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Prompted by “Study: Medical Marijuana Laws Associated with Decreased Obesity”:

Society is getting screwed by oligarchical influence, and that includes senior citizens. Oh sure, the prompting piece associates cannabis laws with less obesity, but I usually grow my points from the prompts to encompass the big picture (i.e. get to the literally critical basics of it all).

Cannabis is associated with an unbelievable array of health improvements.

My mom (diagnosed with the unavoidably deadly Alzheimer’s disease) has been steadily cognitively improving from responsibly mildly using cannabis. I’m frankly astonished along with our remaining family and friends, especially considering her improvement is so impressive within only one year of cannabis use. She may make a full recovery, and be apparently the first person ever to defy that disease (I’ll obviously keep you posted).

Your body has a natural (endo)cannabinoid system apparently responsible for homeostasis (stability). Stressors deteriorate that system over time, which obviously leads to instability and all of the health problems accompanying that imbalance.

Properly adding phytocannabinoids from cannabis helps restore stability.

I also maintain that careful cannabis use (including careful strain selection) has a positive psychological impact, so protects neurology like Earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar radiation. Improving neurological symphony by technological means (like clothing for the mind) has a strong future, if humanity can embrace that improvement before instability from pure mental nakedness (like monkeys hurling crap at each other to violent ends) destroys at least our species.

I usually harmonize with the intentions of traditional political leftists (e.g. no discrimination on the basis of skin color, gender, sexual preference, drug choice, etc.), but loathe their brutal and demonstrably highly destructive methodology (butchering law by any means to achieve their ends to “strengthen” government). Meanwhile, an actualized unalienable right to liberty (i.e. liberty limited only by the right itself) — a national obligation still ignored after over two centuries due to pre-American conservatism spanning the political spectrum like an overwhelmingly dominant insurgency — should have logically instantly ended all discrimination in terms of lawful application. Constitutionally speaking, see the illegally oligarchically disarmed amendment nine in the Bill of Rights that obviously judicially upholds our fundamental rights.

Cannabis is no different on the political front. It’s all ‘tax and regulate’ (the main, if not sole, mantra of traditional leftists). That approach is better than outright prohibition, so our Respect Cannabis campaign supports that betterment.

However, my approach would be seriously sharper to the point where the war on some drugs overall would likely come to an immediate righteous halt, so save millions of non-violent people otherwise doomed right now essentially perpetually throughout future generations — all logically without disrespecting constitutional sanity.

Our Respect Cannabis campaign — obviously with proper resources — would inclusively leverage the enormous health benefit for senior citizens from mild cannabis vaporization, so firmly encourage (at least arguably) the strongest voting block to press hard against remnants of a literally selfishly idiotic oligarchical policy very slowly fading away into a grossly confusing and complexly unconstitutional mess by ‘tax and regulate’ at best.

Ending the war on some drugs should be a literal slam-dunk, if sanity comes to power.

Certain Drug Prohibition is blatantly unconstitutional, ineffective, expensive, destructive, and (at least in the case of cannabis) scientifically unwarranted. Proponents for that war literally cannot sustain even a single point in their favor. I welcome anyone to give it a try in my comments section (e.g. I dare you to seriously ask me, “What about heroin?”).

Responsible cannabis (and certain other psychedelic) use reduces unhealthy stress, so improves intelligence and other areas of health by the resulting composure strengthening with all of the positive rippling effects of that improvement throughout society. That (logically greatly) reduces the burden on our overburdened healthcare system.

It’s reasonably easy to learn that responsibility, when a rogue prohibition concretely proven to do literally nothing but ruin millions of innocent lives (in obvious violation of constitutional law) to varying degrees is completely removed.

Traditional leftists proclaim they’re progressive, but that’s a lie (the butchery of reason abuse runs perfectly strong within that tradition).

Strong government against private sector abuse has existed basically all throughout history. Once you understand that power itself honors no sector line, then you understand that the oligarchy (spanning both private and public sectors) — link to Washington Times piece titled “America is an oligarchy, not a democracy or republic, university study finds” — is being unconstitutionally grossly empowered to stop an abusive oligarchy (pure insanity in logical and historical terms).

An unalienable right to liberty, however, is truly progressive (and unprecedented) — and logically opposes all abusive destruction by law.

Until Certain Drug Prohibition is gone, our Liberty Shield entertainment project (focused upon strengthening language and consequently law in general via scientific constitutionalism) is synchronized with our Respect Cannabis campaign (part of our Stress Health entertainment project).

If you’re unfamiliar with an entertainment project, basically think a name and a logo combined with a simple guide to form an open entertainment movement taking full advantage of the oceanic publication flexibility of Internet communications to benefit society. Effective education requires responsible entertainment for learning interest, so these projects are also education projects.

While cannabis is broadly healing with minimal side effects, our senior community is inundated with (too often severely or even deadly) harsh pharmaceuticals with questionable net-resulting benefit (nonetheless high financial costs at times). Why? Because our oligarchy cares about anyone else only to the degree that cattle receives such care, based upon the whole truth (and nothing but).

Strengthening the oligarchy doesn’t strengthen society, especially in the case of judicially “regulating” overwhelmingly complex systems (e.g. economy, human behavior, etc.) That’s the ‘liberty defined by elitist definition of equality’ dinosaur that should immediately join the ‘liberty defined by religious morality’ dinosaur to become fossilized under the healthy feet of scientific constitutionalists (preferably including you).

Strengthening individuals by strengthening their ability to strengthen themselves is the strength of society. Disrupt that strength (e.g. degrade the masses into stupidly sheepish cattle) and it only becomes a matter of time until the sink hole of power consumes the severely corrupt oligarchy too.

I refine my informational roots basically monthly, but they’re strong enough to read (and weigh in on) now, if you’re interested in a fully logical grounding of my points herein. Each of my informational roots is only roughly about the length of a five-page article, so shouldn’t take up too much of your precious time.

Liberty Shield informational roots

Respect Cannabis informational roots

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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