Liberty Against PTSD

Prompted by: Pot and PTSD: Veterans aren’t waiting on research, which worries doctors

My comment there…

The irrefutable fact is there’s no experimental science concluding any harm in moderate cannabis use (moderate meaning any use without objectively conclusively proven harm).

Science against cannabis merely suggests (with disclaimers explicitly stating the need for more research for certainty) that “heavy use” (and/or abuse) may/can (not does) cause harm, while too often (if not always) unacceptably failing to scientifically account for intake method differential (smoking versus vaporization, etc.), intake amount (not the unscientific measurement of “joints”, or such), and strain differential (a critically major factor in psychological impact with a bit more detail later in this comment to clarify).

These people have fought and suffered for liberty (supposedly an unalienable right). Give it to them, for maturely crying out loud!

Cannabis is a seriously complex plant. Saying cannabis helps or doesn’t help ultimately doesn’t help, because of the terrible vagueness of that supposed focus.

There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of different cannabis strains (two can each even feel dramatically different in terms of effects — feeling like taking two different drugs entirely), so cannabis is literally an oceanic class of symphonic drugs in effect.

With thankfully pure consistency (so reliably for familiarity), each strain has character, so basically can feel friendly, neutral, or unfriendly. A strain can feel passive or actively challenging for worst through best.

Finding the right cannabis fit is critical to healthy success, and there really is no one-size-fits-all cannabis solution (though the professionally grown strain “Cheese” is an excellent starter strain, as someone very close to me using cannabis to reasonably successfully deal with Alzheimer’s disease — the symptoms and apparently also the disease, the latter impossible by any traditional medical measure — can lawfully attest).

Cannabis is a part of palliative care. Unhealthy stress is the ultimate problem, and cannabis is not an automatic feel-good drug.

Cannabis use is a skill, and the oceanic variety of cannabis options is a powerful stress management tool set.

It would be a very easy skill to learn (and even responsibly master), if the abhorrently failed (concretely ineffective, highly destructive, very expensive, usually scientifically unwarranted, and flagrantly unconstitutional despite the outrageously ridiculous application of the terribly vague Commerce Clause) Certain Drug Prohibition (the war on [arbitrarily some] drugs) would be justly removed — so then actual education (not unethically demonizing scare tactics) could prevail to minimize abuse.

Best wishes to anyone meeting the challenge from serving our country in any uniform with my sincere thanks for any benefit meeting yours truly and my loved ones.

In the home of the brave, best mature public action to help them meet that challenge by giving them the right tools for the job — cannabis and even other psychedelics (e.g. MDMA and Ibogaine) are clearly leading the pack upon proper use to the justified displeasure of the selfishly powerful lobbying groups of deceptive and thuggish beneficiaries still unethically crying “dope” to make their ill-gotten buck in the land of the free.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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