Coconut Eggs

We (my mom and her personal caregiver — i.e. yours truly) made the switch from frying with olive oil to coconut oil, because apparently cooking with olive oil is potentially cancerous.

The only thing I fry in oil is our two morning eggs, so that’s my focal point here.

Considering that I have not been a complete fan of the coconut taste, I was concerned about the health switch, because eggs and coconuts seem at least questionable on the taste front.

However, I’m happy to report the switch was a resounding success!

Cold-pressed coconut oil is healthy and tastes better with eggs (to the point where I can’t use up the small amount of remaining olive oil with respect to this frying matter).

Food for me is all about health, taste, and preparation stress. Cost sometimes gets in the way on a tight budget, but I usually find a positive way to buy high-quality products regardless.

As cholesterol is less being associated with heart disease, while inflammation from sugar (grains, starches, etc.) apparently meets that association, I find an egg (including the yoke) to be a healthy source of protein. The coconut oil is a healthy fat.

Portion control is additionally leveraged to maintain positive health.

Taste has been covered in this case, so all that remains is preparation stress.

Crack one or two eggs (one per person) into a cereal bowl (or such), whip them up with a fork (or such), pour them onto an eight-inch frying pan at medium-ish heat with melted coconut oil (use your gut to determine healthy amount of oil, but I recommend basically just enough to coat the pan), basically wait a couple of minutes, flip the egg(s) and immediately turn off the heat (saves energy, and the pan is obviously still hot for a bit), wait about 30 seconds to adequately cook the other side, and serve.

I juggle that in with cooking a couple slices of bacon in a neighboring pan (portion kept low in part for sodium reasons), and then we consume a healthy breakfast with minimum unhealthy preparation stress. It helps that my mom graciously volunteers to clean the dishes (we don’t have an electronic dishwasher).

To help chickens’ stress levels, I only use cage-free eggs. Each one of us will die at some point, so it makes sense to provide the most positive living experience possible prior to that perceived end (i.e. money isn’t everything, but balancing energy is).

I hope that you’ll give coconut eggs a try, while remaining aware that the real health warning is to be careful of the cereals and breads (nonetheless sugar in general). Reasonable carbohydrates are the third major part of a healthy diet (fat and protein already covered), but I get that morning part from a ‘shot amount’ of orange juice — a beverage with a lot of sugar due to concentration — so I pour just enough to accompany my breakfast drinking needs (roughly an amount fitting a shot glass).

You can note that my morning coffee has already been consumed prior to breakfast (I’m always up and working around 5:00am — breakfast usually around 7:30am fwiw), and I take it black. For those of you on a budget, Master House’s Master Blend is reasonably balanced and tasteful. One of my mini-dreams is to improve our budget enough, so I can import Hawaiian Kona, but I digress.

Overall, I try to match my diet with evolutionary success (e.g. reasonable portions of veggies and meats without sauces, drink mainly water, etc.) Sugar exists in nature obviously (e.g. fruits), but humanity has transformed that sweet profit into a dangerous minefield of insulin issues putting ample unhealthy stress upon our healthcare system. Frankly I have a bit of a junk food issue, and I frustratingly feel the unhealthy impact (even though I hike up and down 200 foot hills about an hour daily on average).

Living a healthy life includes finding your fitting diet (one contributing to optimizing your stress levels), so watch out for one-size-fits-all expertise. I’m just a humble entertainer sharing my dietary experiences as part of my Stress Health entertainment project fwiw.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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