Legal Minefield

Senate President Stan Rosenberg said Thursday the initiative to legalize Massachusetts marijuana for recreational use that voters approved this week will need improvements to address such issues as taxes on marijuana sales, edible pot products and driving while high.

Factually speaking, there is no experimental science concluding any harm in moderate cannabis use (moderate simply meaning any use without conclusively proven harm).

Factually speaking, there is experimental science (actually public demonstration) concluding serious harm in prohibition — which will remain upon regulations, because they merely form a textured prohibition (which fails for the same reasons as outright prohibition — e.g. see determined high school students relatively easily obtaining alcohol via potentially risky “black market” means).

Cannabis is not alcohol plus (or such) by a long shot.

Cannabis does not automatically produce disorienting and stupidity enhancing effects like alcohol basically does (even one drink can start those undesired results by any measure of wisdom). That is why cannabis will thankfully crush alcohol on the stress management front.

There are strains that improve focus and ultimately composure when consumed at a mild intake amount that most people will probably find satisfying (especially mature adults).

Driving impaired due to soberly dangerous emotional states (distracting anger, taking harmless driving for granted, and so on) can be ironically remedied by such intake — and since cannabis is a vastly improved medicine on so many fronts, it also replaces questionable pharmaceuticals (e.g. those with labels warning about driving risks) with regards to driving safety.

Our commonwealth is excessively about “sadomoralists” (team red) and “sadoequalists” (team blue) selfishly hypocritically getting their power (e.g. money) fix “to protect the children”.

Meanwhile, laundry pods (which children sometimes tragically consume and are clearly more dangerous than edibles) are not causing governor Baker (and company) to apparently lose any sleep.

You lost in this case, prohibitionists, and that trend will thankfully continue. People are less likely to be fooled by your desperate attempt to abuse community leadership credibility (generally automatically granted by the public at large) to in effect steal taxpayer money and deceive them in order to get your hypocritical prohibition fix.

If they really look into this ‘certain drug’ issue, they will even horrifyingly find that the Controlled Substances Act cannot possibly be legal in an uncorrupted American judicial system — i.e. the Commerce Clause (“To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes”) cannot allow Congress to ban (not regulate) harmless activities (e.g. holding a plant in your hand) against the ninth amendment (judicially recognizing our unalienable right to liberty, when not illegally judicially disarmed — which it abhorrently has been to the sound of mainstream media crickets chirping against the people’s right to know) combined with the Supremacy Clause to negate any state “lab experiment” (i.e. any prohibition — including textured prohibition — at the state and local levels).

There is no way to smooth out the introduction of a new product, and cannabis is a major new product with ample opportunities (which would and should be great for our struggling and judicially strangled economy). Growing pains exist regardless of any mass rights infringement by our government, and as with literally anything in life — there will unfortunately be (albeit thankfully relatively small amounts of) tragic examples regardless of legality.

Get the regulations out of the way in favor of a harmless (i.e. genuinely lawful) free market, and the winners will be people (growers and so on) with an understandably serious passion towards this awesome plant upon avoiding the health issue that is abuse. Voluntary consumer advocacy (and other educational tools during the Information Age logically eventually forming the Education/Entertainment Age) suffices in keeping healthy (e.g. reasonably smart) people away from dangerous businesses and such.

Drug abuse (which — by all available data — affects the vast minority of folks taking drugs) is clearly a health issue, but not the epidemic prompted by selfish fear mongering.

The severely destructively selfish rule of hypocrisy (born from many forms of discrimination spanning our entire national history — e.g. racial, gender, sexual — against our fundamental rights) in America must finally end.

Our founding fathers righteously innovatively (i.e. genuinely progressively, liberally, and even American conservatively) set liberty as an unalienable right to prevent the abuse of law — the worst form of abuse at least due to its mainly broad scope of destruction.

The time has come to finally “walk the walk” when it comes to that critical right, and insist that harm be maximally conclusively (not weakly suggestively at best) proven prior to any ban or regulation. Murder, assault, and theft are harmful. Holding (or even responsibly using) cannabis is not.

The result of that nationally obligatory shift cannot be worse than the power (law) abusing nightmare complexly forming a minefield of mass rights infringing laws that are ready to explode in anyone’s face — including that of our children, who are outrageously even paying for that selfishness via severe national debt that even apparently threatens national stability pathetically for the sake of selfish hypocrisy.

Prompting article: This Senate leader says lawmakers shouldn’t ‘dilly dally’ looking at new Massachusetts marijuana law

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