Egotists Abuse Money

From “Why pharma sees potential in marijuana, and the hurdles it needs to overcome” (the Cannabist):

But with medical cannabis a $2.7 billion-a-year industry in California alone, drug companies see a major opportunity for new products that are rigorously tested, will likely be covered by insurance and – unlike traditional marijuana plants – can be patented. […]

“We don’t talk about marijuana or cannabis,” said Dr. Brian Murphy, CEO of Nemus Bioscience. “We talk about cannabinoids.” […]

They’re also hoping to persuade patients relying on California’s 20-year-old medical marijuana community and other entrenched markets across the country to switch from smoking Bubba Kush and Maui Gold to filling prescriptions for drugs named Syndros, Epidiolex and the like.

As an inevitably neurochemical humanity, any impact on the mind is a drug-like effect (i.e. reasonably similar physical brain alterations occur from internal or external stimuli).

Money is the most dangerous drug by any sane reasoning, because of the obscene power that usually accompanies financial dominance.

Just like any Schedule I (i.e. any “most dangerous”) drug can be used without abuse (yes, even heroin), money can also be used or abused.

The big difference is when heroin (or such) is abused, the negative impact zone is relatively minor compared to money abuse, which powerfully shapes the law (formally and otherwise) that affects us all.

Egotism (which can, if not does, include greed) is a powerfully serious mental illness that remains absent in terms of popular and mature discussion towards remedy, because the egotists effectively buy the public silence for one, and what remains is public anger turned into lobbying the government to judicially press against the greedy (as opposed to a maturely sympathetic desire via composure to heal the pitiful egotists).

Because money shapes law, that angry press tragically affects us all instead, while the greedy remain protected (greed exists at the top of both private and public sectors — there is no sector line in power, but there is an effective oligarchy governing us all).

Cannabis is a symphonic drug that defies the traditional sharp-focus approach of pharmaceuticals. Cannabinoids are not the only relevance, Dr. Brian Murphy. Terpenes also shape the effects, which shapes the psychology, which (via the Placebo effect) shapes health.

There are hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes that can be consistently transformed via strain differential (through genetics and growing techniques), and when the strain fits the user, that neurological symphonic filtration improves overall health.

Cannabis cannot be patented, because it already exists publicly, so the greedy continue to try to lock it down, but thankfully continue to fail as legality increases with no sign of altering momentum (the public demand trumps money).

Cannabis is a psychedelic, and at least certain psychedelics (upon proper use) demonstrate for the user why being an egotist is pitifully stupid. Mainstream scientifically speaking, everything is energy without objective distinction, and psychedelics can powerfully modulate perception to clearly reveal that conclusion. When the distinctions of subjectivity are basically removed (also possible via meditation), then the words you, I, and we become synonymous (and egotism becomes pointless).

In a balancing reality (e.g. this one), comfort (dominance, and so on) inevitably has a balancing cost (what I call the Rule of Reality). Egotists working hard to secure their comfort (dominance, and so on) at a painful cost against the public are actually setting themselves horribly up for the inevitable balancing correction (this is why they are to be pitied). Their money and guns will not help them, because reality is obviously immune to such force.

This is an excellent opportunity for society to finally understand that judicial remedy is not always the better option against abuse, because law abuse is very real and seriously dangerous against the public good.

That inevitably brings us back to an unalienable right to liberty (i.e. responsible flexibility), which has never been implemented despite the clear national obligation to do so. Safe until objectively conclusively (not suggestively) proven unsafe must be the basis for American law as a result of that obligatory right when judicial corruption (fueled by monstrous hypocrisy) is removed.

There is no rational alternative, because any alternative inevitably puts law back in the hands of the greedy — not in the hands of the public via a strong and unalienable right to liberty backed by the proven strength of fully applying the scientific method — a method undeniably required for fairness, so (by definition) justice.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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