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Prompted by “DEA Allows Cannabis Imports to Facilitate the Big Pharma of Marijuana”:

Instead of being publicly compelled to justify Cannabis Prohibition (actually, Certain Drug Prohibition in general), which they literally cannot do at all (they’re always welcome to try here, but forewarned that I do honestly verbally bite hard), prominent proponents for such prohibition are engaged in a different tactic (destructively without mainstream media — so basically public — scrutiny).

Cannabis Prohibition is basically 75% of the war on some drugs, popular statistically speaking, so ending that prohibition is severely devastating to their cash (and other forms of power) cow.

They’re clearly losing the legal battle on the cannabis front apparently in major part due to state medical legality (e.g. 23 states and counting — some even on recreational usage grounds).

It’s hard to argue with the many medical cannabis success stories. My mom is thankfully one of them, as she has only improved (albeit not completely, but certainly amazingly within just one year of mild cannabis use) against Alzheimer’s disease, which is supposed to be deadly impossible.

Their goal is to control that medicine.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has all but refused to acknowledge lawful cannabis producers as part of legitimate commerce here in the United States, but that has not stopped the agency from working with corporate drug pushers in the importation of cannabis products to be used to facilitate the Big Pharma takeover of the medical marijuana industry.

A federal notice released earlier this month indicates that big government has given a New Jersey drug development company called Catalent Pharma Solutions permission to begin importing various forms of cannabis into the United States to be administered to patients in clinical trials. The “finished pharmaceutical products containing cannabis extracts” will be shipped to the company’s research facility in Kansas City, Missouri, which develops and tests medications in “oral dose forms.”

Unfortunately, the true Monster of Marijuana has a special luxury that remains unavailable to those companies selling pot products in retail outlet across the country – flexible DEA scheduling.

Their goal then is to leverage that control to convince the public to keep recreational and certain medical cannabis illegal — a desperate attempt likely doomed to thankfully fail along the lines with everything else they’ve ever set out to accomplish in their perpetually ‘force a square peg into a round hole’ endeavor purely for selfish enrichment in the guise of upholding public safety.

These people demonstrate no morality. They would rather destroy fundamental liberty, law, and health selfishly to sustain their blatantly evil cash cow.

They demonstrate no respect for constitutional law (despite their formal oath to protect and enforce it), especially considering the (undeniably illegally redefined) Commerce Clause is obviously an inappropriate basis for Certain Drug Prohibition by any rationale (even after that redefining).

They demonstrate effective thievery by sustaining that cash cow with many billions of taxpayer dollars annually, while providing no concrete evidence of even slight success towards their firmly stated goals of a “drug-free” America.

They demonstrate no care for equal treatment under the law (actually equality itself). Alcohol and tobacco are clearly ‘Schedule I’ substances by any logical measure. Corporate favoritism is judicially sanctioned. Heavy racial disparities exist, according to their arrest statistics.

They demonstrate no care for science. The fact is there’s no experimental science concluding any harm from moderate cannabis use. They turn proclaimed suggestive science (at best — obvious junk science otherwise) deceptively into tough talking affirmations. They unethically swap the words use and abuse merely to their demonizing convenience.

They demonstrate no care for honest education. They take the occasional abuse anecdotes and turn them into scaremongering against all users. Honest education and hypocrisy don’t mix. How many of these sanctioned thugs support American football, where basically an equal percentage of abuse occurs (even at the high school level to a deadly degree)? Where’s the pressure towards prohibiting American football by these hypocritical thugs?

They demonstrate only selfish and desperate measures to ensure their evil cash cow is sustained obviously at any cost — even by widespread and deeply unhealthy stress majorly against public safety.

An excessively large part of the public unethically demonstrably responds with a collective yawn, because the mainstream media (in bed with our oligarchy — especially law enforcement — to continuously secure newsworthy information about tragic events) has basically convinced them to react that way.

Too many citizens have been unethically and idiotically taught to ignore the validity of strictly limiting oligarchical power by concretely constitutional law (to prevent the mass destruction from the abuse of law itself), and way too many people (those unlikely to be persecuted in this case, because they don’t use “illicit” drugs) are self-absorbed in a way negating any problem with mass persecution against millions of non-violent strangers (i.e. fellow citizens).

Noting that I’m not a Christian (or such), and refuse to deify anyone on purely logical grounds, the following should hit hard on the national front during the materialistic scramble to secure goods to uphold a white lie (think obese man putting stuff under a tree cut from its roots but kept livingly green to celebrate a special birth).

God bless America?

On what grounds?

Based upon the whole truth (and nothing but), our nation is in serious trouble, while the sleeping giant that is the masses is conditioned by slick smiles and charmingly seductively composed tones (the mainstream media and politicians) to ignore that seriousness.

Where are the real heroes? I’ll humbly do my best to support them, but where are they amongst us?

Is self-absorption really the best path? Apparently there are no true heroes to successfully defend the public at large, but there are a bunch of groups pressing their own agenda by reason abuse and thuggery (survival of the “fittest”).

Sure there are heroes. Good members of military and law enforcement (not to mention among other areas of society) engaged in brutal work that honorably saves lives, but not the public at large, despite their formal oath to serve and protect the public.

It sure looks like everyone is basically convinced that self-absorption is king. Are you?

Might makes right, but what makes might?

Ultimately the answer to that question rests with each one of us and logically (y)our duty to give a damn.

I’ll keep practicing my writing here, and patiently wait for you to recognize the validity of my work when you finally feel the pressure from that serious national trouble to a degree no longer containable via reason abuse (“conventional wisdom”).

I would love to end on a positive note, but that can only be provided by you.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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