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Prompted by “Study: Cannabis Improves Outcomes in Opioid-Dependent Subjects Undergoing Treatment”:

Cannabis use is associated with improved outcomes in opioid-dependent subjects undergoing outpatient treatment, according to data published online ahead of print in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Urgently note that alcohol is a drug, scientifically speaking, so this ‘drugs and alcohol’ (or such) word selection is foolish and represents the confusingly pathetic state of “drug control”.

Moreover, the word dependence is also confusing. Are you also (sip) dependent upon the drug known as caffeine each day? Drugs are technological alterations for worst through best, so dependence is not necessarily problematic. We’re dependent upon clothing to a degree at which it’s unlawful to run around naked in public.

English apparently evolves from linguists identifying new publicly popular terms and formally adding them to the dictionary, but there needs to be a simultaneous push towards scientifically exploring certainty to form concise wording for optimal communication evolution.

Use and abuse should be defined with a hard-line distinction, for perfect example. Use is harmless, while abuse is harmful — while harm is scientifically conclusively (not merely suggestively at best) defined in terms of liberty infringement.

Substance use disorder (or such) would no longer be appropriate, but heroin (i.e. specific substance name(s) only) abuse would be due to prompt clarity.

…patients who consumed herbal cannabis during the outpatient treatment phase were more readily able to sleep, were less anxious and were more likely to complete their treatment as compared to those subjects who did not.

What most people fail to understand and support is cannabis is a highly flexible and powerful stress management tool that performs vastly superior to many (if not most, or even all) relevant pharmaceuticals with their lousy (if not seriously destructive) side effects.

According to the prohibitionist U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (way back in 1995 nonetheless)…

“Researchers have long recognized the strong correlation between stress and substance abuse…” [emphasis mine]

However, there’s no ‘war’ on unhealthy stress. Again the aforementioned foolishness dictates all stress is bad by dominant definition, so the pitiful ‘tough guy’ excuse is we’re all stressed out (get over it).

Civility obviously demands that ‘war’, and better communication of a critical subject (health) concludes there’s healthy and unhealthy stress.

Getting a positive workout at the gym is healthy stress. Working the job you love with best competence is healthy stress. Making love is healthy stress. Brilliantly supporting your family is healthy stress.

Fitting cannabis intake (as with other psychedelics) works against unhealthy stress.

As legality continues positive momentum, people new to cannabis will realize the ocean of possibilities for neurological harbor structuring by way of psychedelic (e.g. cannabis) harmony usually with a mild amplification minimizing the risk towards other activities.

“One of the interesting study findings was the observed beneficial effect of marijuana smoking on treatment retention,” authors concluded. “Participants who smoked marijuana had less difficulty with sleep and anxiety and were more likely to remain in treatment as compared to those who were not using marijuana, regardless of whether they were taking dronabinol or placebo.”

Great, but why smoking? Vaporization with electronic temperature control is apparently vastly superior in terms of health, so why is any study avoiding this modern and logically eventually most popular intake method (the one costing users much less money due to superior intake efficiency)?

I’ve started to notice that heavy users don’t distinguish between different strains. Willie Nelson, for prime example, reportedly doesn’t care about sativa versus indica. I’m not being critical of Mr. Nelson, but advancing a casual warning.

People new to cannabis have a wonderful opportunity to get into the mild (through sensibly strong enough) vaporized cannabis ‘universe’ resonating an oceanic set of neurological effects distinctions. Blue Dream is indeed very different than Granddaddy Purple, and strain popularity is a reasonable indication that many people indeed experience that distinction.

Heavy users apparently dampen their neurology to a degree at which those distinctions disappear. A friend of mine who constantly used cannabis long ago amusingly told me that he needed to smoke a joint just to feel normal.

Cannabis dampening is a serious issue, so I hope to start reading articles pertaining towards addressing that seriousness.

Overdose deaths involving opioids have increased dramatically in recent years. While fewer than 4,100 opiate-induced fatalities were reported for the year 1999, by 2010 this figure rose to over 16,600, according to an analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Another reminder among the literally complete set of them concluding there’s no concrete evidence proving Certain Drug Prohibition is even slightly effective towards achieving its proponents’ goals on behalf of public safety, but there’s ample evidence to the contrary (e.g. increasing overdose deaths, no drug-free prison system, etc.)

Cannabis is not a “joke”, but ‘drug warriors’ (and their large support group) demonstrably are, based upon the whole truth (and nothing but).

If you want to dance in the traditional world of ‘tax and regulate’, then fine. It’s better than outright prohibition. However, if you want to most promptly save millions of non-violent (so sanely defined as innocent) lives from varying degrees of ruin due to a horribly destructive policy selfishly putting tens of billions of precious taxpayer dollars annually into the wrong wallets (e.g. upholding rampant thuggery on both sides of the thin blue line), then you need to join yours truly and get serious here.

You can conveniently freely start with our Respect Cannabis informational roots, and/or you can similarly freely get fully logically grounded (so perfectly strong against the rampant reason abuse) in the rule-of-law that ironically undeniably (when corruption is removed) undermines Certain Drug Prohibition by understanding our Liberty Shield informational roots.

Prohibitionists attain their credibility from the illusion that law is on their side combined with the essentially complete refusal by the mainstream media to expose this severe national scam — because law enforcement is generally on the front lines of the tragic events that media outlets obviously love to report (never “bite the hand that feeds”).

It’s fine time “We the people” responsibly form a public intervention against the real drug scourge — drug prohibition abuse.

We need you, so are you with us?

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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