Instead, a steady inhale pulls heat from the flame through the pipe. The wood works best imho, because there is some intake friction to better control the intake flow, which contrasts the metal or glass pipes and their quickly smooth flowing intake.

Once even reasonably mastered, it allows for a high-quality experience with the smallest intake amount. They say to pack the bowl, but I have no problem using even a tiny pinch. The Arizer needs more to adhere to the glass stem, so is better for stronger effects — not to mention avoids questionably trying to use a sustained lighter flame outdoors.

“Salading” strains is magical. Certain strains can be mixed harmoniously with your neurology to create (optionally much) more texture and depth. Using a single strain is like listening to music in stereo, while combining strains is like listening in surround sound. Because high-quality vaporization provides a clean experience of the cannabinoids and terpenes for a high-resolution experience of the strain, one can get unbelievably intricate with the effects combinations. I have no problem artfully working with around seven strains.

There are strain combinations that I experienced that, if the effect could be converted into a work of art, belongs (without exaggeration) in the best art museum. Credit for that accomplishment ofc belongs solely to cannabis.

As I can, I will get much more in depth about my freshly unique angle of responsible cannabis use, including my enjoyed strain combinations that spiritually and powerfully educationally heighten awareness during yoga.

Whatever cannabis style fits best for you, add intake here, and then we can finally feel the breezy lift into added colors and symphonic sensations.

It is upon this optimally high ground, that we can pleasurably stand in celebration of 420.✌️

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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