Silicon Valley LSD

Prompted by “LSD Microdosing Gaining Popularity For Silicon Valley Professionals”:

Rolling Stone reports that an unusual new trend is popping up around the offices of Silicon Valley companies: taking tiny doses of LSD or other psychedelic drugs to increase productivity. “A microdose is about a tenth of the normal dose – around 10 micrograms of LSD, or 0.2-0.5 grams of mushrooms.” According to the article, the average user is a 20-something looking to improve their creativity and problem-solving skills. Some users report that the LSD alleviates other problems, like anxiety or cluster headaches. That said, it’s important to note that such benefits are not supported by scientific research — yet.

I maintain that mild psychedelic experiences dominate humanity’s future, because they’re very low risk (based upon the best application of conclusive, so not suggestive or junk, science) and logically inspire the formation of mental clothing to protect the brain similar to how Earth’s magnetic field often protects us from solar radiation.

Psychedelics (coincidentally including cannabis, which too many people fail to realize is the scientific term for marijuana) is the metaphorical crotch leaf — the start of a different kind of clothing line that will be radically advanced when computers normally disappear into the brain for some future generation.

Assuming humanity thrives sufficiently (a questionable assumption amid the rampant thuggery and reason abuse too often driving our species), those computers will eventually be capable of modulating to adapt to stressors on the fly, so allow psychedelic effects to be automatically or manually stylistically changed, similarly increased or reduced in amplification, and turned on or off.

Neurological flow is apparently symphonic, so stressors disrupt that harmony, and can even form steady inflammation increasing its chaotic effects (e.g. dementia).

Mild psychedelics can resonate a symphonic structure powerful enough to defend against certain stressors, so composure necessary for optimal competence is strengthened.

Of course, there’s no free lunch in reality, so expect a cost (e.g. increased intensity of mental exhaust leaving best anger management seriously necessary).

When sobriety (mental nakedness) works, then go with it, while using a fitting style of lawful psychedelic drugs like an umbrella (or such) as needed or desired (e.g. healthy nightcap) at least during the remaining pre-computerized-brain era.

Just as someone can wear the wrong clothes for a given moment (e.g. dressing for hardcore winter weather, while walking through a scorching desert), psychedelic styling is oceanic to include all dissonant possibilities capable of damaging neurology, so applying responsibility (as needed for any exercise of wisdom) is critical for safety.

As uniqueness is absolute upon technicality (i.e. nobody ever occupies the exact same space-time as the exact same being), one being’s harmony can be another being’s dissonance, so the responsibly broadest availability of mental fashion (and corresponding education for best risk management and liberty) is relevant in honor of that uniqueness.

I prefer peace for the civility critically allowing cultural advancement, but understand that ample internal conflicts within humanity form a survival challenge that forces out the weak like heavy weather similarly challenging trees. When that force leaves psychedelic users as dominant (e.g. a barbaric army still preferring the highly self-destructive force from the dinosaur of recreational anti-stress drugs called alcohol being logically utterly crushed by neurologically positive psychedelic responsibility) — which it logically predictably will — that’s when the psychedelic mainstream comes brilliantly alive.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see someone conduct experiments to see if a fighter could leverage fitting psychedelic styling and intensity to defeat opponents of otherwise equal ability. Psychedelic use may even become acceptable in all sporting events interestingly as a new competitive dimension (psychedelic strategy), because unlike other performance enhancing drugs, psychedelics can be used at least reasonably safely (like clothes can be used reasonably safely — so psychedelics can become part of mental sportswear).

Responsible drug use is about proper intake amount, method, and styling.

Certain Drug Prohibition has done nothing concretely proven to be publicly beneficial, despite tens of billions of taxpayer dollars spent annually. However, the war on some drugs is a war on non-violent (i.e. non-rights-infringing) citizens and proper education (including sound reasoning in general), so is a terribly selfish scam built solely upon deception (e.g. the baseless but tragically popular ‘use equals abuse’ meme) and effectively theft dominantly by a group usually protected by the mainstream media (so also the public at large) due to a serious conflict of interest involving newsworthy information about tragic events.

Given that too many young folks buy 25I (or such) that’s dangerously claimed to be LSD, I wonder how much real LSD (from the formula discovered by the brilliant Dr. Albert Hoffman who died after exceeding the century mark in age, despite his LSD experiences) is being consumed in the primary land of computer brilliance.

Psychedelics are clearly distinct from other drugs, and can clearly be used safely and responsibly. The claim in the Controlled Substances Act that psychedelics have “a high potential for abuse” is baseless and reckless.

What has a high potential for (and wildly demonstrated) abuse is ironically Certain Drug Prohibition — a factually unconstitutional judicial (illegal redefining of the Commerce Clause to trump the illegally disarmed ninth amendment be justly damned) outcome failing to create even a drug-free prison system, while ruining to varying degrees the lives of millions of non-violent (so actually innocent) people for several decades and counting.

Drug prohibition addiction is the real drug scourge, while drug abuse (clearly distinct from harmless use) affects the overwhelming minority of people, according to the whole truth and nothing but (including the most respected government statistics even — albeit deceptively — cited by prohibitionists).

Civility demands a prompt and powerful public intervention to prevent drug prohibition addicts from getting their aggressively sought after prohibition fix.

Civility demands responsible psychedelic availability and exercise, and the natural (not rights-infringing judicial) regulation accompanying that righteous demand.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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