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Never disrespect survival, because survival is needed for everything you value? Who Cares

Introducing the Who Cares series and publication cycle of images for a healthy mental (including thought provocative and social) exercise.

You can select the image for largest viewing (1080HD is the original resolution, at least for now), and then right-click-save-as (or such) to download the original image file.

Each Who Cares post provides a link to this one, so that’s why there’s a reasonably thorough description of Who Cares here.

While I have my views with respect to each one, that’s irrelevant beyond being equally immersed with you all in whatever discussion (frankly if any) arises — noting I’m generally way too busy to engage in those discussions (and usually repeatedly include my views in other posts anyway from worst through best), so probably leave the Who Cares response exclusively within your very capable and purely voluntary hands (or other equally voluntary such).

Who Cares questions are meant for broadest social reach from the horribly juvenile (not my preference, but a reasonably likely outcome by the ‘monkey crap flingers’) to brilliant intellectual expression for community benefit.

Upon experiencing a Who Cares image, you have options. Do nothing, just let it naturally influence you in whatever way, technologically like it (or such), comment about it here (or other social areas where the image is published), share it, promote it on your monitor somewhere (e.g. a business using monitors for visual interest, a concert using a projector for similar interest, etc.), or grow from one or more images into whatever multimedia and/or social construct you desire. Even feel free to make and share your own images with Who Cares questioning.

There are only two rules pertaining to Who Cares.

Rule #1 is never intentionally conclusively harm anyone else.

That intention can only be concluded by the intender (not someone else leveraging their sensitivity or such), but harm done is obviously fully open to whatever lawful prosecution necessary for justice.

That harm includes abusively attaching the name Who Cares to different questions, statements, any product, and/or any service. If your own question obviously matches the Who Cares spirit (even if you’re creatively humorously making fun of it), then welcome aboard (all is good). The contrary offers yours truly plenty of options towards countermeasures, if need be on behalf of public safety and principle.

That harm implicitly includes respecting any copyright and trademark applicable to Who CaresTM. To clarify, you can use Who Cares content however you want with respect to the rules herein (even commercially), but you can’t steal that content via intellectual property securing (in part or whole) from yours truly to lock me (or anyone else) out of it.

If public domain trademarks ever lawfully exist after my death, and obviously if anyone actually cares enough about Who Cares, then Who Cares should be immediately placed there in any scope of relevancy.

In terms of copyright, Who Cares images and questions are licensed under the most public-friendly offering of Creative Commons — the CC0 license (maximally lawfully putting Who Cares content in the public domain in any scope of relevancy).

If intellectual property law (or anything else) fails yours truly in this Who Cares case, a righteously fitting curse (fit to reality’s flawless determination) is placed upon anyone violating the Who Cares spirit. Part of that curse is figuring out how to righteously end that curse (hint: do the right thing).

Rule #2 is Who Cares can only ask questions.

Other social areas include the Mind Healthy campaign’s Twitter location, and Playful Skull’s Imaginareum fan page at Facebook, so feel free to join us there.

For anyone visually challenged enough to use screen readers, Who Cares posting in this journal echo the questioning in the alternative property of the HTML code. Outside of this journal, however, you’ll need to supply your own method to ensure everyone can participate as righteously desired (e.g. add the question to the text part of your social networking post/share).

Who Cares images will be posted once here upon readiness (unless it makes community sense to change my mind about that — feel free to mutually constructively weigh in), but those other social areas will continuously (and hopefully non-annoyingly) cycle through the Who Cares image series for as long as sensible, so there will be ample opportunity for social connectivity (even that from scratch, which may be beneficial).

As an entertainer, I’m not a performer in the traditional sense. I rely upon the serious flexibility boost in publication possibilities by way of internet availability to perform my (and sometimes our) publication groove on the perpetual online stage. Though it probably goes without saying, Who Cares is an improvisational performance piece including audience reciprocation in that spirit.

Since I’m not a quote expert, you may find that Who Cares questioning comes at least close to similar quotes already well-established. Who Cares comes solely from my muse (I write them down when they come to me, and then curate out the ones failing to meet my reasonable standards), so any similarity is almost exclusively coincidental — albeit topnotch quotes have a way of inspiring us all, so may naturally work that quality via my muse.

I suppose it makes sense to disclaim that Who Cares doesn’t come from someone leveraging a psychology degree (or such), so as it usually pertains to psychics (etc.) — for entertainment purposes only.

May you and any applicable yours find harmless reward from the Who Cares experience.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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