Veterans’ Way 2019

Breaking through the popularized delusions, we all need to handle the cutting-edge truth (as odd as it may seem) in the name of righteous victory for our veterans and everyone else.

Let us see if you can handle the sometimes-tough but rewarding truth herein, and feel free to treat this post like a deep-tissue massage for the societal mind with serious knot issues.

Never served in the militaristic spotlight being focused upon today, but I still appreciate the worthy challenges that honorable members of our military embrace on behalf of our security.

There are two main thrusts with respect to my participation in veteran affairs.

One is helping ensure that all veterans have the liberty to access the brilliantly powerful psychedelic experiences that (at least sometimes) serve to help veterans best deal with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and any other condition addressable by the responsible use of that power.

MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is already engaged with higher levels at the United States Pentagon about that leverage, for prime example, so this thrust is already thankfully majorly working outside of my contribution.

The other thrust is doing my best to help ensure that the liberty being fought for is actualized in general, so not the blatantly treasonous pre-American conservative exercise spanning national history across the political spectrum that leaves liberty defined by the people in power with outright dismissal against the nationally obligatory and unalienable right to liberty.

That liberty is certainly, righteously, and intelligently defined as liberty limited only by the right itself — i.e. harmless liberty.

Harmless liberty logically (so fairly, so justly) and critically prevents the abuse of law.

Literally all persecution throughout our national existence comes from ignoring that righteous obligation, so this is a deadly serious issue worthy of public priority, but remains dominantly ignored in favor of further selfishly empowering our oligarchy by torturously judicially defining liberty (usually by similarly defining risk) supposedly against the suffering of the innocent.

Our nation was clearly and justly established against the abuse of law — logically the worst form of abuse due to its mainly broad (and too often terribly, if not deadly, deep) scope of destruction. But, basically repeating for key emphasis, that lesson remains foolishly tossed aside too often for the sake of competing selfish oligarchical agendas, which are pathetically merely presented as publicly beneficial.

The mere illusion of public benefit, while judicially approved and mass-rights-infringing harm complexly penetrates throughout countless non-rights-infringing (i.e. innocent) lives, is tragically pathetically acceptable by way too many people; a majority that truly occupies humanity’s greatest power — strength in numbers — but a majority pathetically manipulated by dominating and selfish oligarchical desires.

As liberty is an unalienable right, then psychedelic experiences that factually harm nobody by default (at least based upon the furthest reach of conclusive science) cannot possibly be nationally illegal. Moreover, the harmless acts (e.g. mere possession) enabling those experiences cannot be judicially banned nor regulated.

Corruption against the liberty that has been (and continues to be) inclusively militarily fought for is flagrant, and a serious red flag (if not a series of them) that continues to be inappropriately ignored, while our nation resultingly demonstrates an exacerbating destabilization behind the mainstream propaganda curtain.

Unbearably popular and selfish spin is terribly wearing our nation down on the credibility and reality-adherence front.

Intelligently applied bravery is needed now.

While this day formally recognizes honorable military veterans, I hope those veterans do not mind the statement herein that all other honorable veterans (obviously including those within law enforcement) deserve similar recognition for their similar embrace of our security.

All such veterans need our public support, but not just the superficial expression of that support, which is too often weak to a degree raising the question of sincerity.

The support needed comes from a responsible and dutiful public capable of ensuring that oligarchical pressures are honorable to the fullest extent possible.

That obviously includes the critical decision regarding when people should become veterans by way of exposure to horribly serious danger.

Basically repeating for emphasis, that support is severely lacking, while such pressures instead rampantly extend on behalf of the selfish side during conflicts of interest to serious national deterioration, so in effect forms a complex civil war to define liberty by law to unethically secure certain oligarchical power in the continuously tumultuous bid for power — the ironically pathetic ‘king of the hill’ mental illness against public safety.

In this purely energetic and balancing reality, all power can only be temporary and fully paid for by a counter-balancing powerlessness (at least according to the furthest application of mainstream science), so excessive power hunger is ironically pitiful and obviously not a good base for leadership.

I call that scientifically unavoidable balance the Rule of Reality.

That Rule, upon sufficient popular traction, seriously changes human behavior, because the notion of getting away with anything (e.g. oppression, murder, assault, theft, and so on) becomes logically (so not just religiously) impossible.

If you ever ask the question, “Can I get away with it?”, prior to understanding the Rule of Reality, the answer is maybe.

But that Rule inevitably instantly answers that question with a supremely powerfully resounding, “No.”

Do not be the hunter, unless you can be the hunted in equal measure, because that is precisely how the Rule of Reality works.

Spend dominance wisely.

Abusive oligarchs, who selfishly expend dominance childishly and recklessly (while believing they are beyond the reach of justice), must immediately cut their pitiful crap that ruins countless lives, or pay the horrible price via that Rule.

The power-hungry can never handle being publicly pitied, so when the public understands the Rule of Reality (and therefore genuinely and intelligently pities the abusively power-hungry), greed and other forms of power abuse ends without firing a shot.

Balance is needed for stability, which is needed for composure, which is needed for competence, which is needed for genuine progress, which is needed for civility, which is needed for health (basically balance).

Society dominantly suffers from a serious stress imbalance foolishly with no remedy being delivered for all intents and purposes.

All of the insane violence and other forms of abuse come from the sadly powerful need to compensate from that imbalance.

Given that technology is increasingly and rather rapidly becoming more powerful and less expensive, the risk of a major technological strike by insane forces capable of severely crippling (if not destroying) our species continues to rise.

Sure there are people espousing the value of stress management, but that remains a relatively small drop in the ocean compared to the dramatic public force necessary for optimal societal stability.

It also unfortunately leaves us with a muddy definition of the word stress, which is terribly unhelpful. Stress is sometimes defined as always bad, but that definition is problematic, because healthy pressures are easier to communicate when stress is simply any pressure inherently without judgement (e.g. the stress from a healthy workout, the stress of a violent encounter, and so on).

Therefore relying only upon the physics definition of stress for clearly optimal communication (that definition basically being one body seamlessly energetically distorting another body), ultimately stress and change are synonymous.

Change (stress) can obviously be healthy or unhealthy, so the problem is not about eliminating stress, but ensuring that unhealthy stress is minimized, while healthy stress thrives enough to strengthen at least our species.

Productivity is abusively (but popularly) defined throughout history solely as work.

Rest is taking a break from being productive, according to that abuse.

The result is widespread and too often deep unhealthy stress from the dominant imbalance between work and rest, because resulting pressures towards “productivity” mean (too often much) more work over rest.

Remember that imbalance is instability against composure, competence, and genuine progress.

To really be “productive” in the abusive sense, one must work even harder, so many (if not most) people are severely unhealthily stressed out by what should be a publicly obvious societal detriment — excessive engagement towards professionalism and traditions that at least questionably (if not outright fail to) benefit the public — but certainly “benefit” the oligarchy.

A healthy work ethic is obviously wise (and smartly working above and beyond for a worthy cause is noble), but so too is a healthy rest ethic.

Balancing those ethics is obviously key to civility.

Rest allows the body to naturally heal, so is undeniably productive.

Without that healing, a serious burden upon our healthcare system emerged (and is sustained, if not sickly growing) to empower a “legal” medical monopoly with all of the abhorrent price-fixing, extortion, and other disastrous problems that come from any antitrust-defying monopolistic dam — a criminal enterprise that could be (but, pathetically for political reasons, is not) promptly stopped simply by our executive branch of government wisely choosing to enforce clear and longstanding antitrust law.

Without that healing and repeating for emphasis, unhealthy stress way too often leads to the unleashing of violence and other abuses (drug, sex, food, and so on), so is terribly costly against public positivity.

By reducing the public burden towards “productivity”, the public is naturally healthier, so more likely to be smarter inclusively as part of genuine productivity.

Studies (e.g. by companies exploring their options) reveal that a four-day work week leads to better productivity, and this is a good start, but this press must righteously continue strongly.

More rest ironically means more economic opportunity, because of the increased amount of goods and services relied upon to support a healthy rest ethic (e.g. spas, restorative yoga, comfy chairs, responsibly restful style of cannabis use, and much more).

We the public would also then more likely have the time and energy to focus at least respectably somewhat upon serving as a continuous and harmless kind of “security detail” that secures our unalienable right to liberty (which consequently naturally upholds the rights to life and the pursuit of happiness btw) to best prevent the selfish side of private and/or public sector dominance.

The United States of America, especially while allowing the public to exercise the right to remain responsibly armed, could likely crush a foreign military invasion here, so the goal of a strong national defense has already been achieved, while other goals (e.g. education and poverty) remain terribly insufficiently addressed. Neglecting those other critical goals is a serious threat to national security and genuine productivity.

War also includes the undeniably illegal (in an uncorrupt judicial system) war on some drugs, which affects us all, but especially endangers soldiers and law enforcement, in part because of seriously powerful leverage by the massive profit margin solely from black market compulsion that pours enormous (and otherwise unachievable) financial resources into criminal (including terrorist) organizations of all sizes — even to a militarized degree.

While there is literally no concrete evidence proving any public benefit via that prohibition, there is ample demonstrable evidence proving the gross empowerment of thugs on both sides of the law to press their hideous flavor of ‘might makes right’ with no respect for public safety.

There can be no honorable doubt about the fact that our Supreme Court illegally redefined the Commerce Clause from ‘regulate commerce’ to ‘regulate any activity having a substantial effect on commerce’ (clearly different, according to the English language).

Allowing the Commerce Clause to be the sole constitutional basis for the Controlled Substances Act (and other relevance) — i.e. the war on drugs — is nothing shy of outrageous. The hideous mass-rights-infringing destruction from yet another failed prohibition (e.g. serious taxpayer resources are expended, while we do not even have a “drug free” prison system) hypocritically demonstrates even more unhealthy stress against us all.

By any exercise of intelligence and civility, drug abuse — which by any measure directly affects less than 1% of our population (i.e. occurs in the overwhelming minority of drug intake instances) — is clearly a health, not criminal, issue.

Honorable veterans serve us, but a healthy synergy demands that we honorably serve them.

Honor in those (and other) circles is the absence of thuggery to instead embrace responsible toughness — the righteous form of toughness leading to the crystal clear understanding that civility is critical for optimal science and technology to better ensure that members of our military and law enforcement come home safely, for prime example.

In short, responsibly tough people serve civility to improve their lives as well as the rest of ours.

On the human-ruining hand, thugs (on both sides of the law) are all about dominating via fear, so obviously and stupidly never care about civility — just blunt power foolishly without intellectual concerns, although some are smart enough to disguise their thuggery via the illusion of public benefit to prevent a righteous and likely victorious public backlash.

“Just say no to thugs!” does not cut it by a long shot even by the best metaphorical sniper.

That honor extends to include the absence of reason abuse (especially that fueling law abuse) to instead embrace pure (e.g. unspun) and irrefutable logic — undeniably necessary for fairness, so (by definition) justice.

Joining veterans in exercising bravery, courage, and honor for healthy stress overall is the only way towards true productivity and ultimately the civility necessary for optimal scientific and technological progress to better secure our military and law enforcement, and obviously the rest of us throughout posterity.

This entertainment veteran who has seriously ‘suffered for my art’ is firmly allied with those honorable folks in expression and dutiful exercise, as I invite you to join us in that rightful front line.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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