Cannabis-Related Outrage

Information abuse is hypocritically factually wielded to horribly infringe upon righteous liberty.

The prohibitionist mindset is ironically terribly reckless in its tough-presented illusion to promote public safety, as that mindset is at least responsible for ruining countless non-rights-infringing lives throughout existence. I say “at least”, because I believe there is a fair argument to conclude that they have hypocritically negatively impacted society more than any other group.

They prohibited people of certain skin color from being equally free. They prohibited women from also sharing in that freedom. They prohibited people of certain sexuality in that same vein. All of this was reinforced by them in the name of protecting society, and tragically too much of it still remains today.

They build and sustain their power upon the persecution of some group(s) incapable of defeating their information abuse in the court of public opinion — where liberty-infringing law is often illegally made within a nation where liberty is self-evidently an unalienable right by constitutional law (ninth amendment).

Case in point, let us examine the following recent article from High Times…

A Colorado county has launched a public service campaign to warn residents that there may be risks associated with using cannabis. The campaign, dubbed “Marijuana is Not Harmless,”…

The campaign is ruthlessly called “Marijuana is Not Harmless”, while their warning is there may be risks associated with using cannabis (note the emphasis on the words may and associated).

The fact is no experimental science concludes any harm in cannabis use — a fact (inclusively journalistically) unethically never mentioned within mainstream expression.

Any activity has some risk and even wear and tear. To isolate cannabis (and such) as problematic in some special way, when no solid science exists to support that conclusion, is purely wrong, and has destructively been for several decades already.

“We’re looking at a report that says every three days a Coloradan dies in a marijuana-related traffic crash,” he said. “That’s the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area report. We know traffic crashes are a problem in Weld County, where we’ve got 4,000 square miles and thousands and thousands of miles of roads. We wanted to get the message out there because if you are using marijuana, the worst thing that you can do is drive.”

The fact is no reliable test proves cannabis impairment during driving, so that statement exemplifies the typical deceptive expression by the losing prohibitionist mindset.

Prohibitionists have obviously not admitted defeat (as they honestly should) during legalization. They just adapt to a new ‘we toughly know better’ stance to dishonestly profit from persecution, while the mainstream media continues to do everything they can to give them an unethical pass without sacrificing too much publicly perceived credibility.

Typical testing of cannabis within the body concludes a positive result long after the cannabis effects wear off, so it is clear that other reasons for the accidents are possible (i.e. cannabis is not necessarily the cause of those accidents, as the prohibitionist mindset obviously claims).

More people are perhaps driving with non-impairing cannabis remnants in their system likely as a result of legalization, so logically cannabis would increasingly show up in driving accidents (no big deal).

Driving while using cannabis is a critical issue, because there are many people who use cannabis daily as a medicine, and they need to commute to work, and such.

Cannabis does not affect the ‘wisdom’ part of the brain. If you make smart decisions while sober, then you will make smart decisions while using cannabis. That is my experience with the plant. During heavy cannabis effects, I laugh at the joking notion of driving then, because even despite that intensity, I know clearly that driving is to be avoided then.

Mild-to-even-moderate effects can be perfectly mentally stable, nicely encourage composure, and allow for pure focusing upon driving properly — so there is a solid zone of reasonable safety (sufficiently equal to that of sobriety) while using cannabis and driving.

There are some sober people (perhaps even the majority of them), mentally unfocused due to emotional issues and/or otherwise distracted (e.g. talking, eating, applying makeup, and so on), who are a genuine threat on the road — not to mention the people who are driving under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs. Where is the strong campaign to warn society about those threats, and how many of them are at fault in the aforementioned accidents?

Basically repeating for emphasis, cannabis does offer strains that are disorienting, and intake amount can weigh heavily enough to the point where driving becomes unwise. However, when that kind of intake is involved, the urge to do anything but casually hang out is (at least likely typically) absent. The term couch-lock exists for a good reason.

Our nation was established against the abuse of law, according to our most famous national declaration.

That is why the unalienable right to liberty (i.e. harmless liberty) is irrefutably critical. It serves to prevent logically the worst form of abuse due to its mainly broad scope of destruction — the abuse of law.

Countless American lives have been ruined over the span of decades, because power-addicted hypocrites cheaply and arrogantly dictate that cannabis is harmful to society, while the mainstream media refuses to call them out on that devastating result.

Legalization has essentially demonstrated the contrary. Health benefits from using cannabis responsibly are increasing in public awareness, and the prohibitionist ability to hide their thuggish evil (too often disguised by a badge or other positive judicial leverage) is thankfully shrinking.

While cannabis can be (and relatively rarely is) abused, and that abuse (like any other) is worthy of public address, the fact is “lawfully” sanctioned thuggery is the ironically true detriment against public safety.

Thuggery, by its very nature, always opposes civility.

As a health-conscious yogi who embraces responsible success as my religion, I (along with good friends of mine) are exploring the practice of cannabis.

Like improving my yoga practice, I also do my best to maintain a healthy cannabis practice.

While the word vape has now been similarly cheaply demonized by that prohibitionist mindset, the fact remains that vaping cannabis leaf in a high-quality vaporizer (one that uses a glass or ceramic chamber) is the healthiest way to consume cannabis. The effects are beautifully distinctive upon high-quality leaf vaping, so each strain really stands out from each other and therefore maximizes the character of the plant.

I was worried about the rising popularity of vape cartridges even prior to that public demonization, because I could feel a fairly nasty health impact from using a pure cart (with no additives, or such) even once.

Maintaining a healthy cannabis tolerance level is key to responsible use, and concentrates press firmly against that tolerance, at least in my humble opinion.

If you want more impact from your vaping experience, then combine two or more compatible cannabis strains in leaf form (sometimes I combine ten strains like a musical composition).

The effect from combining strains in a high-quality vaporizer is wonderfully impressive. If using a single strain is like listening to music in stereo, combining strains is like listening in surround sound. There is so much more depth and texture to the neurological effect, so an amazing universe of possible combinations comes to fruition.

Combine that with yoga, and the experience is healthily amazing in terms of self-improvement. ✌️🙂

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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