Budgeting Deception and Thuggery

Prompted by “President’s drug control budget is a first, but still a whole lot of wasted money”: http://www.drugwarrant.com/2016/02/presidents-drug-control-budget-is-a-first-but-still-a-whole-lot-of-wasted-money

For years, those of us in drug policy reform have pointed out that, while the government talks about prevention and treatment, the federal government budget has always been weighted toward enforcement and interdiction. It’s been really telling that, while they know that supply side spending is ineffective, they’ve still been doing the most there, in part because so many entrenched interests are involved.

Finally, for the first time, the proposed budget is different.

So let me take a moment to congratulate the administration on finally spending less on attacking supply than on demand reduction and treatment. Good for you.

Now that I’ve done that…

They’re still proposing over 15 billion dollars on supply reduction efforts, which is an obscene amount of money to be pouring down that toilet. And out of the 15+ billion being spent on treatment and demand reduction, most of that is wasted as well, given the fact that the federal government is horribly behind in accepting scientific fact, and has its priorities based on political interests rather than good policy.

My comment there:

100% of the Certain Drug Prohibition budget fuels pure reason abuse and thuggery, based upon concrete results.

That’s immoral favoritism against public safety (while presented in the guise of upholding that safety) at its best.

Drug prohibition addiction requires a serious and mature public intervention now.

Sadly, the mainstream media continues to enable that hideous mass abuse by overwhelmingly dominantly refusing to challenge the legitimacy of the war on some drugs.

The people’s right to know, judicial sanity, and fundamental rights have all been thrown under the bus in the land of the free (press).

American exceptionalism? On what grounds? That the net result of “We the people” know how to hypocritically persecute minority groups throughout American history, so elitists can “prosper”?

End of comment, but a proposed resolution to this serious national problem literally horrendously plunging to the depths of all national problems forming the absence of any true American foundation:

Our Respect Cannabis campaign bypasses traditional judicial butchery combatively pressed upon the complexity of judicial nonsense leveraged as persecuting law to gradually secure limited positive changes still leaving way too many non-violent people to have their fundamental rights abhorrently violated in our nation excessively free of any care towards sound law.

In clarifying words, our campaign prefers to avoid politicizing this issue to support the traditional leftist (or hypocritical rightist) agenda that negates any respect for constitutional intent legitimately against the abuse of law.

Empowering the public sector to oppose private sector abuse (or other way around) is insane, because both sectors always naturally form the effectively governing oligarchy.

Passionately continuously pressing to empower the oligarchy to oppose oligarchical abuses, when history only shows merely an oligarchical shift — still with immoral favoritism against public safety — is senseless but obscenely popular.

Repeat that insanity cycle ad infinitum, and that includes the abhorrent popularity of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (actually all candidates with different flavors of) continuing to press for that baseless and demonstrably fallacious empowerment.

Our campaign instead leverages the pure (and grounded) logic forming our nation against abusive law to instantly and powerfully undermine any judicial legitimacy of the war on some drugs in the court of public opinion — the actual highest court of the land.

As you (along with yours truly) witness/experience in fear (and hopefully courage) as our nation continues to unhealthily fluctuate like a house off of its foundation, I ask you to join me now to powerfully wield scientific constitutionalism as the only logical remedy against abusive favoritism largely from the muddy rule-of-law obscenely complexly resulting from wildly subjectively (i.e. unfairly, so unjustly) defined law.

Reason abuse combined with thuggery (regardless of oligarchical sector) is the real problem.

Popular educational sources (e.g. mainstream media, public/private education, etc.) tragically reinforce that problem (i.e. they’re complicit towards benefiting reason abusers and thugs), so a positive informational rise (e.g. our campaign) is popularly needed for prompt remedy.

Scientific constitutionalism (wielding pure and grounded logic with responsible toughness), as defined (and fairly often refined) in reasonable detail in our Liberty Shield roots, is the only reasonable way to break the muddy cycle judicially strangling humanity to “benefit” net-resulting elitists (spiced with bloody revolutions upon excessive oppression).

Liberty Shield and Respect Cannabis are a powerful combination, but only when the public finally understands and embraces that power necessary to build an actual (inter)national foundation firmly placing reason abusers and thugs were they clearly belong — only forming a group of suffering losers (not empowered “leaders”).

That’s when Respect Cannabis can finally become decoupled from Liberty Shield and renamed to Respect Perception for us all.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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