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Just realizing that my recent post titled “Learning is Energy” facetiously embarrassingly forms the acronym LiE (by the opening way), I need more input from our community (preferably including you, of course).

Based upon WP stats, a few people apparently checked out LiE, and the theory it points to called Reality Waveform Theory (RWT). However, nobody (at least publicly expressively) likes LiE, and nobody commented on LiE, which is unfortunate given the critical subject matter at hand.

LiE is anything but a lie (at least in terms of intention), and RWT is unbelievably important for humanity and anyone else capable of learning the theory (albeit only if it remains valid).

LiE and RWT are literally a meticulous crafting of logic without spin (combining the results of well-established science with the remaining logical filler via certainty of the English language needed for completion), and lands humanity on the purest basic understanding of reality without a shred of pseudo/junk science or mysticism.

Literally all well-established science fits with RWT, which purely logically explains the what/why/where/when/how of reality itself. RWT is apparently the genuine theory of everything, nothing, and the basics of something — and nobody outside of yours truly (and friends understanding the theory) cares, which is obviously unacceptable (if RWT is valid). Right?

I saw a picture of a cat in a modified cat carrier. While the door to the carrier was closed, and the cat (with his back to the camera) was facing that closed door, the entire top half of the carrier had been removed. It looks like the cat is trying to figure out how to open the closed door, when all he has to do is jump up and out of the carrier.

The point of that picture is solely focusing upon a problem may lead to missing something important with relevance to that problem.

Scientists — by their very nature (I am not being critical) — focus on a path that is ironically destructive to their theory of everything cause.

Their idea of a theory of everything involves mathematics — a simple and elegant equation that mathematically forms the base pattern of reality — but RWT explains the problem with that focus, and why mathematics cannot include that equation.

Since everything is energy, according to mainstream physics, then science and mathematics are ultimately energy, which means the energy of their focus seamlessly energetically interacts with the target of their focus — and that causes energetic resonances that cannot possibly lead to a base pattern of reality.

Metaphorically jumping outside of the cat carrier, let us look at science from an external view.

Based upon the latest reach of mainstream science during this authoring, the purely energetic reality reveals no objective distinction, and a reality that requires balance for stability.

In energy, that must supremely include balance in the form of phase cancellation (called destructive interference in physics), which is why reality cannot be defined as anything but ironically an undefinable extreme.

Without objective distinction, there is only one reality, so everything pertaining to relativity (including definition) cannot exist at the level of reality itself — so we have another purely logical way to arrive at reality being an undefinable extreme.

What mainstream science has discovered soundly is the purely sinusoidal nature of complex waveforms — e.g. see Fourier Analysis.

Therefore, we can say (with absolute precision) that the sine wave is the sole base pattern of reality, and science is ultimately all about shaping sine waves relative to humanity’s energetic (i.e. sinusoidal) signature, and to that of any other relevancy to our species.

Those facts form the base of RWT, which continues to explain what a purely energetic reality must mean.

LiE expresses the most important and fundamental humanly ramifications of RWT that I can think of currently, which I feel should be expressed, because if the theory is upheld, humanity needs to know about those ramifications.

That especially includes the Rule of Reality, which basically means ‘dominance out’ is unavoidably ‘dominance in’ within a balancing reality, so nobody can possibly get away with abuse (basically no more reasonably applied ‘if nobody sees it, it did not happen’ mentality exercised intelligently), and one should never experience pleasure (positive dominant energy) excessively due to the inevitably balancing pain (negative dominant energy).

The Rule of Reality provides a rationale — instead of a religious threat, or such, that can be dismissed on grounds of relevant religious disbelief, or such — for doing whatever possible to avoid subscribing to corruption.

That rationale is genuinely intelligent leverage to ensure optimally positive behavior for our species, so is logically undeniably critical. On the show Brain Games, I have seen an experiment confirming that positivity. When children believe an invisible authoritative presence is there, those children properly behave. Reality is that presence due to its balancing need (i.e. reality at least in effect cares about what you do, because reality needs to balance it out).

If LiE is indeed an unintentional lie, then I need to know that (preferably as soon as possible) to avoid wasting resources merely to further embarrass myself, so please provide the logical leverage needed to put a stop to LiE — if you can — which repeats annually on Pi Day to raise awareness for proper scrutiny.

If you cannot provide a logical debunking against RWT, then feel free to join yours truly and other grounded logicians to find an entertaining (including an accurately and ethically educational) way to fittingly reach the scientific community to ensure that scrutiny.

I understand that a freakish and obscured entertainer’s angle of the theory of everything is likely a scientific turn-off (especially when he uses the word spirit in his journal name, and perhaps when he speaks about himself in the third person, and when a supporting piece title forms the acronym LiE), but pure unspun logic is pure unspun logic (regardless of its source), so discrimination is illogical (i.e. unscientific) here.

Again for critical emphasis, if RWT is right, then the Rule of Reality eliminates any possibility for getting away with any form of corruption, purely logically speaking — and that sensibly forms an optimal boon for civility, and the science and technology that can only effectively benefit from that civility, and the resulting optimal positivity for humanity — leading to an extremely powerful cycle (i.e. sine wave) at least for our species.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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