Prompted by: U.N. not a place to find good policy (DrugWarRant)

Steve Rolles at Transform said what I was thinking, only better… Just go ahead and read it.


Now prompted by: The drug warriors who derailed the UN drug policy summit have made a terrible miscalculation (Transform)

For the people who have invested so much hope in this week’s UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs, the official agreement it produced – the “outcome document” – represents a shocking betrayal.

No shock here, but who am I other than a constantly ignored oddity of humanity telling the whole truth (and nothing but) on an issue that I’ve been solidly following for several years and strongly counting? Popularly nobody for no good reason (my comments section awaits any challenge on that front). That’s who.

The UNGASS was called by three Latin American member states – Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala – who have arguably paid the highest price for the failure of the global war on drugs. They carried the concerns of millions of people, civil society organisations and other members states around the world when they called on the UN to critically evaluate the prohibitionist drug policies that have been in force for more than half a century now – and explore alternatives including decriminalisation and legal regulation of drug markets. For them, enough was enough.

But the outcome process has been systematically hijacked and derailed by the forces of conservatism. Led by the belligerent Russian delegation, a small but powerful group of member states defending the status quo, ensured any proposed language that challenged the failings of the current system, or called for meaningful reform, was systematically ignored, marginalised, vetoed, watered down or overlooked in the negotiations.

Insert more traditional leftist venting by the author of the prompting article here (drug warriors didn’t really win, etc.)

Reform is already happening, and at an accelerating rate – be it the continuing trend towards ending the criminalisation of people who use drugs, or the regulation of coca, cannabis, other currently illegal drugs, or new psychoactive substances.

And neither are the civil society groups and campaigners simply going to give up. If anything their resolve and networks has been dramatically strengthened.

For positive effect, imagine (only if necessary) the following hard truth being charmingly expressed. Read it in a way that reminds you of your favorite food (or such) for healthy informational digestion of important educational nutrients.

Never to belittle efforts against a prohibition logically far more destructive than the drug abuse it demonstrably pretends to address obviously for selfish empowerment (I remain sincerely grateful for any success via those efforts), but wave after wave of activists over the course of decades crash and splash against the rocks of prohibition, while prohibition still largely stands firm (so yes, the “drug warriors” are indeed winning strong, even despite the slam-dunk case against them).

Note that “drug warriors” like being called that, despite demeaning intentions against them. At least nationally, I prefer to call them ironic criminals irrationally selfishly destroying innocent lives and violating their formal oath to uphold constitutional law for thuggish gain in the “land of the free”, based upon the whole truth (and nothing but).

Meanwhile, literally millions of people are suffering by Certain Drug Prohibition and the recklessly failed “effort” against drug abuse, and many more millions of people (perhaps including someone you care about) are lined up for a similar fate.

That slam-dunk case is being ignored by “community leaders”, so consequently the mainstream media, so consequently the court of public opinion (the true highest court of the land) — all with some (but obviously not enough) exceptions.

Lobbying those “community leaders” is largely a dead end, yet a seriously major press by activists (usually traditional leftists still unbelievably believing that we can trust the government to sacrifice any of their power for public care).

Undermining the mainstream media has been the real success story so far (thank all of the wonderful people involved with internet availability in that regard), but it’s still nowhere near enough for the promptly needed termination of Certain Drug Prohibition — the real “drug epidemic”.

Responsible entertainers (e.g. yours truly) need to take charge on this critical front and fit educational messages into their entertainment preferably without being annoyingly lame about it (e.g. frankly apparently not this post).

That includes popularly disclosing the obvious conflict of interest (against the public’s right to know) involving the mainstream media and government — the latter being a continuous source of “newsworthy” information about the tragic events unethically (i.e. way too often selfishly irrelevantly) inundating mainstream presentations for public seduction into the depths of stupidity, so “journalists” can aggressively competitively secure advertising revenue for themselves.

The court of public opinion is the only logical recourse to end this mass tragedy against humanity, so that court must be constantly, powerfully, and directly addressed by entertaining activists capable of connecting with the widest range of lifestyles.

Certain Drug Prohibition damage is serious and global (and at least reasonably strongly connected to many, if not all, major issues — crime, economy, education, environment, health, immigration, liberty, religion, science, terrorism, and war all come to mind offhand), but who cares when it’s not them (i.e. most people) imminently directly in the prohibitionist cross hairs? Right?

Proper reform in this case requires sharpest, publicly simple (backed by purely logically grounded and grown reasoning against reason abuse), and only logical thrusts critically against unethical prohibitionist defenses.

That requires honestly undermining the purely irrational and hypocritical idea that prohibitionist actions are effective literally at all for public safety.

That also requires similarly undermining the similar idea that similar actions are even legal nationally within the United States (a — if not thee — major prohibitionist player internationally) — where Certain Drug Prohibition replaced the similarly demonstrably failed Alcohol Prohibition that “mysteriously” required a federal constitutional amendment (right, metaphorical crickets chirping as my sadly dominant audience these days?)

Constantly challenging prohibitionist credibility (via those two critical and fundamental points) in the court of public opinion with sharpest precision is solely warranted and wise.

Instead, we have a mountain of (too often politicized) arguments against that prohibition, so it becomes excessively chaotically diluted and dulled to excessive ineffectiveness, and contributes to inappropriately dividing the public along political lines (Certain Drug Prohibition should be — because it is — an apolitical issue).

Of course, the rule-of-law (nationally and beyond) has been disrespectfully desecrated into a muddy mess of results of dominating agendas with an uncountable number of innocent victims, and sadly most reformists (too many traditional leftists torturously leveraging this drug issue to promote their demonstrably fallacious political agenda of complex, expensive, and questionable regulations also ruining many innocent lives to “protect the children”) simply tries to join that destructive and selfish party.

The silent among you prefer to risk constant judicial assault via explosions within a dense judicial minefield “to protect the children”, but when it’s too late (and it probably will happen to you, based upon the flagrantly massive corruption “governing” our lives these days to a continuously exacerbating degree without sufficient public care), then resist it like a cow just before slaughter “to protect the children”.

Brutish nations continue heavy law abuse (even death penalties) against drug users and their logistical supporters, and the results of that sanctioned thuggery (and only possibly national treason with intent or otherwise) have been (and only logically will ever be) pitifully more drug war — on the one hand (the one that “leaders” demonstrably never care about in favor of that moreness).

UNGASS in 1998 was about ending illicit drugs outright by 2008. Not only has that failed, but there’s an absence of any concrete (credible) evidence proving literally any reduction in illicit drug availability as a result of constantly highly destructive prohibitionist assaults upon society to date.

On the other hand, Certain Drug Prohibition has (sometimes seriously) empowered many oligarchical folks (especially in law enforcement and the black market — too often a blurred line between them, thanks to unbearable amounts of cowardice and idiocy amid humanity).

To responsibly end that globally massive monstrosity of ill-gotten power would be to destroy that massive pool of power, and oligarchies are bending over backwards to prevent that tragedy against them. They don’t want to shoot too many of themselves in their powerful foot usually used to trample the masses obviously against our fundamental rights that essentially nobody really even cares about anyway for no smart reason (“Mooooooo.”, says “We the people largely cattle apathetically serving our masters of defining our liberty to their comfort”).

UNGASS has again validated that our oligarchy (nationally and internationally) only cares about their power — not the masses they pretend to lead only to secure that power.

All the consensus by the court of public opinion (a court continuously and constantly deceived by that oligarchy via the mainstream media and any other ‘community leadership megaphone’) manages to do is legitimize their selfish power at any cost — e.g. the destruction of fundamental rights, severely discrediting the rule-of-law to societal instability, “kicking the can” of recklessly politicized and massive national debts to future generations (you know, to “protect the children” being severely screwed by law), sanctioning many perpetual wars heavily destructively for some selfish profit, and (but not necessarily limited to) ruining millions (if not billions) of non-violent (so sanely innocent, including parental) lives for “half a century” and strongly counting in duration deeply beyond into posterity at this successful activism rate.

Shame upon us all for overwhelmingly dominantly failing righteousness in favor of reason abuse (lies, spin, etc.) for obscenely out-of-control political leverage. Embrace the lie, then prepare to die, because lying is the absence of the mental foundation necessary for legitimate composure (so ultimately survival). The rampant absence of that foundation is why society at large is grossly struggling basically without even realizing it.

‘Good guys’ finish last? That’s what most people apparently believe. However, people choosing the good path understand that goodness is a rewarding process without end (take the honorably challenging pain upfront, and then enjoy the honorable achievements), so never finish by some corrupt definition (usually as part of the bad path) of the contest — those “winners” paying fully (and equally in measure with the people choosing the good path) on the back side of their “success” instead pathetically without honor.

To help offset that dominant failing, I started our Respect Cannabis campaign, which is uniquely built meticulously from the logical ground up to (at least informatively) concisely and most promptly end that prohibitionist atrocity flagrantly against public safety, and bring the honestly indisputable and logically supreme value of honor and civility back to the table of strong public support within a reality scientifically only requiring balance for stability.

That means all prohibitionist destruction prompts a supremely powerful (and humanly unpredictable) response by reality towards an unavoidable (and logically agonizing) correction (even against the tough Russians and likely closely connected brutally violent black market powerhouses powerfully screwing the public to sustain their horrible ‘drug war’ cash cow — see aforementioned slaughter of a cow for a sufficient image of their inevitable fate upon meeting reality’s supreme need for balance there).

Feel free to revisit my point about the slaughtered cow overall, because (and this fact is extremely critical) dominance can only be spent and fully paid for by being dominated in a balancing reality.

Bend over, folks, since that’s the popular press these days.

Continue to ignore the internationally blatant oligarchical horror, because it doesn’t sufficiently press above the critical threshold of your urgency meter in your life right now.

Slaughtered cows, rampant bending over, etc. — charming, right? Reads just like your favorite food tastes? I assume not, but what else should I be writing here on this issue that I’m obviously passionate about?

On a positive note, being dominated is also the path to dominance (to then repeat the cycle) — which leads to my journal’s slogan of sines of impending sines (waves upon waves of energy in a cosmic ocean shaped only by perception, which is also energetically a seamless part of that ocean, at least according to mainstream physics).

You can meditate upon that conclusion, but survival still presses eventually, and evil must be uprooted by a caring public at large for more meditative opportunities to strengthen peace.

First they ignore you (big check here), then they mock you (not yet, but bring it), then they fight you (only with pure irrationality as their base in this case), and then they lose — that’s our Respect Cannabis campaign’s first goal.

The other major goal of Respect Cannabis is to righteously become Respect Perception, and perpetually (i.e. hopefully necessarily continue after my humanly and seamless departure into the aforementioned cosmic ocean of energy) helping address abuse in any of its many forms (actually as Stress Health — the entertainment project containing Respect Cannabis), while Respect Perception focuses upon addressing any abuse by intentional perception alteration (with drugs or otherwise) by the ever-improving power of entertaining education for all lifestyles (basically think open source entertainment with healthy educational nutrients).

To clarify in other simple words, focus upon apolitically opposing abuse, not use (i.e. not tragically ironically abusing innocent people supposedly defended by an unalienable right to liberty).

We need goodness. We need it in the public. We need it in journalism. We need it in any government. And we need it to thrive now, or a necessarily balancing reality will naturally make us all fittingly pay a regrettable price necessarily without mercy for foolishly popularly enabled abuses powerfully pressed against the innocent masses — perhaps including you and any applicable yours.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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