Another Social Step?

While my jokingly ‘foggy day = cannabis rally’ image (last post) left no positive impression around these parts, my increasingly successful @respectcannabis Twitter profile thankfully saw a nice contrary response from a similar post there.

With over two thousand followers there, Respect Cannabis is my most successful online flow to date.

Considering the cannabis industry is just getting started (and I already predict many key changes along that front over the coming decades), mild-but-critical follower traction there fits nicely with my cannabis plans.

So my morning consists of writing this, while getting in the right mindset for my soon-coming wonderful/somewhat-brutal yoga class.

This sentence was written the next morning after that class, and the yoga was thankfully positive, likely unnecessarily for the record.

While steps towards setting up my first high-quality cannabis micro-grow continue (e.g. a solid [de]humidifier setup should be completed today or otherwise soon), I contemplate and echo herein some of my sentiments about social networking in general.

Organic reach is literally critical to social networking.

However, organic reach is horribly almost dead — replaced by questionable content filtration algorithms that primarily serve the interests of those governing the social networks (e.g. to make money).

Twitter apparently is the remaining holdout on this crucial front, and I hope maximally strongly that they will retain organic reach.

Without organic reach, it will be (for all intents and purposes) impossible for new artists (and other information providers) with limited resources to righteously gain key traction for their talented results and societal benefit.

Oligarchical interests can now leverage those content filters to (inclusively unethically) retain power.

Cannabis legality arose from the internet era, which allowed legalization proponents to bypass the unbearably demonstrably corrupt mainstream media in order to develop positive public traction — which led to many voter initiatives to legalize cannabis with now likely unstoppable momentum.

The alcohol and pharmaceutical industries pay grossly handsomely to maintain cannabis prohibition.

Alcohol is basically a stupidity-enhancing poison with obvious nasty repercussions all throughout society from now back throughout the lengthy duration of alcohol-inclusive history. Cannabis — upon proper use — is a major boost to health on many levels (with no experimentally proven harm), and society is only sensibly improved when cannabis replaces alcohol.

Pharmaceutical drugs are often terribly costly and usually provide (sometimes seriously) discomforting side effects. Cannabis is literally a very inexpensive medicinal revolution on many fronts, and as a natural product, cannot be patented (so no money for big pharma).

So evil wins big. We are talking about uncountable numbers of innocent (i.e. non-rights-infringing) lives ruined by that unethical sustainment of power over the span of several decades and still excessively counting.

And while I could raise the seriously powerful rationale that I call the Rule of Reality (i.e. a mainstream scientifically backed rationale stating dominance is fully paid for by being dominated within a balancing reality) — and so state the sheer idiocy of mass destruction to sustain obsolete power structures (when those who engage in such destruction must scientifically pay for it all somehow) — it’s inappropriate for me to dive into that here.

I still cringe heavily at the result of having social networking companies seriously cripple the social part of their social network in order to make money.

And while I could spiral off on a rant over the (at least sometimes) fraudulent nature of online advertising — where money (at least for all intents and purposes) is not being made by anyone but the advertisers — it’s misfitting for me to include that within this post (e.g. due to time constraints).

I don’t need (nor want) an algorithm to filter social networking content. If a friend posts too much or something inappropriate, I can simply socialize with that friend to casually address the situation. That’s the whole point of a social network — to socialize.

Allowing all content to flow without algorithmic control compels us all to leverage socialness to achieve better content flow — so better socialness — and that’s obviously a good thing overall.

I would rather pay $1 a year (or similarly inexpensive such) to access a social network with organic reach and no data mining for profit. That should be the proper business model for social networking, but the popular parade of the early 2000s refused to believe anything other than the content should be free, while advertising is leveraged to make money.

As such, many marketing companies are making money by selling (y)our network activity (which may include recordings from your camera[s] and microphone[s]), so the content online really isn’t free ultimately — as society apparently increasingly is Orwellian.

While my Respect Cannabis audience is clear to me, my Spirit Wave Journal audience remains a mysterious group of followers who seem silently off-put by at least most of my posting.

Is there an organic reach problem here? I don’t believe so.

My unavoidable complexity is a bane, and my innovative beliefs perhaps sometimes turns people away from the like button.

Respect Cannabis at Twitter is easy. Everyone there is passionate about cannabis, and I can stay sharply focused upon that one wonderful theme there.

Here everything is different. The mysterious nature of my life leaves mystery a bidirectional feature of this journal.

We have to somewhat work towards a healthy relationship around these parts, but that socialness can also be a good thing.

Good day to you all, mysterious audience.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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