Ignore Buzzkill

Let’s get serious for a moment here.


A big mystery presses hard.

Imagine yourself in the following locale, while we explore that mystery.


Nice, eh?

There are 98 followers here, according to an official WP box at this journal.

Why are they (perhaps including you) following yours truly?

I genuinely (and partly amusingly) have no clue.

I sincerely appreciate any support that I receive, because as a path paver on a lot of fronts (simply in the name of doing my best to live a bullshit-free life), I experience the horrible absence of that support brutally way too much.

Social engagement here is frankly abysmal.

I’m a responsible entertainer. That means I care about community growth being a part of my entertainment.

I’m not just looking for the next generation of fart jokes to make a living.

When I just type out some seriousness about my life and hard-earned beliefs, I tend to get no love.

When I post an attempted humorous image like the following one, more (but not a lot of) people tend to take supportive notice.


While my text posts are apparently uninteresting to most-to-all of y’all, constantly oozing out (perhaps humorous) loser photos is uninteresting to me, and now we encounter the thing I hate most — the dilemma.

I need to stay true to myself, and find an audience who genuinely appreciates what I’m doing here.

You read boring articles with important (if not critical) information, right?

I mean how interesting is the fucking news?

They try to make the news entertaining by having basically good looking people and attention-grabbing presentation styling overall (e.g. every news session starts with BREAKING NEWS! to metaphorically grab your balls), but the information is cheap and generally useless (and too often questionably accurate) shit.

Treat my Saturday morning posts in the “boring” fashion. While I drop in some humor when it feels right, overall, it’s spinach, not cheesecake.

I may have my cheesecake moments too, but one cannot righteously forsake the spinach ones.

I can’t humorously juggle spraying glue guns (or anything else) in a questionable effort to entice you to support my honest work here, as tempting as that may be.

I need the mature adult version of my followers to come out and go for this critical ride with me into genuinely (no bullshit) understanding the logical basics of reality in a manner that indeed is freakishly honest and undeniably invaluably informative for literally everyone ultimately (well, as long as the logic remains valid).

You can hate the Real Belief System (even if it’s just hating that name), but you cannot logically refute it. Can you?

Put yourself in my shoes.

Never to be an arrogant jerk (or such), but I apparently have literally at least arguably the most valuable piece of information ever discovered.

What would you do in my shoes?

There’s no ego or hyperbole here.

In some sense, I would rather not have that information, because it can be (if not likely is) dangerous, but it would be inexcusable to avoid sharing that information for the sake of improving humanity (especially human behavior, science, and technology).

So in another sense, I thankfully embrace that information, and hope you do too — while doing our best to avoid that danger.

Anyway, that legitimately ultimate truth is worth enduring some spinach experience, isn’t it?

Maybe my followers just want me to follow them back. And while I would love to embrace that expansion, my content-consuming groove is already overwhelmingly maxed out sadly.

If you’re uninterested in following me, then please unfollow me. Cheesecake is basically everywhere else, so follow that calling, if you must wonderfully destroy yourself via carb addiction (a form of addiction that I’m ironically lightly struggling to manage myself).

I’d rather have zero followers in honor of the righteous truth, as opposed to having any number of followers who are not really following me.

Despite what the liars say about it, dishonesty is a dangerous methodology, and we will likely be exploring that soundly around these parts.

I keep it freakishly real here (because my angle is unavoidably unique and apparently challenging from a more common perspective), while somehow being on par with the most down-to-Earth person you know (i.e. it’s logically impossible for anyone to be more down-to-Earth than me).

And sometimes that means dry-but-important information. Treat it like a stiff drink (noting I’m very close to completely hating alcohol fwiw). Yeah, it’s not always pleasing, but the consequent effects will likely become desirable.

If your life is mundane, and you’re sick of rotting in the ‘done that, been there’ minefield combined with cheap new shit that agonizingly misses the entertaining and informative mark, then you are almost certainly guaranteed to find something surprising here for worst through best.

At worst, you’re probably dealing with my loathsome variety of tough love (even if it’s from my artistic choice to sometimes use contractions).

For example, I won’t talk about how much I love my penis, because that would be stupid (including utterly inappropriate).

But I will at least likely get you to think about something ‘outside the box’ that’s important towards improving your life, and the ‘inside the box’ folks dominating our society always wind up needing to step outside of their familiarity at some point anyway to make a positive difference.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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