Thin Blue Nonsense

Prompted by “Policing for Profit: Cops Took More from Citizens Than Burglars Did Last Year”:

Law enforcement use of asset forfeiture laws to seize property—often without a criminal conviction or even an arrest—has gone through the roof in recent years, and now the cops are giving the criminals a run for their money—and winning.

According to a new report on asset forfeiture from the Institute for Justice, police seized $4.5 billion in cash and property through civil forfeiture last year. That exceeds the $3.9 billion worth of property stolen in burglaries during the same period. The valuation of burglary proceeds is from the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report.

The thin blue line has disappeared into flavors of criminality in a thuggish ‘might makes right’ application of our ‘spin the wheel of justice’ version of a so-called rule-of-law.

Obviously unsafe against the public, the ‘above the law’ rampage continues amid the apathy of an excessively ignorant populace — the only group with enough power to put a firm stop to that rampage — usually in the form of a revolution, because that apathy prevents a responsible press against oligarchical abuse before oppression reaches critical mass.

Yes, there are the familiar torturously slow presses by government to reign itself in by that spinning (some new laws passed and others proposed against this sanctioned thievery — instead of prosecutions using the good old law against theft), but as anyone reading my work often finds, there’s a fundamental problem at the core of governance putting us all at terrible risk. Yes, that includes the children proclaimed to be protected by lawlessness in the guise of law.

It also includes legitimate judicial members (e.g. good cops) facing a powerfully and understandably distrusting public, which is also potentially dangerous for us all.

There’s no rule-of-law in practice, so it really is a “jungle out there”.

When the masses refuse to hold their oligarchical overlords accountable (too often pathetically believing in the meager leverage of political voting), that rampage is the only sanely expected outcome.

Might makes right, but what makes might?

Too often placated by a mainstream media refusing to report the grossly inconsistent application of law (due to an obvious conflict of interest favoring our government for the freshest and continuous information regarding the tragic events at least questionably dominating their broadcasts), the masses trudge along in conformance with (at least arguably) the worst demonstration of the Big Lie technique throughout history.

Traditional political leftism is strongly pressing these days with their same old tired distinction between the public and private sectors, so leaders of the public sector pound their fists for more power to oppose the “1%” private-sector-wise.

That amounts to empowering the oligarchy to prevent oligarchical abuse.

That’s obviously insane, right? History only agrees, while the rich have always remained rich (albeit an oligarchical shift at best) and the poor — with no leverage upon remaining disorganized — get screwed by that abuse. Then sadly enter the elitist traditional leftists to again passionately raise support supposedly on behalf of the poor to actually repeat the horrible cycle ad infinitum.

There’s no sector line in power, folks. Leaders of the private sector dominantly influence and sometimes become leaders of the public sector and vice versa. If you need a power line, then it’s between the oligarchy and everyone else, but even that “line” is fuzzy.

You want an example of the resulting mess? The healthcare industry.

You think it’s all about abusive insurance companies, so strengthening the government is the answer? Where do you think insurance company leverage comes from? Government laws forming a medical monopoly and all of the consequently outrageous (and supposedly illegal) price fixing — prices so high, that you need insurance even for regular checkups — which puts even more power in the hands of insurance companies (power strengthening their judicial influence).

Want a single-payer system to replace that healthcare mess? That’s apparently (albeit logically certainly) the traditional leftist plan.

Then your hard-earned money pays for “free” healthcare, and without fresh competition to prevent unhealthy large business stagnation (what small businesses — powerful leverage for the masses essentially disarmed by oligarchical judicial regulations ultimately on behalf of such unhealthy market/oligarchical dominance — are all about in terms of relevance here), the monopolistic abuses (e.g. poor products/services) stand.

You love the wheel of justice? Then you’ll also love the wheel of healthcare quality. If you’re in the oligarchy, your odds of receiving quality care go way up.

Regardless of your societal status (but especially if you’re not oligarchy material), learn to best manage your stress for optimal health, and conduct research into any recommendation by your doctor to verify there’s no financial conflict of interest (e.g. pointless tests, misfitting or outright needless prescriptions and/or surgery).

Find me one society “empowering the masses” via socialism, communism, and any other relevant ‘ism’ that I may be missing in which the wealthy elite lose their power towards financial equality. It simply does not exist.

You can think about that, after the world’s leaders flew on their private planes to discuss the traditional leftist application of global “law” to supposedly address climate change amid the continuing debate over the dangers involving that issue.

Because humanity can’t control it, I put my money on solar power upon reaching the efficiency and storage capacity finally deprecating fossil fuels — all without that global “law” strictly conforming to the elitist leaders of traditional leftism working to secure their elitist status to live in nice homes, and enjoy other fruits from coercively dictating how you get to live with no actual care towards you and any possible yours (again, if history is any indication).

Oh sure, they’re smart enough to care about you to the degree sustaining their power, but that care is similar to that towards cattle.

Of course, then there’s traditional rightism — the true ironic source of traditional leftist empowerment.

Such rightists too often believe in mass rights infringement by their religious definition of morality, which is often a serious public turnoff at least in the “land of the free”. In short, they also form elitism against public safety, so where do you turn?

What’s missing in all of that reason abuse and thuggery?

Strictest (i.e. proper) application of the scientific method (distinct from scientific conclusions, which may be wrong) to ground our species in understanding via indisputable certainty, which certainly exists, as clearly proven by the existence of technology.

Without that grounding, you understand whatever your oligarchy (too often fueled by selfish hypocrisy) coerces you to understand.

What makes might these days without governance by the scientific method?

Reason abuse and thuggery.

What makes might upon embracing scientific constitutionalism as certainly and fundamentally defined in our Liberty Shield informational roots?

Purely honest understanding.

What does that understanding include? The Rule of Reality, which means nobody scientifically can ever get away with abuse — a dramatic human behavior game-changer in the form of a fundamentally natural governance logically necessary for our species to get to the next level (one where reason abuse and thuggery would simply destroy us).

What’s included in that next level? Technologically controlling the weather.

Imagine the politically driven and excessively selfish tinkering of the overwhelmingly complex system called the global economy mathematically lining us all up for a serious economic correction ruining countless lives from the hideous mass distortion of value by that selfishness and outright stupidity.

Now apply that essentially unreported corruption towards controlling the weather, and life on Earth likely literally dies upon that similar correction. Where and when will it rain? What will happen to tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on? All up for politically motivated abuse, based upon “leadership” being too often immaturely exercised these days.

Think I’m full of crap? Prove it against this man so sensitively aware of the ‘partial truth = whole truth’ scam, that I’ll debatingly eat you alive (including simply ignoring outrageous examples of that scam) upon attempting it here, simply because I always have (and will do my best to, health willing) practice what I propose — the same full grounding in understanding that I firmly propose you support simply to begin the long duration of momentum (I assume spanning many generations) it typically takes to get the societal job done right.

You want a call-to-action? Then call yourself to action, and find a way to help that fits your style. Always remember that thuggery and/or reason abuse can never be a part of that style, so hypocrisy (part of injustice) is avoided.

Society can no longer remain dominantly apathetic, while the oligarchy works hard to control (censor) the Internet to prevent mass organization needed to fight oppression — the true scourge causing mass unhealthy stress leading to serious drug (food, sex, money, etc.) abuse, and outright violence (e.g. mass shootings).

Traditional political leftists also insanely want the oligarchy to determine whether or not you can properly (i.e. maximally effectively) arm yourself against their oppression. Feel safe? If so, aforementioned apathy awaits. Otherwise, all big movements start by a small group of supporters, so even minimal support helps us secure traction.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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