Way Way Way More Galaxies

From “The Universe Has 20 Times More Galaxies Than We Thought”:

A new study by a team of international astronomers has produced some astounding results: they concluded that the universe contains at least two trillion galaxies — as much as 20 times more than previously thought. The study adds that 90 percent of all galaxies are hidden from us. This hidden portion can’t be seen even with our most powerful telescopes. Gizmodo adds:

Consequently, this means we also have to update the number of stars in the observable universe, which now numbers around 700 sextillion (that’s a 7 with 23 zeros behind it, or 700 thousand billion billion). And that’s just within the observable universe. Because the cosmos emerged some 13.8 billion years ago, we’re only able to observe objects up to a certain distance from Earth. Anything outside this “Hubble Bubble” is invisible to us because the light from these distant objects simply haven’t had enough time to reach us. It’s difficult — if not impossible — to know how many galaxies reside outside this cosmological blind spot.

If (preferably when) humanity can break the four-dimensional barrier to ultimately understand that space is energy (starting with the fact that no objective distinction has ever been discovered — i.e. quantum level is foamy, particle distinction is fuzzy, a particle is a blur, and so on — so mass being energy logically extends to include space), then spatial flexibility will gain an oceanic boost relative to humanity — naturally a serious boom for space traveling and energy generation, so eventually apparently “propelling” our species beyond the cosmological blind spot through “in place” modulation.

Instead of traveling near the speed of light, humanity modulates energy/mass/space in a way that makes a simple geometric wormhole look like child’s play, and/or in a way that destroys aforementioned galaxies, so great care is obviously needed during this apparently new energy modulation style of space exploration.

Our one expanding universe then no longer is a simple geometric form, but a seamless oceanic flow among all universes that modulates in all possible ways.

Since literally every system requires balance for stability, and that (at least so far) scientifically includes the supreme system that is logically reality itself, those possibilities must somehow include the balance of themselves, which involving energy waveforms, results in phase cancellation (the audio term for destructive interference in physics).

That means reality is objectively an undefinable extreme (purely phase cancelled energy) — something that experts in meditation have experienced (for all intents and purposes) for millennia.

The unimaginable vastness and complexity of reality that each one of us experiences is ironically defined by the limits of perception (which is also energy, because nothing scientifically proves any aspect of reality — including mentality — is anything but physical).

Each one of our lives is an energetic possibility among all of them, so a life wave.

Meditation is resting your perception to resonate maximally close as one with reality.

Relative to humanity, there are three dominating spatial currents (the ones that we basically freely move throughout), and one “lesser” current known as time.

Physicists are currently understanding the need for even more dimensions just to fit well-established mathematical models involving Einstein’s theories of relativity, and quantum physics.

I started reading the Wikipedia entry for SUSY (Super Symmetry), and while the vast majority of it still frankly metaphorically goes way way way over my head among the way way way more galaxies out there (due to the many scientific terms, theories, formulas, and so on that are unfamiliar to this entertainer who cannot be reasonably expected to grasp that level of scientific detail), I did get an enjoyable sense of physicists’ tremendously impressive efforts to further define the energy signature modulating outside of our perception (but obviously having a rippling impact upon the observed).

There was also another connection with string theory therein, so now a couple of pieces of theoretical science that add seven more (apparently tiny and curled up) dimensions to space, but I hypothesize that the absence of objective distinction leads to imperfections that emerge in 11-dimensional understanding to prompt further spatial signature refinement (even until death does our species inevitably part — basically think infinite fractal geometric refinement in an energetically boundless reality).

The better that refinement, the more capable our technology becomes — eventually to a level well beyond our current imagination (e.g. where the pure scientific exploration of modulating possibilities turns impressive galaxy numbers into impressive universal numbers — and destinations).

Quantum teleportation (or other form of energy modulation for transportation) will turn our already familiarly impressive area of universal exploration (the one requiring us to travel roughly 30 trillion miles — with a duration of over four years, if we could travel at the speed of light — just to reach our closest stellar neighbor among the newly estimated 700 sextillion of them within our species’ observation in four-dimensional dominance) into an area smashing the inevitable human boundaries of even the most respectable science fiction writers today.

Of course, if you want to experience powerfully transforming modulations now, you can (for solid example) just travel to someplace (if existent) allowing the lawful experience of DMT (e.g. in its Ayahuasca form) — a molecule that is already endogenously generated within your body right now, but with a relatively small increase in amount from external sources, modulates experience in dramatically different ways to profoundly inspire (if not demonstrate) the kind of aforementioned modulating possibilities (e.g. think observing and even interacting with energetic lifeforms modulating in unimaginably impressive ways that DMT users are clearly purely convinced are undoubtedly genuine experiences — ones that possibly even make scientific sense in a purely energetic reality such as this one).

In short, while science modulates perception through external (and often publicly acceptable) sources, psychedelic drugs modulates perception through the intake of certain technologically processed (e.g. tribal brewing) sources.

And do not even get me started (yet) on the addition of virtual reality in terms of modulating impact via intentional perception alteration.

I hope the human brain can handle it all.

I predict that it will, but with ample amounts of denial to often sadly (but at times necessarily in the name of caution) dampen out the magnificent reach of the progression of observation.

Fortunately, working and resting against that restrictively dampening force are the few brave explorers who are scientifically compelled to logically challenge that “comfort” zone to greatly expand the human zone of understanding that is seamlessly energetically connected with the endlessly mysterious (only when being defined) cosmic zone in the inevitable need for ultimately the sole discipline (one that literally never in effect discriminates) — the discipline of adaptation.

It is indeed fascinating to learn that the number of stars prior to this major numeric-boosting discovery (a still impressive number that was commonly scientifically stated to be on par with the number of grains of sand on all of Earth’s beaches combined) is overwhelmingly massively even more impressive to expansively demonstrate what I maintain can only be ultimately described as the spiritually energetic reach of the scientific method (i.e. improving humanity’s usage of the language of reality — or the language of whole truth).

The rigidity of science is apparently the limit of science.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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