Lens Shift of Mentality

Prompted by “Mind-Body Relaxation Techniques To Overcome Stress And Anxiety”: http://reset.me/story/mind-body-relaxation-techniques-to-overcome-stress-and-anxiety/

Worth reading, the prompting piece covers basic techniques commonly relied upon these days to deal with the most fundamental problem faced by humanity — unhealthy stress.

Considering your body is roughly one trillion cells capable of being broken down into an unimaginably large number of particles (each a “blur”, according to the brilliant theoretical physicist, Dr. Edward Witten), when I say stress signature, I’m talking about a highly complex signature that our species will be exploring for many upcoming generations.

Factor in the eventual scientific adaptation to the idea that space is energy (just as mass is), then dimensionality itself modulates in all possible ways just as particles do, so our conscious grasp becomes astonishingly even more seriously limited relative to the infinite reach of the cosmos meeting that exploration. Not to digress, but this replaces the very limited idea in M Theory (for prime example) that only a mere eleven dimensions of space exist — a number established, because it fits upon combining the well-established mathematics of general relativity and quantum physics to form a mathematically stable universe. However, math is only a frame that inevitably conflicts with reality at some point, so while math works brilliantly in the fitting aspects of that frame, a mathematical edge always breaks accuracy due to the non-linear (unsettling) nature of definition within reality.

In an upcoming post, I want to direct you towards the serious problem plaguing the science community these days — the scientific absence of any objective distinction leaving objectivity and subjectivity seamless with each other. Fortunately, the news on this front is good enough, so we don’t need to worry about the abandonment of the scientific method for progress. You can freely and conveniently read the fully logical basis on this front in my Reality Waveform Theory, which I maintain is the actual theory of everything (nothing and something) unbeknownst to the scientific community due to a natural entertainer’s format yet to globally reach their attention.

In this post, I want to address the missing ingredient in the prompting piece. Psychedelic culture these days is lawfully limited to cannabis (science term for marijuana) with other psychedelics used in certain spiritual practices and scientific research. While the class of psychedelics offers many suitable tools for altering modulating neurology like a highly flexible perception lens for worst through best, dominant legality consolidates my focus here to cannabis.

Using my Respect Cannabis feed at Twitter, I see cannabis culture largely defined by the simple and fun-loving counterculturalists preferring to smoke plant material, the many areas of medical results, and activism focused upon the ‘tax and regulate’ mantra.

While our Respect Cannabis campaign embraces textured prohibition (i.e. regulations) over outright prohibition, the area of law is severely tragically misaligned with sound constitutional reasoning, so millions of non-violent people are (and will be for too many generations) suffering to varying degrees over a blatantly unconstitutional prohibition (e.g. Controlled Substances Act) at all levels of the United States government (the Supremacy Clause combined with amendment nine easily trumps the obviously illegally redefined Commerce Clause and all relevant state and local anti-drug laws). Full details of problematic legality (fundamentally horrible to the degree literally defying the point in even having a Constitution) in our nation are freely and conveniently available in my Liberty Shield informational roots defining a new political affiliation called scientific constitutionalism.

A sophistication is emerging into the mainstream from cannabis legality, and that’s where yours truly operates without egotism, especially upon prohibition’s inevitable end. That sophistication includes a righteous transition to vaporization instead of smoking, which is healthier, vastly more efficient (so vastly less costly), and opens the door to seriously mild cannabis intake with excellent electronic temperature precision — a haven for gently correcting unhealthy stress through subtle but seriously powerful psychedelic influence, and eventually likely the overwhelmingly dominant area of cannabis use in the mainstream.

Mild psychedelic alteration can be used to gently smooth out fairly rough mental waters, and ultimately leverages the Placebo Effect in a way demonstrating why that healing effect scientifically (physically) works. Your body (nonetheless environment) is purely energetic (according to mainstream physics, so not only eastern philosophy). Health is all about energetic tuning. Like an overwhelmingly complex guitar string, you need to tune your body to achieve balance (harmony). While a healthy work ethic is indeed a wonderful part of that tuning, so too is a healthy relaxation ethic, and that latter ethic forms the primary realm of cannabis use — a place where maximally settling into your idling nature (core) becomes the healthy goal and ironic exercise.

Our society is still sadly driven by the dominant pursuit of positivity. Rewards in the form of happiness constitute the primary drive understandably but also tragically. In a necessarily balancing reality for stability, all positive experiences must be balanced out by corresponding negative experiences. The happier we are, the more miserable we must become (and thankfully vice versa). Due to aforementioned complexity of reality, we cannot predict those outcomes, but we can change our primary drive for sound reasoning towards “balancivity” instead of positivity.

Balance is stability, so strength, which is obviously desirable for survivability and “thrivability”. Imperfection effectively mandates that flawless balance cannot be achieved, so positivity and negativity will never disappear even despite that righteous focal shift, but should be diminished to greatly raise the volume of civility globally.

I’m working hard to publish my final refinement of the Healthy Work Ethic audio sculpture collection, which is the most familiar (so mentally pleasing) entry point into my highly detailed and carefully refined use of spatial parameters to create an audio sensation unlike anything you’ve likely ever heard before. That collection is like an inhale (“embrace the suck”, as they say in the United States Marines). The consequent Healthy Relaxation Ethic collection will be published as the corresponding exhale, so a fully natural series of publications (demonstrating the amazingly high flexibility of Internet-based entertainment where publication itself becomes a performance parameter) of a series of audio sculptures designed to help bring out the best neurological tuning.

When the mainstream public understands this survival-enhancing focus shift (basically the goal of my Stress Health entertainment project), productivity will be brilliantly redefined. Now that definition is work to be productive, and relax to take a break from being productive, so working more than relaxing is too often considered more productive. Eventually (hopefully as soon as possible), productivity will be healthily balancing work and relaxation to be productive.

This will decouple productivity from direct work to secure resources (and the problematic stress accompanying that tragic coupling), but the economic benefit will come in the form of a supremely healthier workforce (e.g. working healthier, so — inclusively technologically — smarter, not harder), and an increase in the marketplace involving the expanded reach of a healthy relaxation ethic (an area encouraging relaxing family and community unity, which is obviously also a form of strengthening, by the way).

Less is sometimes more, and I have a whole lot more to publish about less, so feel free to stay tuned.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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