Fear Not the Coming Night

We casually reach the end of the Healthy Work Ethic series of audio sculptures with a restfully anticipating eye on the horizon towards the upcoming Healthy Relaxation Ethic environment, reality permitting of course.

An extremely flexible publication environment is apparently a new concept in entertainment — made possible by the enormous boost in publication flexibility from modern communications technology.

Don’t expect Healthy Relaxation Ethic to be an album (or such), but a free-flowing exercise including whatever content in whatever form at whatever time that my muse naturally recommends.

In short, publication itself is now a performance parameter, so no longer necessarily tied down to the heavily rigid formality on behalf of the traditional entertainment industry.

The initial Healthy Work Ethic audio sculpture series seems misfitting, because the music often deviates from commonality, but that’s by natural design (like an awkward exercise towards maturity).

My formal involvement in Healthy Work Ethic ends (except some upcoming uniquely psychedelic “casual visual” videos for YouTube publication), but the Stress Health entertainment project (basically think open source entertainment) invites anyone to responsibly and respectably (i.e. harmlessly) continue to grow the public reach of this critical ethic towards healthy living among the oceanic varieties of lifestyles requiring that honorable reach.

Healthy Work Ethic is the tension part of Stress Health — like an inhale.

Healthy Relaxation Ethic is the release part — like an exhale.

Both ethics (regardless of Stress Health affiliation or otherwise) are perpetually critical in the breathing (literal and metaphorical sense) of life, and both must be balanced, because balance is stability, and stability is obviously required for responsibility and optimal health.

Sadly these days apparently through the extreme past, work (and positivity as opposed to balance) is considered productive, while relaxation is considered taking a break from being productive. That consideration is widely and deeply dangerously wrong fundamentally against public safety.

Relaxation is also obviously productive (e.g. the unhindered natural healing process forming stronger people).

Any society first achieving that fundamentally critical balance/stability between those ethics (including enough resources to healthily sustain that general balance) is likely the dominant one, because optimal stress management throughout society logically forms better results in all areas therein (logically including a serious reduction in violence and other abuses).

Contrary to perhaps dominating ‘straw people’ opinion (yeah, it felt right to attempt humor there for some questionable reason), the economy doesn’t suffer from less work hours to optimally healthily balance work (including family related work) and relaxation, because the expansion of relaxation necessarily naturally includes economic activity (e.g. vacations, spas, entertainment, and other relaxation products/services).

Healthier people logically means healthier productivity within work hours, so the reduction of work hours for that key balance is not automatically coupled with a reduction of work output.

Healthy Relaxation Ethic is the peaceful revolution against the widespread and deep insanity of allowing employees to be driven hard into high levels of unhealthy stress supposedly for productivity, so increasing the risk/danger of stupidity and consequent abuse(s) that come from the mental distortions of being overworked (including placing a devastatingly severe burden upon our healthcare system).

Harm is the proper basis for judicial application, so harm from being overworked must be illegal, but obviously is not.

When (or if, prior to extinction) humanity earns a firm understanding of the physical nature of mental harm, that harm signature thankfully forms serious judicial leverage against society abusers (all forms of reason abusers and thugs inevitably against civility).

I say physical nature, because there’s literally no science confirming any boundary is objective (as opposed to merely perceived by a scientifically purely and seamlessly energetic brain, at least according to mainstream physics), which includes the unfortunately popular lines separating body, mind, and spirit.

Science (e.g. dark matter, dark energy, virtual particles, gravitons, quantum entanglement, mathematically necessary extra dimensions, theoretically possibly an infinite number of universes, etc.) clearly reveals physicality enormously (actually infinitely with no logical possibility of an actual boundary at the supposed edge of existence itself) extends beyond human perception. That’s critical to understand, because of the faulty but powerful leverage in concluding mentality and spirituality defy physicality — a strong breeding ground for insanely leveraging irrationality as rational.

Any science-minded person probably needs an elaboration regarding my claim of the impossibility of any boundary at the edge of existence itself. It’s logically impossible to exist outside of existence itself, just as it’s impossible to travel north of the North Pole. I don’t rely upon (nor need, in this case) math, which is the sole lingual focus of apparently all scientists, but I (unfortunately uniquely) instead leverage the equally fully logical nature of worded certainties. The boundless existence certainty is literally the supreme anchor certainty, because the absence of boundaries is the absence of relativity (which obviously relies upon defined boundaries for comparison). Therefore, the only logical conclusion is existence (a.k.a. reality) is objectively an undefinable extreme.

If you want the full details (including the seamless and logical connection between that undefinable extreme and the defined complexity of reality as we experience it) and literally extreme grounding of this naturally inevitably spiritual logic (if you will), it all waits patiently, conveniently (no registration, or such), and freely for scientific scrutiny in the form of Reality Waveform theory. It’s a bit of a logical mountain to climb (the wording can be challenging due to my need to keep it purely logical without possible confusion from muddy terminology), but it can be done by any reasonable mind in fairly short duration (the theory and supporting content isn’t very long).

Understanding that reality is purely physical energy helps anyone (e.g. you) significantly, because you then become aware of the subjective nature of your boundaries.

Eventually, you may even gain control over the metaphorical volume knob in your brain amplifying boundary perception itself, so you can then control the intensity of distinction itself (hint: turning — actually resting to passively turn — that volume knob all the way down is required for optimal meditation where you maximally resonate as one with reality itself — no distinction).

If you’re interested in the prior posts of this Healthy Work Ethic series, then…

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My highly recommended way to experience Healthy Work Ethic is to turn off the lights, set your best audio system to your loudest comfortable volume, apply a comforting and lawfully used psychedelic (e.g. cannabis) — e.g. Blue Dream — and listen to (i.e. ride) the whole 45 minute long “sonaride”…

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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