(T)Error in France

Prompted by: “religious” idiocy against innocent civilians

People in France were not attacked alone. Sanity was (and still is being) attacked continuously.

Boiling water in a pot is a microcosm of human activity in this highly energetic universe. Most people don’t look at the physics of reality, but when they do, they realize that even information is energetic, so capable of severe distortion and distraction from calmness.

Reason is order, and it comes from composure, so not an angry fervor.

Some of these “religious” thugs apparently have no other calling, so they’re to be pitied (not feared), but still brought to maximum justice (the mature removal of their power).

Some of these “religious” thugs believe their dogma that has been deeply involved in heavy violent turmoil in an area with resources (e.g. oil) — that the world still sadly relies too heavily upon to ignore that turmoil — justifies a counter strike to violently repay collateral damage.

As with any thug, all of these “religious” thugs are imprisoned in the absence of intellect and healthy culture. Their flavor of might makes right is outrageous. Deplorable dominance over females, passionately wielding a sacred text that can too often be interpreted in conflicting-so-confusing ways, the constant fight for genocide spanning the globe to dehumanize “infidels”, and an effectively huge middle finger to still-improving liberty in the modern world forms their insistence by the edge of a large knife, or an explosive breaking of families by projectiles and human bombs.

The only answer to fear is courage. Even if you cave into fear and likely suffer the agonizing consequences of that surrender, at some point that agony presses upon your courage (and hopefully your responsible strength), and/or sends you through death.

Responsible toughness is appropriate and proven necessary. Humans form groups to increase survival odds, but we’re still young enough as a species to remain unable to defy the national lines and the harsh internal threats perhaps forming a metaphorical blade at our collective throats (the human tribe, and ultimately the modulating tribe of sufferers throughout reality, remains too often neglected at our peril).

I cringe when academics proclaim the ‘fight or flight’ response of the brain is deprecated, because our species no longer typically interacts with violent predators throughout nature. That response is as relevant as ever, but the threats are now often cutthroat actions by human beings.

Thuggery has many faces. Religious, academic, economic, and judicial thuggery comes to mind offhand, in addition to the typical black-market-empowered thug.

Courage and wisdom also have many faces in those circles, so remain righteously close to press against thuggery that (in any form) will always naturally remain incompatible with civility.

In the spirit of the “pen is mightier than the sword”, I express my spirituality to the world with that courage firmly in mind.

Dogma in my spirituality doesn’t come from a sacred text, but the scientific method itself. That method, in addition to allowing the realization of aforementioned blades and projectiles, printing and stronger transportation of sacred texts, buildings to exercise religious community, and the clothes we all wear, is a demonstrated language effectively with reality itself — the supreme being, logically speaking. When our species experiments scientifically, reality effectively responds consistently, as distinct from the questionable prophecies flying off wildly irrationally throughout the generations like spinning the wheels of outcomes.

Certainty is naturally dogmatic, and its leverage is vastly more powerful than too many people believe, as they’ve been brainwashed to conveniently embrace irrationality (perhaps fully) within their progressive through conservative leverage.

Like a harbor preventing the violent ocean waves, humanity must turn to the serious power of the sine wave that literally forms everything you experience (a complex energy waveform can be broken down fully into sinusoidal constituents via Fourier analysis).

It’s all energy, so the distortions form violent informational waves against factual understanding solely tolerable by those righteously leveraging the scientific method (but not necessarily scientific conclusions, which can be — and understandably often are in this challenging existence — wrong). That understanding within the brain must be protected by energetic shielding like an internal helmet. Meditation, drugs (and other technological perception alterations), and/or whatever method(s) sufficiently opposing the flame that boils our mental waters must be realized to strengthen reason.

The Big Lie technique powerfully presses upon us all, but balance is always coming in the form of reality’s dominant need (a power that cannot be stopped by literally anyone within reality).

Reason abuse (which flows rampantly worldwide) is public enemy number one.

Reason abuse forms the basis for (inclusively religious) law abuse leveraged for mass rights infringement.

Reason abuse forms murderers leveraging heavy degrees of brutality to rule by thuggery.

Reason abuse is demonstrably a flow within reality’s need.

Reason use (if you will) is the undeniable correction against corruption.

I always embrace use over abuse to the fullest extent possible against my inevitable imperfection within reality.

I never believe that infringing upon another individual’s rights is the path to success.

Join me not as a follower, but as a credible and seamless part of the modulating tribe — actually currents — against suffering itself, and in doing so, you’ll experience a brilliant (though still sometimes honestly painful) energetic wave of reality’s scientifically affirmed need for balance (as demonstrated by the single cycle of a sine wave — the pattern literally forming all of reality from humanity’s view as a seamless part of that oceanic energy with no demonstrated nor logically sensible bounds).

When that wave strikes, you’ll be in the right place for worst through best.

Thugs learn the most painful lesson. In a perpetually balancing reality, screwing anyone is equally screwing yourself (what I call the Rule of Reality, but basically the fully scientific version of karma). That rule doesn’t come from thuggery, but the scientific method and the civility necessary to properly leverage that method.

Have your religious ceremonies in whatever style bringing comfort to you and yours (reality offers an infinite variety of spiritual observance), but infringing upon rights (even by “religious” validation) is only the path of idiots.

When energetic waves naturally resonate with civility, then love and laughter are exercised without necessary calculation and full understanding, while the threshold of rights infringement still requires maximum responsibility against the waves of recklessness for worst through best.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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