Court Addicts

Prompted by “New Report Finds Most Cannabis Treatment Is Court Ordered”:

It is not uncommon for the opposing forces of marijuana legalization to use rehabilitation rates as ammunition…

A recent study from Uncle Sam’s Department of Health & Human Services indicates that over half the people who undergo treatment programs to remove the dreaded marijuana monkey from their backs are only doing so because the criminal justice system gave them the option of rehab or jail.

During the torturous ‘tax and regulate’ mantra of traditional leftists (TLs) showing reckless regard for constitutional law, while basically millions of people suffer to varying degrees from the ravages of law abuse, I believe there needs to be a new kind of voice ready to promptly stomp out that abuse (in whole, so not just cannabis part).

That stomping comes from publicly reversing the angle and demonstrating the only true drug scourge is drug prohibition addiction — a disease that doesn’t just affect a relatively small group of people in the impact zone (as all drug abuse does), but literally forms mass suffering on an epic scale based purely on lies and effective thievery on par with the macrocosm of the stereotypical heroin addict — and also shows reckless regard for constitutional law (i.e. blatantly illegal redefined Commerce Clause and the equally illegal disarmed ninth amendment).

Our nation is coming apart at the seams, and it’s all due to wild subjectivity forming conflicting consensuses overwhelmingly complexly forming law (and all of the consequent unhealthy stress leading to rampant poor judgement — insert sickly distorted feedback loop here).

Law abuse is rampant to the point where the floodgates have opened and risk management by judicial remedy pours throughout our lives like a pack of wolves praying upon the (inclusively innocent) masses.

That comes from vague constitutional language that unethically politicized judges leverage to form the powerful entrenchment of legal precedence on behalf of their political agendas.

TLs are demonstrably insane. Sure many (if not most, or even all) of them have the right intention (ultimately better health), but their methodology hideously solely involves reason abuse and thuggery (obviously the antithesis of better health).

Reason abuse (besides outright lying) comes in the form of selective reasoning. Unethical data manipulation, oversimplified conclusions (and ample vitriol against anyone righteously undermining them), and the blunt ignoring of the abuse of law demonstrated so often throughout history worldwide (including this moment upon authorship here), that ignoring can only be described as insanely evil — at moral best fitting the saying, ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions.’

While TLs want (actually need) to disarm the masses — or at least weaken their defensive capabilities against the supposed blessed government gone outrageously recklessly rogue — because they supposedly hate guns and violence, actuality forms the contrary.

Academic thuggery leverages academic qualities to form elitist concepts of equality then applied against the masses in the form of judicial thuggery. If you conform to their elitist insanity, then you’re “fine”. Cross swords (or such) and then eventually you face the barrel of the TL gun and the violence meeting your refusal to conform.

It’s all about power.

The voting lever gives you virtually no power, but you’re not really meant to have power in the TL world (unless you’re among the elites). You’re meant to accept their definition of regulation for equality, and all of the stifling against creativity naturally accompanying that overly simplistic elitist application forming monstrous unhealthy stress throughout society sickly on behalf of egotism — an illness that should disqualify people from assuming positions of power, but instead remains outrageously ignored to monstrously mass detriment.

In the TL world, you’re not special, unless you’re among the elitists (gross hypocrisy).

Regulations (euphemism for prohibitions) are presented to protect the public, but demonstrably only serve to protect dominating areas of the oligarchy. There’s no peace in the bid for power, and the masses simply (sadly willingly) serve as fodder during that bid — like a deer trapped in headlights.

I don’t need to cry revolution, because despite the complete public hiding of this fact, the American Revolution hasn’t ended yet. Certainly the British military was defeated and formal national independence secured over two centuries ago, but the fundamental point of our nation is still ignored to this very day across the political spectrum — leveraging fundamental law to prevent the abuse of law.

That prevention squarely conflicts with judicial risk management (and always will), but that hasn’t stopped the runaway train of elitist conflicts to define risk (so inevitably liberty against the unalienable right to liberty).

Pre-American conservatism deeply plagues the traditional rightists, because they cannot reconcile the difference between an unalienable right to liberty and their moral elitism leveraged to build a different flavor of mass dominance (one basically leveraging religious and economic thuggery to form judicial thuggery). The masses are sick of their hypocrisy, because the mainstream media (apparently mainly voting Democrat) are happy to broadcast that hypocrisy on behalf of the TL agenda, so that agenda is horribly winning — and our nation is (so far gradually) horribly failing due to aforementioned insanity.

There’s only one chance to save our nation — a new political movement designed to logically empower the masses to build an objective (so fair, and therefore just) Constitution that no longer can be politicized via vague language.

More than a political movement, scientific constitutionalism logically strengthens health overall, because its foundation is logically improving language itself to identify and form more certainties (and assembling certainties to build greater social constructs of non-muddy strength). Better language obviously means better law, education, science, so ultimately health (no reason abuse or thuggery ever needed).

While pure honesty (grounded solely in strictest application of the scientific method that has been successfully applied in rapidly advancing technology and elsewhere for worst through best) is the leverage of scientific constitutionalists, so too is responsible toughness.

Distinction from thuggery comes from the intention and competence to defend civility by leveraging that toughness to actually respectably defend the peace — so culture, science, education, and obviously ultimately health — areas necessary to progress humanity.

Thugs don’t care about anything but blunt and direct dominance (never peace), and only serve that dominance as their worshipped strength. If you don’t dominate in a way fit for them, you’re weak (so problematic) in their minds.

Scientific constitutionalism begins the arduous (and frankly likely multi-generational) journey towards a conclusively (not suggestively) scientific definition of harm — a definition currently merely left to the victors of thuggish ravages (ironic harm).

Ultimately, harm is apparently subjective (according to mainstream physics, it’s all energy, so what’s harm, objectively speaking?), but that cannot deter humanity from focusing upon the best scientific definition of harm (nonetheless mass defense — including allowing individuals to maximally technologically arm themselves against thugs of all flavors) for best and real health strengthening.

Find me one other species disarming their individual defense (again, a major TL goal is to disarm the masses), because of the occasional lunatics. That disarmament simply doesn’t exist, and neither should the masses be disarmed in this often brutal world where even good law enforcement (or even military) cannot instantly defend you from the many thugs out there.

The result of the scientific constitutionalists’ journey will undeniably negate the crushingly dominant and judicially thuggish imposition of “treatment” for certain drug users arbitrarily persecuted for oligarchical benefit demonstrably against public safety (for several decades and largely counting).

The result of that journey will not be to remove tragedy — which is inherent in reality — but to optimally ensure that tragedy strikes the reason abusers and thugs for true progress on behalf of humanity and any species impacted by that journey.

Though the language can be tough due to my insistence upon full certainty there, you can read the fully logical (including firmly grounded) informational roots of our Liberty Shield entertainment (education) project that clearly shows how truly progressive/liberal/American-conservative/libertarian the United States of America was supposed to be — starting over two centuries ago (e.g. including necessarily instantly ending all forms of judicial discrimination, including slavery and gender bias).

“We the people” illegally chose the wrong path, and our nation is in serious trouble as a result.

Feel free to join us to guide “We the people” to the right (and lawful) path by participating (even if only minimally) as scientific constitutionalists.

We the scientific constitutionalists logically cannot be stopped, but that won’t stop the reason abusers and thugs from desperately trying to secure their dominance.

We can continue to insanely court the addicts of power, or preferably maturely place them in treatment by purely sound reasoning backed by responsible toughness.

Your choice and duty.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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